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The Centralian advocate Tue 15 Apr 2008



The Centralian advocate Tue 15 Apr 2008


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16 Centralian Advocate, Tuesday, April 15, 2008 P U B : C A D V D A T E : 1 5 -A P R -2 0 0 8 P A G E : 1 6 C O L O R : C M Y K TV GUIDE WHATS ON TUESDAY IN a special live performance, Britains Got Talent winner Paul Potts will sing his signature classic Nessun Dorma, on It Takes Two at 7.30pm on Seven Central. Paul will be accompanied by a 34-piece orchestra comprising It Takes Twos strings and woodwind section augmented with brass, horn, tympani and harp musicians. The unlikely winner of Britains Got Talent, Paul Potts stunned the judging panel, including show creator and tough critic Simon Cowell, when he opened his mouth and started to sing. WHATS ON WEDNESDAY BEN Miller (The Worst Week of My Life) and Alexander Armstrong (Life Begins) star in their own particular brand of sketch comedy in ABCs The Armstrong and Miller Show. Featuring a new line-up of characters, among them Brabbins and Fyffe the filthy alter egos of British comedy duo Flanders and Swann. In tonights episode Brabbins and Fyffe sing a jolly little song about the problems with the rest of the world. The Armstrong and Miller Show will appear on ABC at 9.30pm. WHATS ON THURSDAY CHEF Gordon Ramsay continues his mission to clean up the worst restaurants in England tonight on Imparja. On Ramsays Kitchen Nightmares, Ramsay visits The Priory in Sussex owned by ex IT consultant Scott. The food is straight from hell recycled meat, soup in a bucket, synthetic sauces and worse still theres a lazy chef content to preside over food-encrusted ovens. Can Ramsay inspire a miracle, or witness a disaster? Ramsays Kitchen Nightmares will screen on Imparja at 8.30pm. WHATS ON FRIDAY ABCS Can We Help? is an audiencedriven series with the questions and stories coming from viewers at home. Bob Drysdale is a soldier with recollections of being on Sarawak waiting to come home at the end of the World War II. He has special memories of two little boys with big smiles who were saved and brought up by Australian missionaries. Since the war ended Bob has always wondered what ever became of the boys. Now he has the chance to find out. Can We Help? will screen at 6.30pm WHATS ON SATURDAY IMPARJA Televisions late movie Zoolander will be shown at 10.30pm. The movie follows the international misadventures of fashion model Derek Zoolander, who is brainwashed into assassinating the president of Malaysia. Zoolander stars Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Milla Jovovich, Vince Vaughn, Billy Zane, Cuba Gooding Jr and Will Ferrell. WHATS ON SUNDAY ON tonights episode of My Name Is Earl, as Joy prepares to give birth, she becomes increasingly inpatient and enlists the help of Darnell to speed things along. Meanwhile, Randy shepherds the convicts out for some ice cream, which gives Frank a prime opportunity to escape and collect his hidden loot. Now Earl has 46 hours to get Frank back to prison. Elsewhere, Catalina babysits for Joys kids and plays some interesting games with them. WHATS ON MONDAY IN tonights episode of SBSs Mythbusters, it is revealed that Adam and the sea dont agree and Jamie wants to test non-pharmaceutical cures. Instead of going out into rough seas, they want to try Jamie on a seasick chair. The team copies NASAs design to induce nausea and tries it out on Adam, Jamie and the rest of the team, but only Adam and Grant are affected by motion sickness. The Mythbusters