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The Centralian advocate Tue 28 Nov 2006



The Centralian advocate Tue 28 Nov 2006


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Centralian Advocate, Tuesday, November 28, 2006 17 PU B : C A D V D A T E : 28 -N O V -2 00 6 PA G E : 17 C O L O R : C M Y K FRIDAY 1 December 6.00 Childrens Programs. 7.25 Those Scurvy Rascals. (Final, G) 7.30 Ollivers Adventures. (G, R) 7.35 Martin Morning. (G, R) 7.45 Gerald McBoing Boing. (G, R) 8.00 The Little Princess. (G) 8.10 Boblins. (G) 8.20 Louie. (G) 8.30 Play With Me Sesame. (Final, G, R) 8.55 Little Robots. (G) 9.05 Peppa Pig. (G, R) 9.10 Brum. (G, R) 9.25 Bananas In Pyjamas. (G, R) 9.30 Play School. (G) 10.00 Take On Technology. (G, R) 10.15 Behind The News Special. (G, R, S) 10.30 Our Earth. (G, R, S) 10.45 Atoms Of Fire. (G, R, S) 11.00 Wild Weather. (Final, G, R, S) 12.00 Midday Report. (S) 12.30 Classic Parkinson. (G, R, S) 1.30 Men Behaving Badly. (Ms, R) 2.00 Welcher And Welcher. (PG, R, S) 2.30 Spicks & Specks. (Final, PG, R, S) 3.00 Bananas In Pyjamas. (G, R) 3.05 Boohbah. (Final, G, R) 3.25 Pocoyo. (Final, G, R) 3.30 Play School. (G, R) 4.05 George Shrinks. (G, R) 4.30 King. (G, R) 4.50 Roller Coaster. (G) 5.55 Behind The News. (G) 6.00 Message Stick: Cos Im Free. (G, R, S) 6.30 Can We Help? (G, S) 7.00 News. (S) 7.30 Stateline. (S) 8.00 Collectors. (Final, G, S) 8.30 Agatha Christies Miss Marple Pt 1. Series return. (PG, R, S) 10.10 3 Non-Blondes. (Mal, R, S) 10.40 3 Non-Blondes. (Mal, R, S) 11.25 Rage. (M) 6.00 Today. (S) 8.30 In The Box. (P, R) 9.00 Hi-5: Variety. (P, R, S) 9.30 The Murri Minute. 9.31 Cricket. The Ashes. Second Test. Australia v England. Day one. From Adelaide Oval. Commentary from Richie Benaud, Mark Nicholas, Tony Greig and Ian Chappell. 11.30 The Cricket Show. (G) 12.00 Cricket. The Ashes. Second Test. Australia v England. Day one. Continued. From Adelaide Oval. Commentary from Richie Benaud, Mark Nicholas, Tony Greig and Ian Chappell. 5.00 Neighbours. (G, S) 5.30 Berts Family Feud. (G, R) 6.00 News. Presented by Ryan Liddle. 6.30 A Current Affair. (S) 7.00 Temptation. (Final, G, S) 7.30 Jamies Kitchen Australia. (PGla, S) 8.30 Movie: Along Came Polly (2004). Ben Stiller, Jennifer Aniston. A troubled young man reeling from his new wifes infidelity, finds himself falling for an old high school classmate. (Ms, S) 10.30 Movie: The Wedding Planner (2001). Jennifer Lopez, Matthew McConaughey. (PGsl, S) 12.40 Comedy Inc. The Late Shift. (Mls) 1.35 On Track. (G) 1.40 Close. 5.00 Christian City TV. (G) 5.30 Toasted TV. (G) 6.00 Sunrise. (S) 8.30 Raggs. (P, R, S) 9.00 Hot Auctions. (G, R, S) 9.30 Sons And Daughters. (G, R) 10.00 News. (S) 10.30 Infomercials. (PG) 11.30 Movie: Gorky Park (1983). (Mvsl, R) 2.30 Good Chef Bad Chef. (G) 3.00 My Wife And Kids. (PG, R, S) 3.30 Go Go Stop. (C, S) 4.00 News At 4.30. (S) 4.30 M*A*S*H: U.N., The Night And The Music. (G, R) 5.00 Deal Or No Deal. (G) 5.30 News. (S) 6.00 Today Tonight. (S) 6.30 Home And Away. (Final, G, S) 7.00 Better Homes And Gardens: Christmas. The best in Christmas food and decorating. (Final, G, S) 8.00 Miniseries: Prime Suspect VII: The Final Act Pt 2 (2006). Conclusion. Time is running out fast for Jane Tennison. Curtis Flynn appears to have taken Penny Phillips as a hostage. (Mvla, S) 10.00 Movie: The Insider (1999). Al Pacino, Russell Crowe, Christopher Plummer, Diane Venora. (Mvl, R) 1.05 Ski To The Max. (G) 2.05 Malibu: Three Dudes And A Baby. (G, R) 2.30 Guthy-Renker Australia. 