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The Centralian advocate Tue 5 Aug 2008



The Centralian advocate Tue 5 Aug 2008


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Alice Springs


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20 Centralian Advocate, Tuesday, August 5, 2008 PU B : C A D V D A T E : 5-A U G -2008 PA G E : 20 C O L O R : C M Y K HOROSC O PESCOMICSBLAM!!!BLAM!!! ZZZZZZAAAP!ZZZZZZAAAP!ZZZZZZAAAP!ZZZZZZAAAP!ZZZZZZAAAP!ZZZZZZAAAP!ZZZZZZAAAOMICSOMICSOMICSCROSSWORDSCROSSWORDS1. 7. 41.4. ARIES: (March 21 to April 20) * * * You thrive on drama and wilt when monotony sets in. The planets are aligned in favour of love affairs, shared secrets and exhilarating outdoor activities. Make the best possible use of this over-the-top energy. TAURUS: (April 21 to May 21) * * * A long delayed decision nudges you in a new direction. Consequently the clouds over your personal life lift and you see the future with much greater clarity. Even a makeshift plan may become permanent. GEMINI: (May 22 to June 21) * * * Take the smartest rather than the most expedient option today. An atmosphere of passive resistance surrounds you and in order to gain the edge over others you must remain one step ahead intellectually at all times. CANCER: (June 22 to July 23) * * * Improved communication is offset a penchant for secrecy. In other words, you are inclined to tell others what they want to hear rather than reveal the naked truth. On a deeper level, hidden insecurities haunt you. SAGITTARIUS: (November 23 to December 22) * * * You draw the short straw but handle situations good-naturedly. The ability to put pride and ego aside for the good of everyone is made easier by Sun in your sector of expansive gestures and philosophical thought. CAPRICORN: (December 23 to January 20) * * * Divulging every thought is instinctual today. Some will appreciate your honesty but others may baulk at the tone or tenor of your words. Use discretion when dealing with people in business or social situations. AQUARIUS: (January 21 to February 19) * * * If you are fi xated on a person or topic, all your attention goes in that direction. Curiosity can quickly turn to obsession and it is important to put some distance between you and the object of your interest. PISCES: (February 20 to March 20) * * * Focus on constructive exploits and disregard pessimistic people. Sun in the sector ruling daily routine helps you spread sunshine while creating a light-hearted atmosphere in which to work. Play to your strengths today. LEO: (July 24 to August 23) * * * * Rather than taking the soft option you confront challenges head-on. Adversity brings out your best qualities and the thrill lies in the chase. If necessary, be prepared to exercise authority over those further down the pecking order. VIRGO: (August 24 to September 23) * * * Your reputation as a straight-talker is enhanced as the Moon moves away from your sign. You become the sounding board for people with personal problems, yet are also on the receiving of good advice or welcome affection. LIBRA: (September 24 to October 23) * * * If you are high on hope but low on resources, the scales of success start to swing your way. Act decisively and rally support from people who have infl uence or good contacts. Your communication skills are a plus. SCORPIO: (October 24 to November 22) * * * A timely reminder pushes you in the right direction. However, opportunities are fl eeting and some self-promotion may be necessary to capitalise on the moment. Be prepared to step outside your comfort zone today. Your Daily Stars...with Margie Thillart BEYOND THE BLACK STUMP CLANCY HAGAR GINGER MEGGS Solution to No. 5768 ANSWERS FOR LAST PUBLICATION Release No. 5769 Across 3 Boundless 6 Encourages in crime 9 Stick together 10 Small anchor 11 Firm hold 12 Brings up 13 Related on fathers side 15 Dogma 16 Turn 17 Young eel 20 Spanish monetary unit 22 French river 23 Swarms 27 Greek letter 28 Urge forward 29 Protective garment 30 And not 32 Writing tablet 34 Layers 37 Wedges 40 Frozen shower 41 Publications 42 Sum up 43 Scourges 45 Slow (mus) 46 Operatic air 47 Central African animal 48 Distressing 49 Agitates 50 Story Down 1 Lengthy 2 Be on guard! 3 Lives a dull life 4 Ninepin 5 Native Americans dwelling 6 Concurs 7 Insect 8 Rushing stream 13 Names to an office 14 Small drink 18 Austrian capital 19 Practical persons 21 Evening party 24 Old cloth measure 25 Floor covering 26 Theorise 31 Most unctuous 33 Country 35 Clergyman 36 Sheaves set up for drying 38 Meadow 39 Compositions 41 Unfit 44 Vast ages 9 13 20 30 34 40 45 49 1 31 21 28 2 16 35 42 47 14 36 3 11 23 32 24 41 46 50 4 10 15 33 5 25 29 26 37 43 48 6 12 17 22 38 7 39 18 27 8 44 19 C V I M P L E M E N T S R E E L S A R E I W E S M A G N E T I C A A T T E S T T E N E R G Y M E A N O E T O N A G A X L E M U R R S T E W S T R A W N I N T E R N A R E S T S C A R E M E A G R E R V I V I D P A C E M E B B E D M A S H F E A T I E L A N N I E C E S O A S S U M E E I N T E R E S T C V S T E T A G I L E T H E O R I S I N G D R