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The Centralian advocate Tue 25 Sep 2007



The Centralian advocate Tue 25 Sep 2007


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18 Centralian Advocate, Tuesday, September 25, 2007 PU B : C A D V D A T E : 25-SE P -2007 PA G E : 18 C O L O R : C M Y K TV GUIDE WHATS ON TUESDAY THE lifes work of acclaimed installation artist Janet Laurence is explored in Janet Laurence: The Life World at 10pm on ABC. Eight years in the making, the documentary follows Janet as she produces major installation artworks that have become part of our cities landscapes. Providing a rare insight into her creative process, Janet explains the themes, materials and inspiration behind some of her major artworks including the Museum of Sydney; 49 Veils, the award-winning windows at Bondis Central Synagogue. WHATS ON WEDNESDAY SUMMER Heights High is gearing up for Mr Gs new musical from 9.30pm on ABC. Mr G puts the students through a gruelling audition process for the controversial Annabel Dickson: The Musical. Jamie King is dumped by her group of friends and passes out during a mediation session. And teachers are disturbed by the accusations that Jonah makes about his father, which they later discover are false. The Australian written and created mockumentary is Chris Lilleys follow-up series to We Can Be Heroes. WHATS ON THURSDAY IN the lead-up to the hottest NRL event of the year, The NRL Footy Show will focus on the grand final at 9.30pm. Join the team for a guaranteed night of footy-tainment. The boys will present the show live from Sydney Entertainment Centre and will be joined by the Grand Final team captains in their last public appearance before the big game. There will also be a score of other big name acts including Jimmy Barnes, Daughtry and more. WHATS ON FRIDAY THE iconic Dame Edna Everage invites celebrities to her day spa in The Dame Edna Treatment on Imparja at 10pm. Tonight, she will chat with Mischa Barton, Sigourney Weaver and Michael Bolton. Dame Edna welcomes everyone to Spa Edna and invites viewers to join the hilarity as her big name celebrity guests attend the spa for a chat and a treatment. The show is a classic platform for Dame Ednas outrageous personality to shine through. WHATS ON SATURDAY THE new series of New Tricks starts at 7.30pm. The crack team from UCOS the Unsolved Crime and Open Case Squad are back in a new eight-part series. They may have handed in their badges and collected their pensions years ago, but Brian Lane, Gerry Standing and Jack Halford are still working at the London Metropolitan Police as civilians investigating unsolved crimes as part of boss Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullmans team. WHATS ON SUNDAY THE NRL Grand Final Telstra Premiership is here screening at 6.30pm on Imparja Television. The grand final will be screened live and exclusive from Telstra Stadium in Sydney. The proceedings will be hosted by Ken Sutcliffe. Join Channel Nines commentary team including Ray Warren, Peter Sterling, Phil Gould, Matthew Johns, Ben Ikin, Andrew Voss and Tim Gilbert for all the action. WHATS ON MONDAY THE HMAS Hammersley races to save a boatload of tourists from being murdered in Sea Patrol on Seven Central at 8.45pm. The tourists are threatened by terrorists as part of a publicity stunt. Meanwhile, Swain and the crew help deliver the baby of a runaway teenager, found lost at sea with her criminal boyfriend. A series of emergencies at sea prevent Swain from attending the birth of his first baby. Australian produced and written, Sea Patrol stars Lisa McCune and Ian Stenlake. MONDAY 31 September ABC Imparja SCTV SBS highlights 6.00 Childrens Programs. 