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The Centralian advocate Fri 8 Jul 2011



The Centralian advocate Fri 8 Jul 2011


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Nationwide News Pty. Limited

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Alice Springs


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Centralian Advocate, Friday, July 8, 2011 43 P U B : C A D V D A T E : 8 -J U L -2 0 1 1 P A G E : 4 3 C O L O R : C M Y K 2011 ALICE SPRINGS SHOW RESULTS 5 years and younger Gingerbread men, 4 1st Krishy Wapper, 2nd Paddy Vad Der GeestHester, 3rd Harvey Schneider, P Zac Richmond, P Archer Pengilly, P Ettain Winter, SM Alana Pfau, SM Keira Pfau. Novelty iced milk arrowroot biscuits, 4 1st Luana Murray, 2nd Lacy Skutela, 3rd Krishy Wapper, SM Paddy Van Der Geest-Hester, SM Elise Phillis. Chocolate crackles, 4 1st Grace Marzohl, 2nd Troy Taylor, 3rd Amy Marchant, P Marley Van Holsteyn. CRAFT Sewing (machine) Sewn garment, girl/boy woven fabric 1st Belinda Imhof. Small item suitable for a gift 1st Julie McShanag. Over-70 sewer, any article any fabric 1st Mavis Wright. Crochet (any fibre) Rug or bedspread 1st Lyn Stewart, 2nd Lauren Winter, 3rd James Purvis. Tea cosy 2nd Kylie Brown. Small item suitable for a gift 1st Anna Latz. Beanie and scarf 2nd Lloyd Duff. Soft toy 2nd Marli Banks. Novice crocheter, any article 1st Amy Williams, 1st Sina Grussel, 2nd Leanne Daniels, 3rd Leanne Daniels. Over-70 crocheter, any article 1st Elsa Corbet. Knitting (any fibre, hand knitted) Baby set 1st Anne Hughes. Shawl/stole 1st Maggie Kanaan, 2nd Anne Hughes, 3rd Nancy Hall. Jumper, cardigan or pullover 1st Elizabeth McCallum, 2nd Belinda Imhof, 3rd Leanne Daniels. Tea Cosy 1st Margaret Pickard. Knitted socks 1st Barbara McIlvain, 2nd Bev Ellis, 3rd Bev Ellis. Any otehr item 1st Maggie Kanaan, 1st Nancy Hall, 2nd Margaret Pickard, 3rd Belinda Imhof. Beanie 1st Margaret Pickard, 2nd Margaret Pickard. Dolls clothes 1st Margaret Pickard. Soft toy 1st Margaret Pickard, 2nd Lyn Thompson, 3rd Margaret Pickard. Novice article 1st Leanne Daniels, 2nd Leanne Daniels. Over-70 any article 1st Anne Hughes, 2nd Nancy Hall. Dolls/soft toys Dressed doll, hand or machine sewn 1st Anna Latz, 2nd Anna Latz, 3rd Kylie Brown. Needle sculptured doll 1st Lyn Thompson. Felted soft toy 1st Nancy Hall. Hand or machine sewn soft toy 1st Leone Jones. Novice soft toy or doll 1st Nic Klaebe, 2nd Julie McShanag. Teddy Bears The challenge Undressed, up to 20cm 1st Maggie Kanaan. Undressed, more than 20cm 1st Maggie Kanaan. Dressed, up to 20cm 1st Maggie Kanaan. Dressed more than 20cm 1st Maggie Kanaan. Embroidery Long stitch, Any aarticle and unframed 1st Christel Ellis. Counted stitch, any article and unframed 1st Christel Ellis, 2nd Christel Ellis. Cross stitch, any article and unframed 1st Cheryl Slater, 2nd Cheryl Slater. Cross stitch, any article and framed 1st Christel Ellis, 2nd Christel Ellis. Surface stitchery, any article and unframed 1st Mavis Wright, 2nd Julie McShanag, 3rd Julie McShanag. Combined techniques, any article 1st Ann Cox, 2nd Ann Cox. Patchwork, quilting and applique One large quilt, hand work 1st Emilia Sabastiani. One large quilt, machine work 1st Karen Marriott, 2nd Lauren Winter, 3rd Sarah Agnew. Medium-sized quilt, machine work 1st Lauren Winter, 2nd Julie McShanag, 3rd Julie McShanag. Cot quilt, machine made 1st Karen Marriott, 1st Elizabeth McCallum, 2nd Julie McShanag. Combined technique quilt 1st Karen Marriott. Novice quilt makers 1st Bridie Gould, 2nd Joy McLaughlin. Lacework Bobbin lace 1st Margaret Carey. Hairpin or hook lace 1st Maggie Kanaan, 1st Margaret Carey. Over-70 lace makers 1st Grace Darling. Hand spinning and weaving Handspun wool, hair or fibre 1st Michael Wibbis. Over-70 spinners or weavers 1st Michael Willis. Fabric manipulation and dyeing Commercial dyes 1st Nancy Hall. Silk painting, any article 