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D arw in S un,- P age 22 - 11 - C M Y K Saffrron 2009 Small Business Champion Award winner, Restaurant Category THE first restaurant in Darwin to use biodegradable dining wear, packaging and cutlery has taken out the best restaurant category of the 2009 Australian Small Business Champion NT awards. Saffrron Indian restaurant in Parap has only been open since February 2008 and has now won the restaurant category of the awards for the past two years. The restaurant prides itself in providing the best ingredients and products to not only satisfy the customer, but help decrease the business' carbon footprint. Saffrron is the first restaurant in Australia to be certified by Climate Action Australia and the first in the Territory to be certified by Green Table Australia because of its environmentally friendly operations. Selvam Kandasamy has run the restaurant with wife Joanna since early 2008 with an emphasis on doing their part in helping decrease the business' carbon footprint. Mr Kandasamy said the restaurant's environmentally sustainable attitude had made a mark on diners. "We explain to the customers about the biodegradable products that we use, which helps save water and energy as there is no washing up as such and utilise a sustainable industry being sugarcane. They are great as the plates and bowls are moulded under high pressure, there are no chemicals used in the manufacturing and they biodegrade down to nothing. Customers love the concept and they are happy to help the environment," he said. "The majority of Saffrron customers think the sugarcane tableware is great and really like the fact that it is biodegradable." Saffrron is located at shop 14, 34 Parap Rd, Parap, and is open for lunch Tuesday to Sunday from 11.30am to 2pm and dinner from 6pm. Sunday is South Indian Sundays and the restaurant is open for brunch from 11am to 2pm and dinner from 6pm. Book your Christmas function now. Captovate 2009 Small Business Champion Award winner, New Business Category WHEN Darwin couple Michael and Karen Hawkes launched digital media agency Captovate in 2007, they were confident they were onto a winner. They could not have guessed, however, that success would come so quickly and winning the 2009 Small Business Champion Award for a New Business is fitting recognition of all that they have pumped into the dream over the last two years. Through his previous one-man web design and development business, Mr Hawkes recognised that there was a need, and therefore an opportunity, to deliver more than just the standard services. Rather than a traditional web design studio or I.T. company, Captovate is very much a communications agency, specialising in online and screen based deliveries. "We recognised that digital media and communications in all its forms was literally changing the world, influencing almost every aspect of our lives, and this created an opportunity for a new kind of service to emerge," "Now, we offer completely holistic services through a team of creative, enthusiastic professionals from all sorts of different fields, who work collaboratively on all aspects of the job. We encourage our staff to push the creative and technical boundaries, and above all to have fun, and the team just keeps on growing." In the past two years, Captovate has relocated to a funky new CBD premises, and grown to a staff of nine plus more than 10 contractors. The scale of the jobs they are now winning is further testament to how far they've come; "We recently won the project management role for the NT Government's biggest ever web project (The West MacDonnell Ranges Online Visitors Centre), and we're also working on some other really exciting projects with high profile clients like Darwin City Council, PowerWater, Kerry's and Territory FM." "It's our goal to provide customised, creative and innovative solutions for each client we work with, and in doing this we grow our own capacity as professionals, which in turn allows us to serve our clients even better into the future." For more details, visit www.captovate.com.au or contact Michael Hawkes on (08) 8941 6888 or michael@captovate.com.au OPEN Lunch Tues to Sun from 11:30am - 2pm Dinner Tues to Sun from 6pm South Indian Sunday Brunch 11am - 2pm and dinner from 6pm DINE IN OR TAKE AWAY 2008, 2009 SMALL BUSINESS CHAMPION AWARD 2008, 2009 FINALIST MELALUKA ENVIRONMENTAL AWARD 16 ls 13 /0 9 16ls14/09 Did you know you can reach 41,000* readers with a Sun Newspaper advertising feature? * ROY MORGAN SINGLE SOURCE AUSTRALIA JULY 2007-JUNE 2008 22Sun Newspapers WEDNESDAY October 14 2009SPECIAL