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The Centralian advocate Tue 28 Nov 2006



The Centralian advocate Tue 28 Nov 2006


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8 Centralian Advocate, Tuesday, November 28, 2006 PU B : C A D V D A T E : 28-N O V -2006 PA G E : 8 C O L O R : C M Y K 23 22 02 /0 7 *Conditions Apply See full terms and conditions in store. OPINION Peaceful passing for much loved mother Sir, Our mum, Dot Heiser, recently passed away at Old Timers. She was well known in the town. She was quite conspicuous be cause shewas blind and used a white cane. She still lived independently, and took herself on the buses to wherever she needed to go what guts. Try a black hanky over your eyes to realise how gutsy. But this letter is one of thanks to her physician Dr Lyn Barnes, and Fred and Sarah of the Palliative Care Unit. Dignified These three meant a relatively peaceful and dignified passing for our darling girl and for that we are very grateful. Mum had contact with health professionals at the hospital, Old Timers and palliative care, and we could not judge any of these organisations wanting. There is no doubt that an injection of funds is desperately needed across all the groups, but the staff gave their all in a caring and compassionate way. Trish Otes Frenchs Forest, NSW Maureen Laracy Darwin NT Plain ignorance Sir, What is wrong with your journalists and why is it that you continue to publish articles and items that are best described as an exchange of ignorance? On a weekly basis we see continued misreporting and sensationalism in the extreme. First point - Friday, November 24 2006: Page 3, Headline: NT viewers may lose live footy. A totally inaccurate and ill researched headline. Imparja and 7 Central will both have shared access to all AFL games under the current programming arrangement. Obviously this was a sensitive and difficult matter to research as it wouldhave requiredmakingaphone call to either Imparja or 7 Central, both of whom are listed in the local phone directory. Second point - Friday, November 24 2006: Page 10, Headline: Help our Jess get to No. 1 The Darwin Songstress is in the final two of Southern Cross Televisions Australian Idol, how wrong you are as Idol is in fact aNetwork 10 production. Same article. SCTV will broadcast the final live at 6pm in the NT. In order to check the accuracy of this comment please go to page 45 of your paper and look at SCTV, 6pm Sunday The Real Sea Change. This is obviously a very difficult task to get this one right, I would suggest that the journalist was incapable of reporting that Idol will be broadcast on Imparja, but as we all know the Centralian Advocate refuses to acknowledge the local station. Alistair Feehan Chief Executive Officer Imparja Dont kids count too? Sir, This letter is in reference to the recent court case involving the assault by a 29-year-old father on his five-yearold son and the unbelievable judgment that followed (Centralian Advocate, 17/11/06). The appearance of guilt and contrition by the drunken adult served him well. Having repeatedly sunk his boot into that fragile frame in a sickening attack that caused convulsions, a fracturedpelvis and rib, hospitalisation and interstate transfer that required an induced coma, it was deemed not serious enough to warrant anythingmore than a fully-suspended jail sentence. Perhaps the next occasion will see the child brain damaged or dead. Current television ads decry domestic violence, commenting: Australia says NO to domestic violence. Oh yes? Bymy standards that childwas avictimat the hands and boot of his loving (?) father. The ads represent adults; perhaps children dont count. PL Nelson Alice springs No excuses for bad behaviour Sir, I read all the time about the anti-social behaviourofour indigenous folk, but the rest ofus should take a long hard look at ourselves, too. I am the first to admit that a good get-together with family and friends does wonders for the soul. But when the parties get so out of control that they spill out into the streets, and good fun turns into rowdy mobs of drunken, fighting, foulmouthed people in the quiet streets in the wee hours of the morning, it gets very anti-social. Then a few hours later after the drunks have crawled home to their beds, normal law-abiding folks start their day only to find their nice quiet streets, footpaths, nature strips, front yards and local parks littered with broken glass, empty grog cans and vomit. I feel its time for all partygoers to take a long, hard look at themselves and be accountable for their actions. The colour of ones skin does not excuse bad behaviour. Concerned Citizen, Alice Springs Idol rules please Sir, Why cant the producers of Australian Idol have some sort of requirements for Idol entrants? I suggest theymust beAustralian citizen so that it is fair to all. As well, voting from overseas should be pro hibited and carrying other countries names should not be allowed. This is Australian Idol as the word suggests. Jean Daet, Alice Springs Parents job Sir, I could not believe the proposals coming from the Alice Springs Town Council for a curfew on the young people of the town (Centralian Advocate, 17/11/06). For one thing it is costly to organise and manage and its bound to create real friction between young people and those enforcing the curfew. There is nothing wrong with kids being on the street at night. Its only when they get into trouble that the problems arise. The reality is that parents are responsible for their offsprings behaviour and its parents who must lay down the law about when their children should come home at night and enforce it. Parent, Alice Springs Old Timers want peace, quiet too Sir,Has any real thought been put into the siting of the proposed donga camp for intinerants in Len Kittle Drive? The complex is virtually over the road from the existing Old Timers Aged Care facility. Old Timers already has the Tangentyere Town Camp right beside it, and has to endure loud music, camp dogs fighting and being beaten,tenants fighting and abusing each other and foul language. Most evenings the camp residents can be seen drinking outside their buildings. At times the camp is also untidy with rubbish, cans and casks littered around it. The Old Timers Aged Care facility has frail and elderly residents, some well into their 90s. Surely they deserve to have some peace and quiet in their twilight years. The Old Timers site was originally established where it is now so that older Northern Territory residents could have peace and quiet in their last years. Old Timers residents are worried that no-one seems to be concerned about their views on having another camp so close to their complex. I urge theauthorities to reconsider putting an itinerant camp so close to the Old Timers. Our old and sick elderly folk deserve to have a peaceful and worry-free old age. One last question: Do those people who approve the site for the itinerant dongas live near either of them? Christel and Vern Ellis Residents, Old Timers