1st Renate Eigenwillig. Folk art Contemporary 2nd Cherylee Ladhams. Ceramics and pottery Hand built, any article 1st Margo Trigg. Precast mould, any article 1st Rachel Hewstone, 2nd Rachel Hewstone. Wheel thrown, any article 1st Margo Trigg, 2nd Margo Trigg. Over-70 potter, any article 1st Nancy Hall. Woodwork Ornamental wood piece 1st Godfrey McVicar, 2nd Godfrey McVicar, 3rd Urs Marzohl. Lathe work, any article 1st Alex Coppock. Functional piece by an amateur 1st Godfrey McVicar, 2nd Clinton Dennison, 3rd Roland Hall, SM Godfrey McVicar, SM Clinton Dennison. Functional piece by a professional 1st Graham Killian and Godfrey McVicar. Over-70 wood turner 1st Roland Hall, 2nd Alex Coppock. Beading work Beaded jewellery, any article 1st Leanne Molloy, 2nd Leanne Molloy, 3rd Renate Eigenwillig. Novice beading work 1st Sarah Agnew, 2nd Jenny Neil. Felting Any article 1st Christina Sarkenan. Novelty item 1st Nancy Hall. Paper craft Hand-made paper A4 1st Mandy Webb, 2nd Marilyn Hall, 3rd Mandy Webb. Hand-made greeting cards 1st Elsa Corbet, 2nd Jenny Neil, 3rd Natasha Murray, SM Kath Derrin Womens CDEP. Bookmaking, paper based 1st Sally Trigg, 2nd Elaine Sheridan, 3rd Sally Trigg. Quilling, any article 1st Elsa Corbet. Scrapbooking, double pages 1st Natalie Maloney, 2nd Amelia Harris, 3rd Zac Richmond, SM Natabie Roberts. Scrapbooking, single page 1st Cindy Pierson, 2nd Taryn Thomson, 3rd Natalie Maloney, SM Amanda Richmond, SM Taryn Thomson. Scrapbooking on a theme 1st Mignon Williams. Scrapbooking, small hand-made album 1st Cindy Pierson, 2nd Amelia Harris. Novice scrapbooker 1st Jenny Neil. Craft techniques Free hand tile painting 1st Lorraine Stirling, 2nd Renee Brown, 3rd Lelita Morton. Kiln-fired glass 1st Margo Trigg, 2nd Margo Trigg. Jewellery not using beads 1st Leanne Molloy, 2nd Margo Trigg, 3rd Margo Trigg. Basket making, using natural fibres 1st Judy Hoban. Basket making, combined fibres used 1st Judy Hoban, 2nd Anne LHostis. Rug making, any article 1st Christel Ellis, 2nd Elaine Sheridan, 3rd Margo Trigg. Christmas decoration, not paper based 1st Margo Trigg, 2nd Margaret Petherick, 3rd Renate Eigenwillig. Fibre art, any technique 1st Tara Ellis, 2nd Marilyn Hall. Combined craft techiques 1st Tara Ellis, 2nd Jenny Neil, 3rd Mandy Webb, SM Sandra White, SM Elaine Miller. HOBBIES Models Lego Animal on base (6 years and younger) 1st Oliver Hatfield, 2nd Ariki Robertson, 3rd Darcy Marchant. Transport (6years and younger) 1st Aidan Latz, 2nd Darcy Marchant, 3rd Nicholas Kleeman. Transport (8 years and younger) 1st Mitchell Pyper, 2nd Ashlee Langford, 3rd Devas Winter. Transport (10 years and younger) 1st Eboni Kaesler, 2nd Josh Haywood. Transport (12 years and younger) 1st Lance Kaesler. Building (8 years and younger) 1st Darcy Marchant, 2nd Rylee Thomson, 3rd Harrison Green. Building (10years and younger) 1st Zane Venter. Building (12 years and younger) 1st Lance Kaesler. Space model/scene (8 years and younger) 1st Jorge Anastasiou, 2nd Conrad Roberts, 3rd Ashlee Langford. Space model/scene (12 years and younger) 1st Hayley Crompton, 1st Aidan Ziersch. Any other scene (8 years and younger) 1st Tristan Bond, 2nd Blake Barrett, 3rd Jorge Anastasiou. Any other scene (19 years and younger) 1st Bohdan Typuszak, 2nd Eboney Haward, 3rd Samuel Reynolds. Any other scene (12 years and younger) 1st Mitchell Fitzsimmons, 2nd Jacinta Pankhurst, 3rd Zane Pankhurst, SC Hayley Crompton, SC Aidan Ziersch. Working model (10 years and younger) 1st Zane Venter, 2nd Jack Van Der Geest-Hester. Other kits commercial to design Road vehicle (10 years and younger) 1st Amy Stockwell, 2nd Tom Stockwell. Road vehicle (open) 1st Vern Ellis, 2nd Vern Ellis. Aircraft (10 years and younger) 1st Adam Taylor, 2nd Tom Stockwell, 3rd Amy Stockwell. Aircraft (open) 1st Anthony Driver, 2nd Vern Ellis, 2nd Vern Ellis. Ship boat (open) 1st William Taylor, 2nd Vern Ellis, 3rd