3.30 NBC Today. (S) 5.30 Tractor Tom. (G, R) ABC Imparja SCTV SBS highlights 5.30 Chinese News. 5.50 Mandarin News. 6.20 Filipino News. 6.55 Italian News. 7.30 Das Journal. 8.00 Spanish News. 8.50 Le Journal. 9.25 Russian News. 10.00 Greek News. 11.00 Arabic News. 11.35 Indonesian News. 12.00 Business Report. 12.30 Origin Of AIDS: A Scientific Controversy (France). (PG, R, S) 2.05 The Longing (Australia). (Ml, R) 2.30 A Fork In Asia: Japan. (R) 3.00 Simply Ming: Tahitian Crme Anglaise (US). (G, R, S) 3.30 World Sport. (R, S) 4.00 The Journal. 4.30 Newshour. 5.30 Global Village (Australia). (G, S) 6.00 World News Australia. (S) 6.30 World Sport. (S) 7.00 Angels (UK). (S) 8.00 Secrets Of The First Emperor (UK). The amazing army of terracotta soldiers is Qin Shi Huangdis most widely-known legacy. (Mav, S) 9.00 World News Australia. (S) 9.30 Salon Kitty (Germany). In 1939, Kitty Schmidt set up a brothel in the centre of Berlin. (PG) 10.20 Movie: Luca, Luca (2003) (Spain). Cecillia Roth, Carlos lvarez-Novoa. (MA15+s) 12.15 Movie: The Best Day Of My Life (2002) (Italy). Virna Lisi, Margherita Buy. (MA15+sal, R) 2.00 WeatherWatch Overnight. 4.55 Japanese News. MOVIES 5.00pm Trading Places (1983) Comedy. Dan Akroyd, Eddie Murphy. The lives of a wealthy white man and a black street hustler are reversed as part of a bet by two scheming millionaires. (M) Showtime Greats 8.30pm Confessions Of A Sociopathic Social Climber (2005) Comedy. Jennifer Love-Hewitt, Colin Ferguson. A 28-yearold sales executive is self-centred, obnoxious and conceited. Movie One GENERAL 4.30pm World Cup Comedy. Comedy Channel 9.30pm Stargate: Atlantis. Sci-fi 10.05pm The 2006 Scream Awards. Showtime 11.45pm Move For Aids. W. DOCUMENTARIES 11.30am The Real West. History Channel 3.30pm American Chopper. Discovery Channel 9.30pm Connections. Discovery Science SPORT noon Gridiron. NFL Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens. Fox Sports 1 4.00pm Rugby Union. Wales v Australia. Fox Sports 2 7.30pm Soccer. A-League. Adelaide v Melbourne. Fox Sports 3 SATURDAY 2 December 6.00 Rage. (G) 11.00 Bowls. Tri Nations. South Africa v Australia. Triples. From South Africa. 12.00 Stateline. (R, S) 12.30 Best Of Australian Story: The Gillard Diaries. (R, S) 1.00 Dont Drop The Coffin. (G, R, S) 1.30 Going Public Pt 2: Hand Grenades. (G, R, S) 2.00 Australia Eye Of The Storm: La Nina. (G, R) 2.50 Celebrating 50 Years Of ABC TV: 50 Years Of ABC Kids TV. (G, R, S) 3.00 Pool. World Junior Nine Ball. Round one. Boys first quarter-final. 4.00 Basketball. Womens National League. Round nine. Canberra Capitals v Townsville Fire. From AIS Arena. 