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The Northern Territory Disease Control Bulletin Vol 9, No.1, March 2002 32 School entry records 2(4) Small quality project report About Giving Vaccines 6(1) Status of children 0-6 years in Alice Springs 5(2) Tetanus 1(6); 6(3) Vaccination issues 6(1) Varicella vaccine workshop, Melbourne, Dec 1999 6(4) Voluntary documentation 3(1) Influenza Enhanced surveillance in the Top End 5(1); 5(2) Flu shots for health staff 4(2); 5(4) Influenza (contd) Hong Kong bird flu 4(4) Outbreaks 2(3,6); 3(4), 7(4) Options for Control of Influenza III: Carins 4-9 May 1996 [Conference report] 3(2) Tropical Influenza Surveillance 2(6); 2(8); 3(2) Injury Prevention and control; Brisbane, May 1999 [Conference report] 6(2) Interferon Hepatitis C 2(4) Iron deficiency in Aboriginal children in the NT 8(3) Jellyfish 1(3); 2(7); 5(3), 7(4) Lyssavirus Bat chat from East Arnhem 3(4) Flying fox alert 7(2) NT retrospective search for lyssavirus in humans 4(2) Update 4(4) Post exposure prophylaxis flowchart 6(3) Prevention strategy update 4(4); 6(2), 7(2) Leprosy Case reports 1(10); 3(1); 3(2) ELISA test 3(1) Elimination 6(2) Indonesia 2(1) Risk of relapse of multibacillary leprosy after multi-drug therapy 8(2) Update on control in the NT 6(2) Leptospirosis 1(7) Two cases of leptospirosis diagnosed in Royal Darwin Hospital 7(4) Leptospirosis Update 8(1) Leptospirosis in dogs 8(1) Malaria Public health response to an imported case 6(3) Case reports 1(4); 6(3) Epidemiological data 5(3) Revision and review of NT protocol 6(3) Student (overseas) screening protocol 2(1) Surveillance 1(8); 2(1,3) Travelling 2(8) Receptive area in NT 2(8) Mammography screening 6(4) Maternal and Child Health opportunities to reduce mortality 8(1) Measles Association with Crohns disease and autism 5(1) Case reports 1(4,5,6,8) Control measures for contacts 2(7) Differential diagnosis 1(2) Enhanced measles control campaign 5(2); 7(1) Outbreaks 1(2,4); 2(3,4); 3(4); [brief report] 6(2) Notifications 1991 1999: implications for policy development 7(3) Outbreak amongst East Timorese evacuees in Darwin, 1999 7(3); 7(4) Protocol for hospitals 2(2) Management in Central Australia 3(3) Working together to beat measles 7(3) Medical Entomology Guidelines to prevent fly breeding in domestic situations in Top End 8(1) News from the Medical Entomology Branch 9(1) Mosquito investigations 1(4) Red imported fire ant 8(1) Role of 1(8) Screw worm 8(1) Melioidosis 1(7); 5(4) Case reports 1(3); 8(1) El Nino effect 4(3) Kava drinking 3(4) Summary 1990-91 wet season 1(1) Summary 1993-94 wet season 2(1) Summary 1994-95 wet season 2(6) Treatment and control 1(10); 2(8) Top End prospective study continues and an update on treament guidelines 7(4) A dry wet season results in fewer Top End cases 9(1) Meningococcal disease A case of meningococcal eye disease 5(1) Central Australia 1998 5(2) Meningococcal disease in the NT between 1991 and 2000 8(4) New conjugate meningococcal C vaccine 9(1) Surveillance in the NT 5(1) Meningitis Coxsackievirus B 2(1) Echovirus type 30 2(1) Guidelines for meningococcal meningitis/septicaemia chemoprophylaxis 4(4) Meningococcal 1(4,5,6); 2(7); 4(3); 5(1) Viral 1(6) Mens health Report on Mens Health Week at Community X, Dec 1998 6(1) Report on Mens Health Screening at Community W, May 1999 6(3) Report on Mens Health Screening at Community Z, June 1999 6(3) Program at Gapuwijak 6(3) Well mens check 8(4) Mosquitoes A Territory Health Service survey of Dili, East Timor and public health implications 8(3) Mosquito borne virus warning 5(2) Mosquito control in Ilparpa Swamp A big step forward 9(1) MRSA trends 2(8) Narcotic use and abuse in the NT [Conference report] 2(8) Needle and syringe programs in the NT snapshots 7(2) Non-communicable diseases Clinical management and continuity of care COAD project 4(4) COPD: Recent guidelines and local initiatives 9(1) Update No. 1 Control and Complications Trial 3(2) Update No. 2 Cardiovascular disease and treating lipids 4(1) Update No. 3 Cardiovascular risk and cholesterol reduction 4(3) Update No. 4 Hypertension control 5(1) Update No.5 Aspirin and cardiovascular disease 5(2) Update No.6 Prescribe moderate physical activity 6(2) Notifiable Diseases Changes to the NT Notifiable Diseases Act 1999 6(1) Comments from 1 Jan to 31 March 1996 3(2) Diseases newly added to NT list 6(4) Notification form 7(1) Neonatal group B streptococcal disease 2(4) Neurological disease in a cat 8(2) Nutrition and infection in Aboriginal children 4(2) Oysters 6(4) PAP smear Register 3(1), 7(4) Paratyphoid 3(3) Pediculosus humanus capitus 3(2) Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) Cessation of trail 6(4) In the Top End 7(3) Penicillin resistant Neisseria gonorrhoea Alert from far north Queensland 7(1) Gonorrhoea testing and antimicrobial resistance in the NT 7(1) Pericarditis

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