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The Centralian advocate Tue 28 Nov 2006



The Centralian advocate Tue 28 Nov 2006


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PU B : C A D V D A T E : 28-N O V -2006 PA G E : 18 C O L O R : C M Y K 18 Centralian Advocate, Tuesday, November 28, 2006 MONDAY 4 December 6.00 Childrens Programs. 9.30 Play School. (G) 10.00 For The Juniors. (G, R) 10.15 Book Box: Whats So Good About Roald Dahl?/Double Act. (Final, G, R, S) 10.55 Australians. (G, R) 11.00 Landline. (R, S) 12.00 Midday Report. (S) 12.30 Worlds Apart. (PG, R, S) 1.30 Head 2 Head. (G, R, S) 2.00 Parliament Question Time: The Senate. (S) 3.00 Bananas. (G, R) 3.05 Rubbadubbers. (G, R) 3.15 Postman Pat. (G, R) 3.30 Play School. (G, R) 4.05 George Shrinks. (G, R) 4.30 King. (G, R) 4.50 Roller Coaster. (G) 5.55 Behind The News. (G) 6.00 Off The Map: Yemen. (Final, G, S) 6.30 Creature Comforts: The Circus. (G, R, S) 7.00 News. (S) 7.30 The 7.30 Report. (S) 8.00 Dynasties. (PG, S) 8.30 The West Wing. (PG, S) 10.00 Black Books. (PG, R, S) 10.25 Lateline. (S) 11.00 Lateline Business. (S) 11.30 Jack & Bobby. 12.20 Parliament Question Time. (S) 1.20 Movie: Maids Night Out (1938). (B&W, G, R) 2.25 Movie: Mexican Spitfires Blessed Event (1943). (B&W, G, R) 3.25 Bowls. Super Singles. Womens first semifinal. Replay. (S) 4.30 Movie: Hindle Wakes (1931). (B&W, G, R) 6.00 Today. (S) 8.30 In The Box. (P, R) 9.00 Hi-5. (P, R, S) 9.30 Cricket. The Ashes. Second Test. Australia v England. Day four. From Adelaide Oval. 12.00 The Cricket Show. (G) 12.30 Cricket. The Ashes. Second Test. Australia v England. Day four. Continued. From Adelaide Oval. (G, S) 5.30 Everybody Loves Raymond: Recovering Pessimist. Series return. (G, R, S) 6.00 News. 6.30 A Current Affair. (S) 7.00 The King Of Queens: Lost Vegas. Series return. (PG, S) 7.30 Whats Good For You. Does wearing tight trousers make a bloke infertile? Hosted by Sigrid Thornton. (PG, S) 8.30 ER: Out On A Limb. Series return. A patient makes Sam an offer she cant refuse. (Includes news and weather updates.). (PG, S) 9.30 Nganampa Anwernekenhe: Cool Drink And Culture. (PG) 10.00 Suspicious Minds. (PG, S) 10.30 Law & Order: SVU: Venom. (M, S) 11.30 Star Trek: Enterprise: Divergence. (M) 12.30 Nightline. (S) 12.55 On Track. (G) 1.00 Close. 5.00 Creflo A. Dollar. (G) 5.30 Today. (S) 6.00 Sunrise. (S) 8.30 Raggs. (P, R, S) 9.00 Hot Auctions. (G, R, S) 9.30 Sons And Daughters. (G, R) 10.00 News. (S) 10.30 Infomercials. (PG) 11.30 Desperate Housewives: Your Fault/Love Is In The Air. (M, R, S) 1.30 Last Man Standing. (Ms, R, S) 2.30 Good Chef Bad Chef. (G) 3.00 My Wife And Kids: Back Story. (PG, R, S) 3.30 Go Go Stop. (C, S) 4.00 News At 4.30. (S) 4.30 M*A*S*H: Strange Bedfellows. (G, R) 5.00 Deal Or No Deal. (G, R) 5.30 News. (S) 6.00 Today Tonight. (S) 6.30 That 70s Show. (PG, S) 7.00 The Great Outdoors. (G, S) 8.00 Vanished: Pilot/The Tunnel. When the beautiful young wife of a senator vanishes, secrets are exposed that threaten to rock one of the nations most prominent families and tear the Administration apart. (Mv, S) 9.50 Boston Legal: From Whence We Came. (M, R, S) 10.50 Jake In Progress: Boys Night Out. (PG) 11.20 Lost: Deus Ex Machina. (M, R, S) 12.15 Bob & Rose. (Ms, R) 1.15 Malibu: Starstruck. (G, R) 1.40 Passions.(PG, R) 2.30 Guthy-Renker Australia. 3.30 NBC Today. (S) 5.30 Sunrise. (S) ABC Imparja SCTV SBS highlights 5.30 WeatherWatch. 