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The Centralian advocate Fri 3 Mar 2006


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Gem on Emerald Isle KISS the Blarney Stone, have a pint at the Guinness Brewery and stay in a castle on a windswept green hillside. ' But if you want to see real Ireland, make a stop in the north-west. In a country chock-full of kitschy shops catering to tourists, much of the nationis northwest remains untouched. . It has astound,ing scenery, friendly people with strong rural accents and a sleepy peacefulness despite being near a surprising number of things to see and do. Ttle town of Blacklion in County Cavan, population 166, borders Northern Ireland and is a perfect example of one of the Northwest's quintessentially Irish towns - complete with a one-street strip peppered mostly with pubs. a small tourist centre and not much else. . picturesque lake country, as well as its proximity to various attractions, that make it a gem on the Emerald Isle for relaxation and sightseeing. A walking path, snaking up from the town between two rather unremarkable buildings, could easily be missed by passers-by. But the path marks an entrance to the Cavan Way, a 25km . trail that leads hikers through hills and valleys, past everything from crumbling stone houses to Megalithic ruins ancient structures made from giant slabs of stone. Points of interest along the Way include the Shannon Pot, the tiny body of water that marks the start of the country's famed Shannon River. and forests where you can find ancient tombs and stone monuments. taking elevated views of cottagedotted hills and sparkling lakes, all the while leading them past sheep-filled pastures and hauntingly beautiful abandoned cottages - the overgrown, forgot- . ten remnants of famIlies who "bought steam," leaving the area to immigrate by ship to Australia, the US or England. "It's an, area that I think doesn't get a lot of attention from visitors, which kind of makes it even more special," said Tourism Ireland spokeswoman Ruth Moran, citing the path's attractions "from ancient times". "Just from walking along there, people say that they get goosebumps." It is Blacklion's location in Even just a partial tour of the Way, up from the town and down back onto the main road, provides trailgoers with breath And hungry hikers won't be disappointed with the culinary offerings in Blacklion, which happens to have one of the country's premier restaurants, MacNean House & Bistro,run-by celebrity chef Neven Maguire. a familiatJace on Irish television. County Cavan is in the 'real Ireland', The Law and You with (jU[ 'Baqar Rise in rent sparks a row STEVE had opened a takeaway fish and chip shop last year. Business had been going pretty good and his landlord Bob was a good bloke who took good care of him. The lease on Steve's business was about to expire and Steve decided to renew the term of his lease for another five years. The lease stated that the rent would be reviewed at current market rates. Steve did not really understand this legal jargon but trusted that Bob would do the right thing by him. A week later Bob told Steve that his rent would increase by $1000 a month. Not really sure why and how Bob came to this figure, Steve said that he refused to pay such a huge rental difference. Matters got worse and both Bob and Steve failed to come to some sort of arrangement. Bob offered Steve the: opportunity to consult a valuer for his appraisal of the current market value provided Steve met the costs. Steve was unsure about his options, so he decided to see his lawyer. He was advised that under the Business Tenancies (Fair Dealings) Act a valuer would be used in the event that the landlord and the tenant are unable to agree to the actual amount of what 'the ren t is to be. In regard to the valuer'S Fees, Bob cannot recover this cost solely from Steve. The Act provides that the parties to the lease are to pay in equal shares the costs of a valuation by a specialist retail .valuer. The Tenancy Unit within the office of Consumer and Business. Affairs which manages the Business Tenancies (Fair Dealings) Act provides services to' ~tenan ts, ' and lari'dlords':of commercial prop~rties in the Northern Territory. Alternatively, the assistance of a lawyer may be sought in 'such matters to ensure that. the rights of the parities to a lease are properly enforced. LAWYERS & NOTARIES Going to pot with ~plants THERE are hours of plant, the colourful fun in creating displays G d" sturt's desert pea, the of plants in containers: a r en Ing I n rapid growing and spec tacular ," flowering Constructing hang- A" climber black-eyed ing baskets, herb,~ollec- , . ., c .. e Susan, a . variety of tions, container gar- small Bougainvilleas dens and low ;water use and the trailing ptlrpie succulent gardens can flowering Lantana. be done at little cost. Most climbers and I've put together gro'tmd': 'coyer' : plants groups of plants of simi- grow well in baskets lar needs using camel along. with a variety of harnesses, butchers own. Wire baskets are sJ?~~it:s .. !1.