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The Northern Territory news Sat 16 Jul 2011

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www.ntnews.com.au Saturday, July 16, 2011. NT NEWS. 33 P U B : NTNE-WS-DA-TE:16-JGE:33 CO-LO-R: C-M Y-K Speak Up: DO YOU believe Peter Falconios real killer is on the loose? NOMurdochwas the real killer. Hopefully, he will come forward and tell his familywhere Peters body lies. AMY POLLEY, Nightcliff NOTheygot the right bloke. Its a bulls*** story.Wehave to be providedwith a reason that (Murdoch) is not the right person. ROD HARRIS, Cullen Bay DONT KNOW I havent given itmuch thought. But I think the whole trialwas good, and they got a conviction. SHAUN MCBAIN, Rosebery YES I think he is definitly still on the loose. I dont think therewas enough evidence saying Murdochdid it. JODY MCAULAY, Rosebery DONT KNOW I think there ismore too thewhole thing then what has been said. Im not totally convinced thatMurdochdid it. GLENN CHILLINGSWORTH, Millner 0428 NTNEWS (686 397)txt the editor I visited Darwin fromMelbourne a year ago today, and coming back Im so glad to see a huge croc on the front of the NTNews. It feels like coming home! Paulie V, Melbourne. ON CARBON TAX n Why is it being reported that Julia Gillard continues to sell her carbon tax. Surely this is a misrepresentation, as it suggests we have a choice. n $23 a tonne, what is the incentive for polluters to clean up now? Cost to convert plus the tax prohibitive. Better off just downstreaming the tax than bothering to clean up their act. James, Darwin n People who support C T should think again When the producers of this carbon can hand the cost on why will they change their ways n People have got wrong end of stick on co tax. It will clear n clean air pollution by forcing greedy 500 to clean up act with no cost to public . Hooray clean air at last . Lance world citizen ON SIGNAGE n Re the faq sign outside coffeenut on smith st. Bloody hillarious. But seriously dcc need to help out the poor tourists. Flat out finding coles or woolies or a toilet. Absolutely no signage in the city. Lara darwin city. n As a victorian visitor , can we have a couple of signs at the end of the mall to say that the bus inter change is around the corner ? Leo ON OTHER THINGS n On Facebook from Malak....cheaters will always cheat even if they dont have Facebook. n DCC. Department of Constant Cockups? Dave F Bay n Hey Joe-D. If u are gonna butcher the English language at least do it properly . Its youse for a group of ppl not use ok. n Bring on the obesity tax , palmy mummy n Just love He says She says. Really makes my day brighter. Carole, Woodroffe. n The Govt needs 2 fast track the duplication of Tiger Brennan Drive between Berrimah & Woolner Rds. Its a serious bottle neck with major acci dents waiting to happen. Also need to educate drivers on the keep left unless overtaking & get police 2 enforce this law. Tim, Stuart Park n Out and about photos on friday,Amy Shaw. You are stunning! Just a shame bout your jersy. Blues fan leanyer n 2 ex brown bomber, parking tickets in malak? U sir r a d***head n I went tp Rapid Creek shopping centre and was abused and grabbed by a guy bc i wouldnt buy alcohol for him. He offered me $50 to buy $30 of drink and said i could keep the change I still declined but alot of people will do it for the money and the new schemewill not work. n Ten years on police not even searching for the body of Peter Falconio.Unlikely to find anything.They are searching for the dog dreaming man of Maningrida though. Steve Kilinko n Was that croc a load of croc? Remember the good old days when the camera couldnt lie, well thanks to modern technology, now it can - has caused human race to bemore sceptical and paranoid. Darren, bees creek. Letters LETTER OF THE DAY Grog shop ID taken too far DEAR Delia Lawrie, my 77-year-old pensioner mother-in-law Annie is quite fond of cooking. Today she went to the bottle shop at Nightcliff to buy a mini bottle of Drambuie (you know the ones that you will find in your taxpayersponsored minibars.) She was refused service because her government-issued pensioner ID, seniors ID and taxi discount cards were insufficient. (Do you really just give all those cards away without even checking if that person is real because, if so, feel free to mail me one, please. I want free rides on the bus.) But I digress. Has all common sense des erted you folks over there at Government House? Do you think that a blind 77-year-old lady is going to quaff a mini bottle of Drambuie then return home and create domestic violence? If you have this policy, surely a government-issued ID with a photo on it (its without doubt a fabulous likeness of her) should be deemed sufficient. Anyway, Delia, you have my email address and if you are free to do Annies grog shopping (I run a business and work part-time and take her to do her chores and shopping, so Im a bit pressed for time, you see), please contact me and I will pass on her phone number and address. Ann-Maree Grant, Ludmilla It wasnt just the kids who were excited about the latest and last Harry Potter release this week. Frank Bost, 45, dressed up for the midnight screening of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, at the Casuarina Birch Carroll and Coyle Cinema Picture: MICHAEL FRANCHI PICK OF THE PICS You can stay home and listen to Britney on your ipod. SEE BELOW ON CROC TOURS n Its all great teaching them to jump etc when your in a massive boat. What about the locals and tourists who want a day on the water and only have a small tinny, these crocs think they will get a feed by approaching any boat. They deffinatly have no fear of man. Its only a matter of time before someone gets hurt. Boots of Humpty Doo n I fish in the Adelaide in a small boat and never ever have i had a crocodile approach my boat thinking it might get a feed. You see the crocodiles are not as stupid as people they know which boats feed them and which dont. As for Craig Adams he is just looking for his 2 seconds of fame and in a couple of days will slide unoticed back into obscurity. Scott of Wulagi n Ive been on the Adeliade river and wouldnt go up it in a tinnie. As for the term southerner I didnt realise we were in the USA. Darren of Sydney n Seriously??? Croc jumping tours have been operating in Darwin since forever (well at least 30 years) and not a single fatality. And a southerner has decided in their infinite wisdom that its dangerous. A southerner ladies and gentlemen, NOT a Territorian. Dude, you take care of your end of the country, and well take care of ours. Get a life and leave our lifestyle alone!!! Go the croc tours!!!! Word of DARWIN NT ON COLD CHISEL IN NT n I love Chisel. Best concerts, always pump. Great Aussie Rock. Cant wait!! Jan Giff of Wanguri n WOW Darwin really knows how to party....NOT!!!! make sure the band has wheel chair access LMAO what a joke. Nev n Nev. Dont worry mate, you can always go interstate if you want to see rubbish like lady gaga or bloody eminem or whatever commercial trash youre into. The rest of us, who appreciate legendary Aussie rock, will be partying on at the Ampitheatre on October 23. You can stay home and listen to Britney on your ipod. Shane n I can hear the collective Hoorah of the Bogan fraternity from all the way down here in Melbourne... All mulletts rejoice in happiness... Lets just hope that Rose Tattoo are not the support act... Now back to my Latte and The Age thanks... Andy of Melbourne ON TOLLNER OFF FACEBOOK n Even facebook as its limits Dave malakman of malak n Cmon dave, your big and ugly enough to know you are not allowed to say the truth about certain things. jack of darwin n The paranoia is strong in this one. Mick of Palmy n What a shame, last time I looked he had over 2000 on his friends list from China, Japan, Indonesia and around Oz.... Maybe Hendo was jealous En James of Palmerston n Heres a thought Dave, enquire about getting your own opinion column with the NT News once a week and reach the public that way!? ToneLoc of Katherine n Im not a fan of Dave Tollner at all but this US company silences someone because he expressed his opinion.

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