team test mouth sprays, wrist bands and pharmaceutical medications. Mythbusters is on SBS at 7.30pm What it means to be Jewish Jamie Kastner in a Kike Like Me. FILM-MAKER Jamie Kastner wonders who is considered Jewish. What does it mean to be Jewish? And why does he feel threatened when people ask him if he is Jewish? The SBS documentary, Kike Like Me, is partly inspired by the movie Gentlemans Agreement, where Gregory Peck plays a gentile journalist in New York who starts telling people he is Jewish for a story on antiSemitism. Beginning his quest in New York City, Kastner receives a shotgun bar mitzvah from Hasids in Brooklyn and attends a Jewish play entitled Brokeback Minion. In Washington DC, Kastner meets Pat Buchanan, a long-time Republican insider who believes that President George W. Bush was brainwashed by the Jewish and forced into an unnecessary war with Iraq. From the US, Kastner travels to Jerusalem. I might as well check out what great rewards the Promised Land has in store for me. In Jerusalem, all Jewish individuals have the right to move to Israel and become citizens, so Kastner explores one of the absorption centres that new citizens can stay in. He said that he loved how he was asked if he had a gun while visiting a synagogue and receiving another bar mitzvah. Over in London, Kastner interviews US-born writer Carol Gould, who has decided to move back to the United States after being made aware of her Jewish roots in a very negative and angry way. Ms Gould said: We are being engulfed by a tsunami of anti-Semitism, here and in Europe and around the world. Kastner arrives in Paris with an optimistic attitude but ends up causing a nearriot simply by asking what people think about Jews. The realities of the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland are confronting for the viewer and Kastner. You know this is horrible and I dont need to see any more of this. I dont need to see the ovens, Im going home. Screening on SBS tonight at 11pm is Kike Like Me, an idiosyncratic exploration of what it means to be perceived as Jewish in the world today. MONDAY 21 April SCTV SBS highlights 6.00 Childrens Programs. 11.00 Landline. (R, S) 12.00 Midday Report. (S) 12.30 Pilot Guides. (S) 1.30 The Cook And The Chef. (G, R, S) 2.00 The Bill. (PG, R, S) 3.00 Childrens Programs. 3.30 Pinky Dinky Doo. (G, R, S) 3.45 Peppa Pig. (G, R, S) 3.50 Charlie And Lola. (G, R) 4.05 Lazy Town. (G, R, S) 4.30 Creature Features. (G, S) 4.55 RollerCoaster. (G) 5.55 BTN Daily. (S) 6.00 Landline Extra. (R, S) 6.30 Talking Heads: Shannon Bennett. (S) 7.00 News. (S) 7.30 The 7.30 Report. (S) 8.00 Australian Story. (S) 8.30 Four Corners. (S) 9.20 Media Watch. (S) 9.35 More Than Enough Rope: Glenn And Jane McGrath. (S) 10.30 Lateline. (S) 11.05 Lateline Business. (S) 11.30 Agincourt. (Mv, R, S) 12.25 Teachers. (Final, Mla, R, S) 1.20 Movie: Big Combo. (1955) (B&W, PG, R, S) 2.55 Auntie Connie. (G, R, S) 3.25 Bowls. Australian Open. Mens pairs final. (R) 4.30 Parkinson. (G, R, S) 5.30 The Lion Man. (G, R, S) 6.00 Today. (S) 8.30 Mornings With KerriAnne. (PG, S) 10.30 News. (S) 11.00 Fresh. (G, S) 11.30 Movie: Curly Sue. (1991) (PGvl, R, S) 1.30 Days Of Our Lives. (PG, S) 2.30 Entertainment Tonight. (S) 3.00 Hi-5: Indoors/Outdoors. (P, R, S) 3.30 The Shak. (C, S) 4.00 News. (S) 4.30 Bargain Hunt. (G, S) 5.00 Antiques Roadshow. (G, R, S) 5.30 News. (S) 6.00 A Current Affair. (S) 6.30 Two And A Half Men. (PG, S) 7.00 David Attenboroughs Life In Cold Blood. (PG, S) 8.00 Sea Patrol II: The Coup: Heaven Born Captains. Kates romantic life is looking up after a blind date with an SAS commander. (Includes Lotto draw). (M, S) 9.00 CSI: NY: Boo. On Halloween, the team visits a haunted house to investigate the murder of an entire family. (M, S) 10.00 True CSI. (Mva, R) 11.00 Nightline. (S) 11.30 The Dead Zone: Panic. (M) 12.30 Stingers. (M, R) 1.30 Close. 