5.00 Head 2 Head. (G, S) 5.30 Bowls. Super Singles. Womens second semi-final. (S) 6.30 Gardening Australia. (G, S) 7.00 News. (S) 7.30 New Tricks. (Final, PG, S) 8.25 News. (S) 8.30 Countdown Spectacular. Get ready to relive the leather pants, big hair, and even bigger sound. Filmed at the Melbourne Concert Hall, Ian Molly Meldrum is joined by some of Australias legendary acts from the 70s and 80s. (S) 10.05 Delightful Rain A Celebration Of Australian Surf Music. (S) 11.00 The Glass House. (Mas, R, S) 11.55 Rage. (M) 6.00 Toasted TV. (G) 6.30 I Got A Rocket! (C, S) 7.00 Totally Wild. (C, R, S) 7.30 Barney & Friends: My Friends, The Doctor And The Dentist. (G) 8.00 Timeblazers. (C, S) 8.30 The Shak: Sharp. (C, S) 9.00 Jay Jay The Jet Plane: Missing You/Tippy-Toppy Peak. (G) 9.30 Cricket. The Ashes. Second Test. Australia v England. Day two. From Adelaide Oval. 12.00 The Cricket Show. (G) 12.30 Cricket. The Ashes. Second Test. Australia v England. Day two. Continued. From Adelaide Oval. 5.00 Speed Machine. GT Performance. From Phillip Island, Victoria. 5.30 I Fish. (G) 6.00 News. (S) 6.30 Australias Funniest Home Videos: Grand Final. (G, S) 7.30 ABBAmania. (PG, S) 8.30 Movie: Muriels Wedding (1994). Toni Collette, Bill Hunter, Rachel Griffiths, Jeanie Drynan. A young woman who dreams of marriage leaves her small town to find romance in the big city. (Mls, R, S) 11.40 Movie: The Dish (2000). Sam Neill, Kevin Harrington, Tom Long, Patrick Warburton. (Ml, S) 1.40 On Track. (G) 1.45 Close. 5.00 A New Way Of Life. (G) 5.30 Mass For You At Home. (G) 6.00 Sonic X. (G) 6.30 Saturday Disney. (G) 8.30 Staines Down Drains. (C, S) 9.00 Dive! Olly! Dive! (C, S) 9.30 Dave The Barbarian. (G, R) 10.00 The Proud Family. (G, R) 10.30 Thats So Raven: Goin Hollywood. (G) 11.00 Eclipse. (PGsa) 12.10 Movie: Encino Man (1992). (PGvls, R) 2.10 Movie: Getting Even With Dad (1994). (PGlv, R) 4.30 Creek To Coast. (G) 5.00 Queensland Weekender. (G) 5.30 News. (S) 6.00 Best And Worst Of Red Faces. (Final, PG, S) 6.30 Movie: Garfield (2004). Bill Murray, Breckin Meyer, Jennifer Love Hewitt. A wise-cracking feline must save his owners pet dog after it is kidnapped. (Includes Gold Lotto draw.). (G, S) 8.15 Great Comedy Classics. Featuring a selection of classic British comedy favourites. Hosted by Russell Gilbert. (PG, R, S) 10.30 Movie: Super Troopers (2001). Jay Chandrasekhar, Steve Lemme, Erik Stolhanske. (Mvsld, R) 12.30 Movie: Mississippi Burning (1988). Gene Hackman, Willem Dafoe. (Mvl, R) 3.00 Malibu: The Best Man. (G, R) 3.30 Guthy-Renker Australia. 4.30 Dateline NBC. 5.30 One. Religious program. (G) ABC Imparja SCTV SBS highlights 5.30 Chinese News. 5.50 Mandarin News. 6.20 Filipino News. 6.55 Italian News. 7.30 Das Journal. 8.00 Spanish News. 8.50 Le Journal. 9.25 Russian News. 10.00 Greek News. 11.00 Arabic News. 11.35 Indonesian News. 12.00 Business Report. 12.30 Ethnic Business Awards 2006. (R) 1.30 15th Asian Games Doha 2006: Opening Ceremony. Highlights. 3.00 US Art 21: Art In The 21st Century Pt 3: Time (US). (PG, R, S) 4.00 The Journal. 4.30 Newshour. 