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The Centralian advocate Fri 11 Jan 2008



The Centralian advocate Fri 11 Jan 2008


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Alice Springs


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32 Centralian Advocate, Friday, January 11, 2008 PU B : C A D V D A T E : 11-JA N -2008 PA G E : 32 C O L O R : C M Y K HOROSC O PESCOMICSBLAM !!! BLA M!!! ZZZZZZAAAP!ZZZZZZAAAP!ZZZZZZAAAP!ZZZZZZAAAP!ZZZZZZAAAP!ZZZZZZAAAP!ZZZZZZAAAOMICSOMICSOMICS CROSSWORDSCROSSWORDS 1. 7. 41.4. ARIES: (March 21 to April 20) * * * Thoughtful and forgiving energy helps re-establish trust. Affairs of the heart go through an interesting transition and with the value of hindsight you see where things went wrong. Put the past behind you today. TAURUS: (April 21 to May 21) * * * Tensions ease but not everything is perfect. A lack of support defl ates your ego and you struggle to absolve someone for past misdemeanours. Take the good with the bad and wait for the tide to turn. GEMINI: (May 22 to June 21) * * * A charismatic person draws you into his or her web. Fortunately this leads to a breakthrough rather than a setback and months of frustration can be put behind you. Seize every opportunity that comes your way. CANCER: (June 22 to July 23) * * * For whatever reason you demand a little privacy. Perhaps you are suspicious of someones motives or feel embarrassed about sharing your secrets. Either way you make good use of reclusive energy and spend time alone. SAGITTARIUS: (November 23 to December 22) * * * A build up in tensions needs to be diffused. Express yourself honestly but diplomatically and try to elicit sympathy from those around way. Confrontation is the wrong tactic during this tetchy and puzzling period. CAPRICORN: (December 23 to January 20) * * As the cracks appear in a relationship you begin to question its merit. Resist the temptation to burn your bridges and put effort instead into repairing the problem. Pride is your nemesis at this particular time. AQUARIUS: (January 21 to February 19) * * * Avoid comparing notes with others or you could come up short. Work to your own strengths and avoid pretending that you have all the answers. Underlying jealousy might at play in a couple of your relationships. PISCES: (February 20 to March 20) * * Criticism cuts deep but lessons are learned from it. Avoid taking people too seriously and show by your actions that you intend to do better. Changes made now can be stepping-stones to a better future. LEO: (July 24 to August 23) * * * * Charm and experience guide you through sticky situations. And someone you have a soft spot for waits in the wings, ready to step in when help is needed. You are both a winner and champion of the underdog. VIRGO: (August 24 to September 23) * * * You have reached a plateau and must mix things up a little. Introduce variety into your daily routine or spice up relationships to engender a sense of emotional renewal. Progress looks like being slow but steady. LIBRA: (September 24 to October 23) * * * Pull back from a situation and be more objective. Chances are you have been blowing a problem out of proportion in your own mind when the reality is far different. Diverse energies could be clouding your judgement. SCORPIO: (October 24 to November 22) * * * You now have proof that past efforts have been worthwhile. Consider upping the ante from this point and setting more diffi cult or futuristic goals. The balance is shifting in your favour after a temporary lull in proceedings. Your Daily Stars...with Margie Thillart BEYOND THE BLACK STUMP CLANCY HAGAR GINGER MEGGS Solution to No. 5709 ANSWERS FOR LAST PUBLICATION Release No. 5710 Across 3 Instructive example 7 Coconut husk fibre 9 Jewelled head ornament 10 Skin opening 12 Large cask 13 Three-pronged spear 15 Vestment 17 Beak 18 Shrinks 21 Serpent 23 Used up 25 Sanity 27 Admit 28 Remedy 29 Part of the eye 30 Retributive justice 33 Become established 35 Beleaguering 38 Anger 39 Bearing witness to 42 Become firm 44 Courage 45 Outermost 47 Incite 48 First man 49 Long-stapled cotton yarn 50 Accordingly 51 Blot out Down 1 Wanders off 2 Ill-will 3 Hid 4 Echo-sounding equipment 5 Eye 6 And not 7 Yield 8 Climbing palm 11 Washes lightly 14 Flows back 16 Quietly happy 19 Beard of barley 20 Woody plants 22 Flowing gently 24 Very poor person 26 Like an ass 27 Heavenly body 31 Made exultant 32 Prosecute 33 Without sound 34 Examine 35 Unmarried 36 Departure 37 Made level 40 Motif 41 Undressed kid 43 Periods of time 46 Insane 1 9 15 23 28 33 38 45 50 24 2 18 34 42 16 30 43 48 3 12 31 39 27 46 51 4 40 19 32 5 10 13 41 47 6 20 25 11 17 35 44 49 7 26 29 14 21 36 22 8 37 C R I D E S D U M P S D E M E A N D A R E S R D G T A I L F U M E S R E C I T E F O Y E R L E M A R G I N C E D A R C O V E T S C T R I T E O O E L E C T R E P V L A N C E H E L V E A E M U T I T A N C I R O M P S E E A S T E R S T E E L E R E M I C E T R I D E R E R O D E D C L O U D R A I N R R E S E R I C T R E M O R E D G E S E E L S S S