5.00 Creflo A. Dollar. (G) 5.30 Today. (S) 6.00 Sunrise. (S) 8.30 The Morning Show. (PG, S) 10.30 Raggs: Animals. (P, S) 11.00 News. (S) 11.30 Movie: Loves Enduring Promise. (2004) (PGa, S) 1.30 All Saints: Me, Myself And I. (M, R, S) 2.30 Infomercials. (PG) 3.30 Its Academic. (C, S) 4.00 News At 4.30. (S) 4.30 M*A*S*H: The Colonels Horse. (G, R) 5.00 Deal Or No Deal. (G, S) 5.30 News. (S) 6.00 Today Tonight. (S) 6.30 Home And Away. (PG, S) 7.00 Border Security Australias Front Line. (PG, R, S) 7.30 SCU: Serious Crash Unit: Northwestern Motorway. (PG, S) 8.00 Desperate Housewives: Somethings Coming. (M, S) 9.00 Dirty Sexy Money: The Watch. Sparks fly between Simon and Karen. (M, S) 10.00 Boston Legal: BL: Los Angeles. (M, R, S) 11.00 30 Rock: Cleveland. (PG, S) 11.30 Movie: Halloween: Resurrection. (2002) Jamie Lee Curtis, Brad Loree. (AV15+vh, R) 1.30 Infomercials. (PG) 3.30 NBC Today. (S) 5.30 Sunrise. (S) 6.00 WorldWatch. 12.30 Tales From A Suitcase: Abdullah Shariat. (G, R) 1.00 The Nuclear Comeback. (Sweden) (G, R, S) 2.00 Dateline. (R, S) 3.00 Insight. (R, S) 4.00 The Journal. (S) 4.30 The Crew. (G) 5.00 Living Black. (R, S) 5.30 Global Village. (G, S) 6.00 World News Australia. (S) 7.00 MythBusters. (US) (G, R, S) 7.57 The Movie Show. (PG, R, S) 8.05 South Park: Imaginationland Pt 1. (US) Part 1 of 3. (Mas, S) 8.30 Drawn Together: Super Nanny. (US) Ling Ling tries to get his drivers licence. (MA15+asv, R, S) 9.00 World News Australia. (S) 9.30 Funland. (UK) Part 1 of 6. (MA15+als, R, S) 10.25 The Insiders Guide To Happiness. (New Zealand) (Masl) 11.20 Movie: The Triad Zone. (2004) (Hong Kong) (Msv) 12.50 Samurai Champloo: The Disorder Diaries. (Japan) (MA15+, R, S) 1.15 WeatherWatch Overnight. 4.50 Japanese News. News from Tokyo. MOVIES 6.20pm Comeback Season (2006) Comedy. Ray Liotta, Glenne Headly. A cheating husband enlists the help of an injured football player to win back his wife. (M) Movie One 8.00pm A History Of Violence (2005) Crime. Viggo Mortensen, Maria Bello. When a mild-mannered man becomes a local hero through an act of violence, the repercussions shake his family to its core. (MA15+) Movie One GENERAL 7.30pm You Are What You Eat. (PG) Lifestyle Channel 9.00pm Britains Youngest Mums And Dads. (PG) Bio DOCUMENTARIES 7.00pm The Crocodile Hunter: River Of The Damned. (PG) National Geographic 8.00pm Fearless Planet. Discovery SPORT 4.30pm Netball. Trans Tasman Trophy. Round 3. Firebirds v Pulse. Fox Sports 3 7.00pm Rugby Union. Super 14. Brumbies v Sharks. Fox Sports 3 7.00 Insiders. 8.00 Inside Business. 8.30 Asia Pacific Focus. 9.00 ABC Asia Pacific News. 9.30 Australia Wide. 10.00 Childrens Programs. 1.05 Wilbur. 1.30 Bambaloo. 1.55 Bananas In Pyjamas. 2.00 Play School. 2.25 Dougie In Disguise. 2.35 Bob The Builder: Project Build It. 2.45 SamSam. 2.50 This Is Emily Yeung. 3.00 Jane And The Dragon. 3.20 World Ahoy. 3.25 The Basil Brush Show. 3.50 Potatoes And Dragons. 4.00 Gardening Australia. 4.30 Message Stick. 5.00 Australia Wide. 5.35 Can We Help? 6.05 Collectors 6.35 Scrapheap Challenge 7.30 Something In The Air 8.00 Red Dwarf 8.30 triple j tv 9.00 Good Game 9.30 Death Note 10.00 triple j tv presents 10.30 Nina Simone: Live At Montreux Jazz Festival 1976 11.20 CloseA B C 2