5.30 Classical Destinations (Australia). (G, R, S) 6.00 World News Australia. (S) 6.30 World Sport. (S) 7.00 Tribe (UK). Six parts. (PG, R, S) 8.00 Iron Chef America (US). American Iron Chef Wolfgang Puck takes on Japanese Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto as they cook with tonights secret ingredient. (G, S) 8.50 RocKwiz By Request: Tim Rogers And Rebecca Barnard. (PG, R, S) 9.20 Movie: Raising Victor Vargas (2002) (US). Victor Rasuk, Judy Marte, Melonie Diaz. (Mls) 10.50 Shorts On Screen (US, Brazil, France, Korea, Australia). (G) 11.50 Chappelles Show (US). (M, R, S) 12.40 Crank Yankers (US). (Masl, R, S) 1.05 WeatherWatch Overnight. MOVIES 8.30am The Blue Lagoon (1980) Adventure. Brooke Shields, Christopher Atkins. Romance blossoms between two adolescent castaways. Showtime Greats 8.30pm Godzilla (1994) Sci-fi. Akira Takarada, Momoko Kochi. World Movies 10.30pm The Island (2005) Action. Ewan McGregor. Movie One GENERAL 7.00pm Andre Rieu Live In Dublin. Filmed in one of Dublins train terminals. Ovation 7.30pm Great BBQ Challenge. New series. Lifestyle Food 8.30pm Secrets of The Sexes. Brain Sex. Lifestyle DOCUMENTARIES 9.30am The Crocodile Hunter. Animal Planet 6.30pm Costeau: Ocean Adventure. National Geographic 9.30pm Wright Across America. Discovery Travel and Living SPORT 4.10am Soccer. English Premier League. Middlesborough v Manchester United. Fox Sports 3 10.00am Golf. Australasian PGA Tour. New Zealand Open. Third round. Fox Sports 1 7.30pm Basketball. Wollongong Hawks v South Dragons. Fox Sports 2 SUNDAY 3 December 6.00 Rage. (G) 6.30 Childrens Programs. 7.30 Old Tom. (Final, G, R) 7.45 King Arthurs Disasters. (G, R) 8.10 Ace Lightning. (G, R, S) 8.35 Round The Twist. (G, R, S) 9.00 Insiders. (S) 10.00 Inside Business. (S) 10.30 Offsiders. (S) 11.00 Asia Pacific Focus. (S) 11.30 Songs Of Praise: Stories Of Jesus. (G, R, S) 12.00 Landline. (Final, S) 1.00 Gardening Australia. (G, R, S) 1.30 Message Stick: Cos Im Free. (G, R, S) 2.00 Geisha: The Twilight Of The Flowers. (G, S) 2.55 On A Wing And A Prayer. (G, R) 3.00 Mr Bing And LArt Nouveau. (G, S) 3.55 At The Movies: Behind The Camera. (G, S) 4.45 The Projectionist. (G, R) 5.00 Riot Or Revolution: The Eureka Stockade 1854. (G, S) 6.00 At The Movies. (Final, G, R, S) 6.30 Peregrine: Natures Top Gun. (G, R, S) 7.00 News. (S) 7.30 My Favourite Album. (S) 9.00 News. (S) 9.05 Movie: Not Only But Always (2004). (Mlsn, S) 10.45 Compass. (PG, S) 11.40 Living Famously. (PG, R, S) 12.35 Order In The House. (S) 1.35 Movie: Playmates (1941). (B&W, G, R) 3.25 Live At The Basement. (G, R) 4.30 Pool. World Junior Nine Ball. Round one. Replay. 5.30 Air Force. (G, R, S) 6.00 Dora The Explorer. (G) 6.30 Totally Wild. (C, S) 7.00 The Eggs. (C, R) 7.30 Do It. (G) 8.00 Business Success. (G, R) 8.30 Money. (PG, S) 9.30 Cricket. The Ashes. Second Test. Australia v England. Day three. From Adelaide Oval. 12.00 The Cricket Show. (G) 12.30 Cricket. The Ashes. Second Test. Australia v England. Day three. Continued. From Adelaide Oval. 5.00 Airline. (PG) 5.30 The Simpsons: The Ziff Who Came To Dinner. (PG, R, S) 6.00 News. (S) 6.30 The Biggest Loser. (S) 7.30 Swimming. 2006 Australian Championships. From the Chandler Aquatic Centre, Brisbane. Commentary from Ray Warren, Nicole Livingstone, Duncan Armstrong and Giaan Rooney. (S) 8.30 Movie: Love Actually (2003). Hugh Grant, Alan Rickman, Keira Knightley, Colin Firth, Bill Nighy. A series of interlocking vignettes exploring love and romance in modern-day Britain. (Mlns, S) 11.00 Movie: Analyze That (2002). Billy Crystal, Robert De Niro, Lisa Kudrow. (Mlsv, R, S) 12.40 On Track. (G) 12.45 Close. 