5.50 Mandarin News. 6.20 WeatherWatch & Music. 6.55 Italian News. 7.30 Das Journal. 8.00 Spanish News. 8.50 Le Journal. 9.25 Russian News. 10.00 Greek News. 11.00 Arabic News. 11.35 Indonesian News. 12.00 Polish News. 12.30 Srebrenica Never Again? (Mav, R, S) 1.30 The O.J. Verdict. (PG, R, S) 2.30 Wine Lovers Guide To Australia. (G, R, S) 3.00 Simply Ming: Beef Broth. (G, R) 3.30 World Sport. (R, S) 4.00 The Journal. 4.30 Last Flight Of The Columbia. (G, R, S) 5.30 Global Village (France). (G, R, S) 6.00 World News Australia. (S) 6.30 World Sport. (S) 7.00 MythBusters. (G, S) 8.00 South Park: Douche And Turd. When an animal rights group demonstrates against the use of a cow as South Parks school mascot the student body is forced to choose a new one. (Mavl, R, S) 8.30 Drawn Together. (MA15+sa, R, S) 9.00 World News Australia. (S) 9.30 Oz. (MA15+lva, S) 11.30 Movie: Minimal Stories (2002) (Argentina). Javier Lombardo, Antonio Benedicti. (PG) 1.05 Queer As Folk (US). (MA15+sld, R, S) 2.00 WeatherWatch Overnight. 4.55 Japanese News. MOVIES 1.35pm An American Werewolf In Paris (1997) Thriller. Tom Everett Scott, Julie Delpy. (M) Showtime Greats 3.05pm The Man In The Iron Mask (1998) Adventure. Leonardo DiCaprio, Jeremy Irons. (M) Movie Extra GENERAL 1.00pm Late Night With Conan OBrien. (M) Comedy Channel 8.30pm Bangkok Hilton Pt 2. A woman is tricked into carrying drugs through Bangkok airport. (M) W. 8.30pm Theif Pt 3. The day of the heist arrives, but a betrayal changes everything for Nick and Tammi. (M) Showtime 9.30pm Little Britain. (M) UKTV DOCUMENTARIES 5.30pm Tribal Life: Bunlap. (PG) Discovery 7.00pm Secret Sights. This series explores the secrets of Irelands celtic and pre-Christian past. History Channel 10.30pm Americas Best Beaches 2006. Discovery Travel & Living SPORT 9.00am Soccer. Italian Serie A. Cagliari v Milan. ESPN 2.30pm Rugby Union. International. Scotland v Australia. Fox Sports 1 10.00pm Cricket. The Ashes. Australia v England. Second Test. Day 4 highlights from Adelaide Oval. Fox Sports 2 WHATS ON TUESDAY HIGH school seems like a distant memory to the young graduates at the centre of The O.C, screening at 8.30pm on Seven Central. They are thrust into adulthood after the death of their beloved friend Marissa Cooper. The Cohens struggle to keep Ryan focused on the future, Summer attends Brown University, and lonely in Orange County, Seth works at a local comic book store. The OC stars Peter Gallagher and Kelly Rowan. WHATS ON WEDNESDAY HELEN Mirren returns for the final time as Jane Tennison in the long awaited suspense thriller Prime Suspect. Facing retirement and the imminent death of her father, Tennison finds her life falling apart and seeks answers at the bottom of a whisky bottle. As she heads the investigation into the murder of a 14-year-old girl, a growingbond with the dead girls friend reminds Tennison of her own teenage dreams and lost opportunities.PrimeSuspect screens at 8:30 pm on Seven Central WHATS ON THURSDAY AS the holiday season approaches a few secrets are exposed on My Name is Earl. Earl,Randy, andCatalinaenter a radio contest to win a brand new car for Joy. Earl wants to make up for all of the thoughtless Christmas presents he gave her while they were married. Starring Jason Lee and Ethan Suplee, My Name is Earl screens on Seven Central at 8pm. WHATS ON FRIDAY DISCOVER the best in Christmas food and