ADVERTISING FEATURE Now thats how you captovate an audience Captovate owners Michael and Karen Hawkes EExxttrraa ggrreeeenn ttoouucchh ffoorr yyoouurr ccuurrrryy Saffrron owners Joanna Thom and Selvam Kandasamy Being a carer in rural and remote Australia has its challenges, but this is our home. We don't always have access to a GP in our town and it can be difficult getting an appointment when the GP visits. Accessing other services is also difficult. I don't always have time to look after my own health and wellbeing. We urgently need a permanent GP in our town. It can be tough being a carer out here but our friends are a great support. Anyone, anytime across Australia can become a carer. Carers provide unpaid care and support to family members, relatives, friends or neighbours with a disability, mental illness or disorder, chronic condition, terminal illness or who are frail. To find help and support, call your state or territory carers association on 1800 242 636, pick up a brochure or visit our website: www.carersweek.com.au Carers Week 2009 is an initiative of Carers Australia and is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing 16ls05/09 11Sun Newspapers WEDNESDAY October 14 2009SPECIAL ADVERTISING FEATURE IT could happen to anyone anytime! That is the theme of the 2009 Carers Week, as anyone could need to become an unpaid family carer, or become dependant on a carer at any one time, especially when we least expect it. It could be the birth of a child with a disability, an accident, the onset of a chronic or mental illness, or advancing frailty of age and a family member will be relied on to provide long-term unpaid care. People from all walks of life can find themselves being a care, and age has no difference, with people as young as nine to as old as 90 might find themselves in caring for a loved one. Carers NT chief executive Garry Halliday said there is an estimated 26,000 unpaid family carers working in the NT alone. These carers provide a variety of tasks ranging from a few hours of help with shopping to full 24-hour, seven days a week care for a lifetime, he said. The one thing that these carers had in common was that they never expected to be a carer. With the increase in the average age of our community statistically, it is almost 100 per cent certain that every one of us would at some time in our lives be a carer, or rely on a carer. One of the biggest issues highlighted during 2009 Carers Week was the impact caring for someone had on a person's life, but Treasurer of Carers NT Lynne Strathie said most people would do without a moment's hesitation. "Most people consider that they have no option but to provide care for a loved one in need," she said. "Most people do not even see it as a decision; it is natural that we provide care. However, Ms Strathie pointed out despite the commitment most family members are willing to make, it comes at a cost which can be financial, physical, emotional and social. "The importance of organisations such as Carers NT was that they provided support to carers, most of who never believed they would need support." 2009 Carers Week is a national awareness week held during October to celebrate the work of carers and to promote and raise awareness of the valuable roles that carers play in our community. It also provides the opportunity for carers from all walks of life to come together, support one another and share ideas and information. Without carers, many people would be lacking the support they need. Community-based care would disappear, and governments would have to rely on paying for professional care for all people in need of care, instead of having voluntary contributions by unpaid family or friends. To help the thousands of carers who dedicate their lives to caring in the Northern Territory, Carers NT are there to support them and their families. Carers NT provide quality information and direct support services to all carers respite, education and training, information, referrals, advocacy, support groups, counselling and music therapy. For more information on the services they provide, or if you want more information on what is on during 2009 Carers Week, contact Carers NT on 1800 052 222. CCaarreerrss NNTT TTrreeaassuurreerr LLyynnnnee SSttrraatthhiiee kknnooww ffiirrsstt hhaanndd wwhhaatt iitt ttaakkee ttoo bbee aa ccaarreerr,, llooookkiinngg aafftteerr hheerr ddiissaabblleedd ddaauugghhtteerr,, bbuutt ssaaiidd ssuuppppoorrtt sseerrvviicceess lliikkee CCaarreerrss NNTT pprroovviiddee ffoorr ppeeooppllee wwhhoo nneevveerr bbeelliieevveedd tthheeyy nneeeedd ssuuppppoorrtt IItt ccoouulldd hhaappppeenn ttoo yyoouu