5.00 Creflo A. Dollar. (G) 5.30 Today. (S) 6.00 Tractor Tom. (G, R) 6.30 Stanley. (C, R) 7.00 Girl TV. (C, R) 7.30 Weekend Sunrise. (S) 9.30 Spirit Of Yachting: Trofeo S.M. La Reina Cup Regal Racing. 10.00 Staines Down Drains: Land Of Giants. (C, S) 10.30 Dive! Olly! Dive! Squid Squirt. (C, S) 11.00 Surfing. Havaianas Beachley Classic. From Manly Beach, Sydney. 11.30 Movie: Batman (1966). (PGl, R) 1.50 Movie: Tora! Tora! Tora! (1970). (PGv, R) 5.00 Great South East. (G) 5.30 News. (S) 6.00 The Real Seachange. (G, S) 6.30 Youve Got The Job. (G, S) 7.00 Egypt: The Temple Of The Sands. Reveals how Giovanni Belzoni made some of his greatest discoveries. (PGv, S) 8.00 Movie: Road To Perdition (2002). Tom Hanks, Paul Newman. A Mafia assassin goes on the run after his young son witnesses him at work. (Mlv, R, S) 10.20 The Inside: The New Girl In Town. (Mva) 11.20 Movie: The Island Of Dr Moreau (1977). Burt Lancaster, Michael York, Nigel Davenport. (Mv, R) 1.20 Rugby Union. World XV v South Africa. 3.30 NBC Today. (S) 4.30 NBC Meet The Press. (S) 5.30 Sunrise. (S) ABC Imparja SCTV SBS highlights 5.30 WeatherWatch. 6.30 Hungarian News. 7.00 Italian News Weekly. 7.30 Korean News. 8.00 Latin American News. 8.30 Maltese News. 9.00 Polish News. 9.30 Ukrainian News. 10.00 A Hat Trick Of Haydn. (R) 10.30 Cycling. UCI Track World Cup. From Sydney. 1.30 The World Game. 3.30 UEFA Champions League Magazine. 4.00 Football Feature. World Cup Qualifier. Australia v Uruguay. (R) 5.30 Thalassa (France). (G, S) 6.00 World News Australia. (S) 6.30 World Sport. (S) 7.00 Lost Worlds: Fairy Tales Exposed (Germany). 8.00 The Age Of AIDS Pt 4 (UK). Four parts. Why is it that, 25 years after the first cases of HIV and AIDS were diagnosed, a scientific solution to the AIDS pandemic remains elusive? (Final, S) 9.00 Movie: The Butterfly (2002) (France). Claire Bouanich, Michel Serrault, Nade Dieu. (Ml) 10.30 Movie: War (2002) (Russia). Aleksei Chadov, Ian Kelly, Ingeborga Daphkunaite, Sergei Bodrov Jnr. (MA15+vnl, R) 12.35 The Storm Rages Twice (Lebanon). (PG) 1.30 WeatherWatch Overnight. 4.55 Japanese News. MOVIES noon The Thin Red Line (1998) War. Sean Penn, Adrien Brody. (M) Showtime Greats 4.45pm Crash (2004) Drama. Sandra Bullock, Don Cheadle. The lives of a multicultural collection of people collide in Los Angeles. (MA15+) Showtime 8.30pm Stealth (2005) Action. Jamie Foxx, Josh Lucas. (M) Showtime GENERAL 7.30pm Robbie Williams. Rare behindthe-scenes footage of Robbie Williams tour of Europe. (M) FOX8 8.30pm Bangkok Hilton Pt 1. Nicole Kidman. A woman is tricked into carrying drugs through Bangkok airport. (M) W. 9.45pm Ute Lemper: Live From The Caf Carlyle. Ute Lemper entertains an audience at the caf Carlyle in New York City. Ovation DOCUMENTARIES 7.30pm Children Of Abraham Pt 1. (PG) History Channel 8.30pm Is It Real?: Da Vinci Code. National Geographic 10.30pm The Treasure. Discovery SPORT 4.00pm Rugby Union. International. Ireland v Australia. Fox Sports 1 5.00pm Soccer. A-League. Central Coast v Sydney. LIVE Fox Sports 2 10.00pm Sailing. World Match Racing Tour. Monsoon Cup. Day 1. Fox Sports 3