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The Centralian advocate Tue 9 Jun 2009



The Centralian advocate Tue 9 Jun 2009


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6 Centralian Advocate, Tuesday, June 9, 2009 P U B : C A D V D A T E : 9 -J U N -2 0 0 9 P A G E : 6 C O L O R : C M Y K 754905/09 OPINION Give uranium mine a fair go Letters to the Editor PO BOX 2254, 2 GAP ROAD, ALICE SPRINGS FAX:8950 9740 ceneditorial@ntn.newsltd.com.au Sir, Natural gas and uranium will be the most cost-effective medium term (next 20 years) green fuel of the future. Power stations are still the greatest volume users of fuel and many countries around the world understand the need to have a cost-effective, steady and reliable source of supply while limiting their carbon footprint. Countries are choosing natural gas and uranium to fire up their turbines around the world. Central Australia should not miss this opportunity to supply the resource. There are uranium mines around the country all operating within strict environmental guidelines. All those scaremongering greenies who bleat about the Angela Pamela mine need to allow due environmental process to continue so that the proper environ mental impact studies are done and reviewed by the appointed experts. Should the mine get to development stage, you never know, millions of poor people around the world might get to enjoy a lifestyle our concerned greenies take for granted. Cheap electricity drives economic development and improves living conditions poor people benefit. But poor people, like good science, will be swept aside by the irrational propaganda-toting armchair experts who are keen to put a halt to uranium mining no matter what. Sue Di Nimh Alice Springs Shire wants to improve services Sir, Rates notices have gone out to all MacDonnell Shire ratepayers, including those with mining leases, commercial businesses and pastoral leases. As part of the NT Local Government Reform and in accordance with Part 11.1 of the Local Government Act, all land within a local government area is rateable, unless it is conditionally rateable land for which there is no approved rating proposal currently in force, or if it is exempt land. MacDonnell Shire Council has chosen to charge the minimum rate set out in the Local Government Act to those with active mining leases $736. To my knowledge it is estimated that the total rates from this sector in the MacDonnell Shire will be $14,000 in 2009/10. MacDonnell Shire Council recognises that as we reach the end of our first year in operation there has been significant business focus on ensuring service delivery to our 14 remote towns is improved to a standard taken for granted in other parts of Australia. MacDonnell Shire Council recognises mining operators, pastoralists and commercial business operators as an integral part of the Shire. They are residents and therefore are part of the MacDonnell Shire. As we move into our second year of operations MacDonnell Shire Council most definitely wants to build effective partnerships and relationships with all residents and ratepayers. It will take time for our Council to build these relationships, but Council is committed to engaging with all residents. Benefits of effective partnerships will include: l Improved advocacy and representation to all levels of government on regional and economic issues; l Improved advocacy and representation to ensure roads are upgraded and maintained; l Improved services in remote towns; l Improved employment and training opportunities available in remote towns. MacDonnell Shire Council wants to ensure that it delivers reasonable and effective services to all residents who live outside the Shires 14 Service Delivery Centres, and hopes through improved engagement this can be achieved from now and into the future. Philippa Major Acting Chief Executive Officer MacDonnell Shire Council ... but some dont want a bar of it Sir, Whoopy doo! We can all breathe a sigh of relief. Cameco says we dont have to worry about our water supply. If only that were so. Concerns: (1) The Water Act regarding pollution does not apply if this occurs whilst carrying out a mining activity. (2) Camecos track record is not good. Examples: Flooding at McArthur River Mine (Saskatchewan). Flooding at Cigar Lake, the accident being clearly Camecos fault. Contamination in Lake Ontario. Non-compliance with Wyoming state environmental standards. Leaks at Port Hope. Etc etc. Okay, Cameco has lodged a security deposit with the government to cover any costs resulting from damage or accidents. Unfortunately, with uranium, when the damage is done it is impossible to make reparation. Nobody seems to be getting the message that we, the people of Alice Springs, the real people who have invested their lives in this place and the original people who have always lived here, dont want this mine. I believe many of the people being talked into supporting this venture dont understand the full implications of a uran ium mining operation and the uranium/nuclear cycle. They are being swayed by glossy bulletins, largesse in the form of Cameco coats and T-shirts, all carrying the Cameco logo and thus seeping insidiously into peoples lives, much like one of the many leaks from Camecos uranium mining operations. M. Hodder Long-term resident The Gap Alice Springs Something fishy going on Sir, On a recent visit to the Glen Helen Lodge, I asked the waitress in the dining room for fish n chips and I wanted to know what species of fish was available. She wasnt sure. I said: Make sure to tell the cook I only want Glen Helen barramundi. Soon the cook came out a young Pommy wanting to know what was a Glen Helen barramundi. I told him it was a rare species of fish that was known to frequent the Finke River in the Glen Helen area for the past 400 million years. He looked puzzled, frowned, then said: Im sorry, Ive never heard of it. I said: Well, thats understandable, I suppose. Youre obviously a Pom and you wouldnt know about such things. He asked if they were a large fish. I replied: Very big, the last one I caught I had to use a big shark hook on a steel cable line. Then, to get it out of the water, we had to attach the steel cable to a four-wheel-drive Toyota truck, and even that had trouble pulling the fish out on to the bank. The Pom was looking at me, obviously impressed, but puzzled or bewildered. He nodded: Thats big. I said: Yep, but thats not all. When the fish was out of the water, the river level fell by five feet. By this time he knew I was telling him a tall story and wandered away back to the kitchen, shaking his head. Clarrie ORoie Ilparpa No need for all the shouting Sir, As a visitor to the airport a few years ago I was disappointed with the staff there. I was shouted at by the staff: You cant go there. Get back behind the lines. If you go out there you will have to go thought security again. I thought the staff member was very rude. Now, as a new member of the community, during my first experience while picking up a family member, I got to the airport and had no change for the parking meter. Before I could go and get change and return, I had a parking ticket. It was torn up when I explained. The second time I was dropping off a passenger, the same attendant came shouting from across of the other side of the car park: You cant park here, there is a fine. And then the attendant followed my passenger into the terminal going on and on about parking and the fines. Yes, I probably was parked in the wrong place. But there are better ways of doing your job then shouting at people and making them feel uncomfortable. I know our airports have to be safe, but, lighten up people. Go and have a drink of cold water. Bill Widdison Alice Springs your thoughts TEXT 0421 261 177 SMS the EDITOR Please include name and suburb. (Normal call costs apply).