11.05 Landline. (R, S) 12.00 Midday Report. (S) 12.30 A Place In Italy. Series return. (G, R, S) 12.55 Nigels Place In France. (G, R, S) 1.30 The Cook And The Chef. (G, R, S) 2.00 The Bill. (PG, R, S) 2.45 Mr Bean With Rowan Atkinson. (G, R) 3.00 Childrens Programs. 4.15 SamSam. (S) 4.25 Serious Amazon. (G, S) 4.55 RollerCoaster. (G) 5.55 Behind The News. (G, S) 6.00 Message Stick. (S) 6.30 Talking Heads: Bruce Beresford. (S) 7.00 News. (S) 7.30 The 7.30 Report. (S) 8.00 Australian Story. (S) 8.30 Four Corners. (S) 9.20 Media Watch. (S) 9.35 Enough Rope With Andrew Denton. (S) 10.35 Lateline. (S) 11.10 Lateline Business. (S) 11.40 Teds Evolution. (PG, R, S) 12.35 Teachers. (Ml, R, S) 1.35 Movie: Two Tickets To Broadway (1951). (G, R) 3.25 Bowls. World Team Cup. Mens triples. Second semi-final. England v Ireland. (R) 4.30 Movie: The Reluctant Widow (1950). (B&W, PG, R) 6.00 Today. (S) 8.30 Yambas. (G) 9.00 Hi-5. (P, R, S) 9.30 McLeods. (PG, R, S) 10.30 Antiques. (G) 11.00 News. (S) 11.30 Fresh. (G) 12.00 The Bold And The Beautiful. (G, S) 12.30 Dr Phil. (PG) 1.30 Days Of Our Lives. (PG) 2.30 Oprah. (PG, S) 3.30 Hueys. (G) 4.00 The Shak. (C, S) 4.30 Entertainment Tonight. (S) 5.00 Simpsons. (G, R, S) 5.30 Neighbours. (G, S) 6.00 News. 6.30 A Current Affair. (S) 7.00 Temptation. (G, S) 7.30 Thank God Youre Here. (Final, PG, S) 8.45 Sea Patrol: Deep Water. The Hammersley races to save a boatload of tourists from being murdered as part of a bizarre terrorist plot. (Includes news and weather updates). (PG, S) 9.45 1 Vs 100. (PG, S) 10.45 Australian Idol: Verdict. (PG, S) 11.45 Californication. (MA15+lsa, S) 12.15 The Office. Series return. (PGa, S) 12.45 Nightline. (S) 1.10 On Track. (G) 1.15 Close. 5.00 Creflo A. Dollar. (G) 5.30 Today. (S) 6.00 Sunrise. (S) 8.30 The Morning Show. (PG) 10.30 The Fairies. Series return. (P, R, S) 11.00 News. (S) 11.30 Movie: Love Comes Softly (2003). (PGa, R, S) 1.30 Beyond Tomorrow. (G, R, S) 2.30 Flipper And Lopaka The Search For Neptunes Trident. (C, R, S) 3.00 Tribe. (C, R, S) 3.30 Its Academic. (C, S) 4.00 News At 4.30. (S) 4.30 M*A*S*H. (G, R) 5.00 Deal Or No Deal. (G, S) 5.30 News. (S) 6.00 Today Tonight. (S) 6.30 Home And Away. (PGa, S) 7.00 Border Security Australias Front Line. (PG, S) 7.30 The Force Behind The Line. (PG, S) 8.00 City Homicide. When a baby dies at his first birthday party, everyone becomes a suspect. (M, S) 9.00 Criminal Minds: Sex, Birth, Death. (MA15+asv, S) 10.00 Boston Legal. (M, R, S) 11.00 In Case Of Emergency. (PG, S) 11.30 Movie: Bojangles (2001). Gregory Hines, Peter Rieger. (M) 1.30 Passions. (PG, R) 2.30 Guthy-Renker Australia. 3.30 NBC Today. (S) 5.30 Sunrise. (S) 6.00 WorldWatch. 1.00 Food Lovers Guide To Australia. (G, R, S) 1.30 Cutting Edge: Traders Dreams (Germany). (G, R) 2.30 Under One Roof: The Puckeridge Family. (R, S) 3.30 Insight. (R, S) 4.30 The Journal. (S) 5.00 The Crew. 5.30 Living Black. (R) 6.00 Global Village. (G, S) 6.30 World News Australia. (S) 7.30 MythBusters (US). (PG, S) 8.30 Marx And Venus. (PG) 8.35 South Park: Up The Down Steroid (US). Jimmy is in training for an upcoming sporting event and is determined to win at any cost. (Ma, R, S) 9.00 broTown (New Zealand). (Ms, S) 9.30 World News Australia. (S) 10.00 Shameless (UK). (MA15+vsd, R, S) 10.55 Oz: Escape From Oz (US). (MA15+alv, R) 12.05 Movie: My Jealous Barber (2004) (Norway). Gard B Eidsvold. (PG) 1.25 Big Men, Bigger Dreams: Australian Wrestlers. (M, R, S) 2.25 WeatherWatch Overnight. 