Vern Ellis. Non-commercial kit Aircraft (8 years and younger) 1st Oliver Hatfield. Watercraft (8 years and younger) 1st Amy Stockwell, SC Marcus White. Land vehicle (8 years and younger) P Jarita Robertson, P Marcus White. Land vehicle (12 years and younger) 1st Karl White, 2nd Karl White, 3rd Karl White. Spacecraft (8 years and younger) 1st Oliver Hatfield. House of building (10 years and younger) 1st Bryce Auld and Adam Taylor. House or building (16 years and younger) 2nd Sam Haywood. Collections Younger than 8 years Toys 1st Chloe Sutton, 2nd Jason Taylor, 3rd Chase Spence. Natural objects 1st Grace Marzohl, 2nd Oliver Hatfield, 3rd Jarita Robertson, SC Troy Taylor. 12 years and younger Speciality toys 1st Shannan Hayes, 2nd Hayley Crompton, 3rd Bohdan Typuszak, 3rd Aidan Ziersch. Souveniers 1st Chloe Sutton. Natural objects 1st Nicholas Marzohl, 2nd Jessica OToole. Cards 3rd Connor Marzohl. Any other 1st Connor Marzohl, 2nd Jack Shearer, 3rd Mitchell Fitzsimmons. 16 years and younger Teenage collection/thematic 1st Lane Spence. Stamps of coints 1st Nicholas Marzohl, 1st Evie Marshall. Any other 1st Catherine Driver, 2nd Eboni Kaesler. Open Thematic 1st Maya Cifali, 2nd Sam Typulsk, 3rd Mignon Williams. Souvenirs 1st Mignon Williams, 2nd William Moore. Natural objects 1st John Oster, 2nd Outback Guides, 3rd Mignon Williams. Any other Cargaret Petherica, 1st Vicki Skoss, 2nd Mignon Williams, 3rd Mignon Williams. Decorations Pet rock (6 years and younger) 1st Grace Marzohl, 2nd Harrison Green, 3rd Kingsley Green, SC Kelsey OToole, SC Paddy Van Der Geest-Hester. Pet rock (9 years and younger) 1st Amelia Scollen, 2nd Flynn Marzohl, 3rd Hayley Wapper, 3rd Chloe Sutton, 3rd Jamie Hayes, SC Alana Lovat. Pet rock (12 years and younger) 1st Lawson Pensini, 2nd Nicholas Marzohl, 3rd Jessica OToole, 3rd Megan Sutton, SC Michelle Young, SC Tahnee Hayes. Decorated bottle (8 years and younger) 1st Chloe Sutton, 2nd Jocelyn Griffiths. Decorated bottle (12 years and younger) 1st Elisa Crowe, 2nd Kayla Head, 3rd Megan Sutton. Paperplate mask *8 years and younger) 1st Portia Lovat, 2nd Robert Quinn, 3rd Krishy Wapper. Decorated coat-hanger (16 years and younger) 1st Gabrielle Ziersch. Mobile (10 years and younger) 1st Ariki Robertson. Christmas decorations (16 years and younger) 1st Jarita Robertson, 2nd Amy Stockwell. Creations Up to and including 5 years Play dough/plasticine model or ani mal on small base 1st Grace Marzohl, 2nd Maia Brown, 3rd Ettain Winter. Made from recycled/used materials 1st Zac Richmond, 2nd Kingsley Green, 3rd Paddy Van Der GeestHester. Greeting card, handmade 1st Zac Richmond, 2nd Luana Murray, 2nd Ettain Winter. Egg carton creature 1st Grace Marzohl, 2nd Chelsea Wright, 3rd Paddy Van Der Geest-Hester. Diorama, any 3D scene 1st Kaitlyn Straube. 6 to 8 years Sculpture model, clay or plasticine on a small base 1st Flynn Marzohl, 2nd Caine Dodd, 3rd Devas Winter. Made from recycled/used materials 1st Tom and William Kelaart, 2nd Harrison Green, 3rd Year 2 Wizpards Ross Park PS. Greeting card, handmade 1st Tom Stockwell, 2nd Chloe Sutton, 3rd Portia Lovat. Egg carton creature/animal 1st Jason Taylor, 2nd Flynn Marzohl, 3rd Jack Van Der Geest-Hester, SC Ethan Miegel. Diorama, any 3D scene 1st Jack Van Der Geest-Hester, 2nd Blake Barrett, 3rd Sabrina Hartig. Soap carving 1st Flynn Tuckwell. Bottle animal or person 1st Chloe Sutton, 2nd Jessica Head. 9 to 12 years Soap carving 1st Shannan Hayes, 2nd Megan Sutton, 3rd Lily Murphy. Origami, 3 different pieces on a base 1st Georgia ONeill, 2nd Sophie Kleeman, 3rd Alana Lovat. Diorama, and 3D scene 1st Rani Marshall, 1st Rosy Murphy, 3rd Kirby Patterson-Fahy. Made using recycled materials 1st Jack Baldwin. Bottle animal or person 1st Brian Cook, 2nd Megan Sutton. Greeting card, no stitch work 1st Bonnie Homer, 2nd Hayley Crompton.

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