decorating on Better Home and Gardens tonight at 7.30pm on Seven Central. A special recipe for the tastiest Roast Pork with the crispiest crackling, plus Fast Eds homemade dipping sauce for prawns and a frozen pavlova for dessert. DrHarryhasholidaypetcare tips, including a Christmas dinner for dogs. Keep your plants healthy while youre away, and find out our top seven living Christmas trees for your home. WHATS ON SATURDAY CALLING all ABBA fans: Imparja Television says Thank You For The Music when it presents ABBAmania at 7.30pm. Join hosts Nine Network entertainment editor Richard Wilkins and Bec Hewitt for an evening of unforgettable performances and a nostalgic look at the time when ABBA held the world in the palm of their hands. Then at 8.30pm stay tuned for Muriels Wedding starring Toni Collette andRachel Griffiths. WHATS ON SUNDAY IN the five frantic weeks before Christmas, follow the lives of eight very different couples dealing with their love lives. Some are falling out of love, but all are interrelated. Love Actually is the Sunday Night Movie on Imparja starring Hugh Grant, Keira Knightley, Colin Firth, Emma Thompson and Liam Neeson. It screens at 8.30pm and is rated M. WHATS ON MONDAY SARA Collins is the beautiful young wife of prominent Senator Jeffrey Collins. When she vanishes, secrets are exposed that threaten to rock one of the nation s most prominent families and tear the administration apart. Senior FBI agent Graham Kelton, who is haunted by the memory of a bungled kidnapping of a young boy six months earlier, is called in to investigate the case. Vanished, starring Gale Harold and John Allen, screens on Seven Central at 8.30pm. Psychic Sue Evans (second from left) gets help from other psychics in the new series Psychic Investigators. Psychic hunts for killer REAL-LIFE detective thrillers take on a supernatural turn in the new series Psychic Investigators. The documentary series is about actual dramatic crimes that are solved through the unlikely combination of hitech detective work and the paranormal powers of a psychic. Psychic Investigators searches for a 31-year-old unemployed man Jason Williams in a quiet commuter town on the south coast of Wales. Williams, a father of one, has not been seen for four days, and his sister Julie is sure that Jason would have at least contactedhis family to speak tohis son unless something was terribly amiss. Detective Chief Inspector Ken Isaac who has lived and worked in the area most of his life knows that serious crime is extremely rare there. He commences a general house-to-house investigation to find the missing mans family and associates and interview them. Most missing persons in the UK are found within three days. But after a week the police still have no definite leads and the family grows desperate. After nine days Julie Williams takes advice from a relative and contacts psychic Sue Evans to see if her worst fears are true. Sue confirms the familys fears, Jason is dead. As police continue their investigation, Evans uses her psychic insight to uncover disturbing clues and describes Jasons final, violent moments. Then a friend of the killer comes forward to confess his involvement, and psychic Evanss visions turn out to be uncannily accurate. The killer is eventually convicted, but one mystery remains where is Jasons body? The new series Psychic Investigators screens on ABC on Thursday night at 8pm.