5.25 Japanese News. News from Tokyo. MOVIES 5.50pm Two For The Money (2005) Drama. (M) Showtime 8.00pm Izzat (2005, Norway) (MA15+) World Movies GENERAL 9.00pm An Audience With Lionel Ritchie. Ovation 9.00pm Las Vegas. (M) Fox8 DOCUMENTARIES 5.30pm NGs Amazing Moments. (G) National Geographic 8.00pm Journey Of Life With Steve Leonard: Seas Of Life. (G) Animal Planet SPORT 9.30am Gridiron. NFL. Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants. ESPN 6.30pm Cricket. One-Day International. Sri Lanka v England. Fox Sports 3 6.01 Asia Pacific Focus. 6.30 Insiders (Including News And Closer After Asia Pacific Focus). 7.30 Inside Business. 8.00 Offsiders. 8.31 Message Stick. 9.00 ABC Asia Pacific News. 9.31 Stateline (NSW). 10.00 Childrens Programs. 2.00 Play School. 2.27 The Fimbles. 2.49 Teletubbies Everywhere. 3.00 Gardening Australia. 3.30 People Dimensions. 4.00 Australia Wide. 4.30 Landline. 5.30 The Cook And The Chef. 6.01 Jeopardy. 6.25 Grizzly Tales For Gruesome Kids. 6.35 The New Captain Scarlet. 7.00 Australia Wide. 7.30 At The Movies. 8.00 London Live. 8.31 Spicks And Specks. 9.00 Dancing To New Orleans. 10.30 Short And Curly. 11.00 Peep Show. 11.30 Classic Drama: King Solomons Mines. 2.29 Close.A B C 2 Ahmad risking life for work Illegal Palestinian construction worker Ahmad gets into his bunk in a hovel at an Israeli building site. MANY poor Palestinian labourers and workers must illegally cross the border into booming Israel to get jobs on construction sites. The scenario explored in Nine Star Hotel uncannily recalls that of poor Mexican workers who illegally cross into the United States. With bed-rolls and rucksacks on their backs these Palestinian men climb walls, sneak through forests and dodge indifferent streams of traffic coursing down a fourlane highway, all while keeping a sharp eye out for the border police and soldiers who regularly patrol the border areas. Eventually, they reach their destination: a cluster of tiny hovels, sheds and makeshift lean-tos. These dwellings are hidden on the rocky hillside surrounding a sprawling, eerily empty concrete construction site. For the next several weeks, this will be their home as they work as cut-rate day labourers for Israeli contractors. Israeli filmmaker Ido Haars remarkable documentary closely follows the lives of two Palestinian workers. They are Ahmad, an incorrigible collector of junk, much of it tossed out by wealthy Israelis, which he plans to use back home, and Muhammad, a quiet, thoughtful young man with sharp, self-critical opinions about the Palestinian predicament. Granted complete access into their lives, Haar follows Ahmad, Muhammad and the men with whom they now live as they work, eat, talk and run from the police. Some are arrested and returned home, only to come back a few weeks later; others are injured or fall deathly ill. While the Security Wall designed to separate the West Bank and Israel is mentioned several times throughout the film the men realise that once it is completed, they will be out of work the issue of Israeli homeland security and illegal border crossings is never directly broached. The film explores the secret, symbiotic relationship Israel shares with its embattled neighbor to the west, an economically depressed land that Israel has come to depend upon to support its rapid growth. Nine Star Hotel is a powerful and sad film. It screens tonight in the Cutting Edge timeslot at 8.30pm on ABC.

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