~~,q.s, " tg .. ~e _ s~aller g,~rd.en. plants. &@.les' ~!!d;:'cth'CT'jmr~.: ~:sy to make in diIfer- made'choosing the Vincas (billy goat phernalia as the means ent shapes and sizes. right plant. for'particul- st.inkers), a .. range of 'by which to display the ." 'i'hey can be" 'iined ar .. rocations. You succulents and even plants. with coconut fibre or wouldn't for example strawberries look good Night cans, sauce- paper bark. I like to plant a delicate fern in baskets. pans, kettles. old boots, then line the basket along a verandah's edge For a patio or proshells, cow horns - they with plastic perforated that is subject to blus- tected area try wandercan all be used to grow with scores of small tery conditions. ing jew, sweet potato plants in. The variety of drainage holes. Ask your nursery for vine, miniature grape containers is only lim- The plastic slows suitable varieties for ivy, devils ivy or any ited by the imagination. drainage and allows the particular locations. number of the hardy Hanging baskets are potting soil to fully ab- The asparagus fern, ferns available. a favourite method of sorb moisture on appli- various forms of ribbon For inside you could displaying annual and cation, the holes then or spider plant, ivy and try the many perennial plants. allowing for surplus ivy leaved geranium are syngoniums or philo Many plants as indi- water to drain away. all popular plant dendrons, or the 'more vidual specimens or. in A quality potting soil varieties for the hang- delicate fern varieties. groups do well in hang- should be used with a ing basket that will tol- Alternatively you ing baskets. blend of slow release erate a variety of 10- could use flowering A range of ceramic, fertiliser and a wetting cations. annuals and biennials, plastic and wire baskets agent to improve the For an open or sunny these allow you to are available at your water holding capacity location consider any of periodically change favourite nursery or of the soil. the asparagus varieties over your di~plays. you can make up your Careful selection of for a rich green foliage Petunias, alyssum, lobelia and portulaca are only a few of the score or more flowering plants that can be used. Herb collections look good in a large container near the kitchen. A large 60cm wash bowl makes a great container by simply punching several holes in the bottom. Or try hanging a dozen boots on a rake .. or'iii any' c011iiguration. I have comfortably grown eight different herbs in a wash bowl. As a kids activity consider creating a succulent or cacti garden in a container. Generally these plants are grown easily from cuttings and you can bet almost every friend will have a succulent or two and be more than willing to give you slips for your garden. . A single succulent or cacti garden can be a great creative exercise, costs little and most importantly will survive with little care except for the occasional watering. . The vital building block WE all know how important . it is to take regular exercise to help maintain muscular and aerobic fitness. g)DOffiCP[] Following is a list of good . sources of calcium giving the . amount supplied in milligrams per 100 grams of food: Skim milk 165, cheddar cheese 775, ricotta 225, yogurt 196, tofu 130, salmon (canned) 310, sardines 380. broccoli 196, almonds 250, figs 200, prawns 126, walnuts 89, brazil nuts 170, buttermilk 143, rocket 160, wheat germ 100. But exercise, and in particular weight bearing exercise, is essential for strengthening our bones. As muscles contract against at resistance a force is created on the bones. . The body meets the demand of the extra stress by increas . ing the density of the calcium in the bones. . . Ex~rcise is,Qnly .tl1e stimulus to bring about. this increase in ,bone denSity.' The. building material we. need to actually get it to happen is calcium. Calcium is, the, most abundant mine~l in the body and works together with other elements to 'give. strength to crucial role in blood clotting . and the transmission of nerve impulses. It is essential in enzyme regulation and in the secretion of insulin in adults and in the regulation of muscle function. '. build the bones regarcUess of' hOW' much exercisEfwe do. . ====================-.:bones and teeth. Ralso plays a 18 - Centralian Advocate, Friday, March 3, 2006 Calcium is extracted from the foods we eat, so unless our diet contains calcium rich foods we may not be obtaining enough of the vital mineral to A lack of calcium can lead to skeletal degenerative, disorders such as osteoporosis. 'to maintain a strong skeletal sys~ tern a combination of weight bearing exercise and a calcium rich diet is a must. The recommended daily intake for adults is about 800mg or 1000 mg per day if you are over 54. You will notice that some of the foods listed contain high levels of calcium are dairy products. These also contain high levels of complete protein, so by regularly eating low fat dairy products and com- bining this with a resistance training program you will get the calcium they need to grow. and stay strong and your muscles will get some of the protein they need for their growth and maintenance. ': I ;. ,'. /..... r.' ~ " , .,}. I I":' I 1 , J ' ~ 'I I" , I # t I

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