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The Centralian advocate Fri 11 Jan 2008



The Centralian advocate Fri 11 Jan 2008


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14 Centralian Advocate, Friday, January 11, 2008 PU B : C A D V D A T E : 11-JA N -2008 PA G E : 14 C O L O R : C M Y K ALICE LIVE Will Smith takes on mutants city Cameron Boon Will Smith and his dog Sam stride the mean and deserted streets of Manhattan. IN a world where weeds replace people, deer are the only traffic to worry about and psychotic hyperalbino, contagious, flesheating humans prowl, Will Smith stands alone. I Am Legend is a cleverlyshot film detailing the dayto-day survival of Robert Neville (Smith) and his dog Sam. The film takes place in an abandoned New York city three years after a deadly man-made virus erupts and kills billions of people. While Neville walks the city, he is fully aware that he is by no means the only survivor of the virus. In the tradition of 28 Days Later, this film shows Nevilles continuing survival against infected humans. The overall impression from the film is that it is an amalgamation of Cast Away and Danny Boyles 28 series the feeling of solitude is absolute. Seeing a deserted Manhattan Island is a marvel of CGI but the infected are disappointing in their rendering. The musical score and ambience enhances the tension, banging and crashing appropriately, and highlights the stillness when needed. Will Smith does a good job with so much screen time, having hardly any of his trademark humour and sporting an unusually grim and serious demeanour. His delivery of his few lines are hard-hitting all are totally realistic and believable. Smith constantly reminds himself that nothing was supposed to happen the way it did and that it is his mission to fix the world. I Am Legend is an emotional, contemplative, action film that should make the viewer wonder about the leaps and bounds of medicine. The film is rated M and can be viewed at the Alice Springs Cinema. Enchanted gives Disney studios new lease of life Vicky Roach A scene from the movie Enchanted. IT is enough to reinvigorate the Disney franchise. Enchanted begins, predictably enough, with an animated fantasy sequence involving a charming prince, a slobbering troll, a dainty damsel, and a forest full of super-cute critters. When Susan Sarandons evil Queen Narissa learns of her stepsons impending betrothal to the aforementioned damsel, a union that will cost her the throne, she pushes her rival down a wishing well. Its here that the story takes a surprising new turn. The wishing well leads, poetically enough, into the sewer system of a parallel universe downtown 21stcentury New York. Here, Giselle takes the lovely, red-headed form of Amy Adams (nominated for a best supporting actress Oscar in 2005 for her performance in Junebug). Wandering the streets, lost and alone, in a flouncy white wedding dress, she illustrates just how ridiculous the princess premise really is to the modern working girl. But thats not how motherless Morgan Philip (Rachel Covey) reads it when she sees Giselle banging on the door of a neon sign castle and badgers her serious-minded lawyer/father Robert (Patrick Dempsey) to assume the role of white knight. In the real world, Giselles magic still works after a fashion. By the time the princess-to-be has mobilised every busker in Central Park for the showstopper, her breaking into song is entirely appropriate. As in many fairytales, Enchanteds villainous roles are the most colourful. Enchanted is a fun and vital reworking of an old staple let down by its saccharine ending. Cash prizes for karaoke CENTRALIANS are invited to show off vocal talents as the Gillen Club begins a season of karaoke. The competition will kick off on Friday, January 25 from 8pm. There are cash prizes to be won each week. ALL GIG GUIDE DETAILS MUST BE PHONED IN (8950 9777) OR FAXED (8950 9740) TO THE CENTRALIAN ADVOCATE BY TUESDAY. BOS SALOON: Broadcasting live seven nights on four web-cams with live streaming on www.bossaloon.com.au Sun 3.30pm until 8.30pm Scozzy. ALICE SPRINGS MEMORIAL CLUB: Fri Karaoke from 9pm until late. Sat Video Hits with DJ 1 from 8pm until late. MELANKA NIGHTCLUB: Thurs, Fri and Sat Craig Morrison live from 7pm until 10pm, then midnight, DJ. FIRKIN AND HOUND: Fri Dan and Dan from 9pm until late. GLEN HELEN: Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon Tim Rickards from 8pm until late. TOWN AND COUNTRY TAVERN: Thurs Dan and Dan from 9pm until late. Sat Karaoke from 8.30pm. Sport on the big screens all weekend. GILLEN CLUB: Fri Karaoke comp begining Jan 25. Sat Live music from Feb 2, 6pm until 9pm. EDITORS NOTE: If you have a regular gig or performance at an Alice Springs venue, and want a free mention in the Gig Guide each Friday edition of the Centralian Advocate, please call the newspaper on 8950 9777 or fax the venue, artist, time and day, and a contact phone number to 8950 9740. 80 Todd Street, Alice Springs Phone: 08 89 522 873 Fax: 08 89 534 150 Only atOnly at www.bossaloon.com.au Only at www.bossaloon.com.au 2 0 0 6 0 5 /0 8