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The Centralian advocate Fri 3 Mar 2006



The Centralian advocate Fri 3 Mar 2006


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FRIDAY 3 March ' '.' "" . .. ,,',.;, DABC 6.00 Ace Lightning. (G, R, S) 6.25 Flatmanla., (G, A, S) 6.35 Astro Boy. (G, A) 7.00 Kenny The Shark. (G, A) 7.20 Corneil And Bernie. (G, R) 7.35 Planet Cook. (G, R) 8.00 Charlie And Lola. (G, A) 8.10 Pinky Dinky Doo. 8.25 Pocoyo. (G, R) 8.30 Sesame Street. 8.55 Bob The Builder. (G, A) 9.10 The Koala Brothers. (G, A) 9.20 Maisy. (G, A) 9.25 Bananas In Pyjamas. (G, R) 9.30 Play School. 10.00 Take On Technology. (G, A) 10.15 Behind The News Specials. (G, S) 10.30 Science Bank. (G, S) 10.45 Hazards, Disasters And Survival. (G, R, S) 11.00 Wild Africa. (G, A: S) 12.00 Midday Report. (S) 12.30 Grass Roots., (PG, A, 'S) 1.35 Men Behaving Badly. (PG, A) 2.00 Kath,,& Kim. (PG, A, S) 2.30 Spicks & Specks. (PG, R; S) 3.00 Bammas In Pyjamas. (G, R) 3.05 Boobah. (G, ,A) 3.25 Peppa':Pig. (G, A) 3.30 Play, School. (G, A) 3.55 Postman Pat. 4.15 Aoobarb And Custard Too. 4.20 The Gnoufs. 4.35 Tracey McBean. 4.50 Behind The News. (G, S) 4.55 Aoller Coaster. 5.00 Corneil And Bernie. Series return. (G, A) 5.15 Aadio Free Roscoe. Series return. 5.35 Daria. Series return. (G, A, S) 6.00 Message Stick: Pay It Forward. (S) 6.30 A Place In Slovakia. (G, S) ,. 7.00 News. (S) 7.30 Stateline. (S) 8.00 Collectors. (S) 8.30 Trial And Retribution. (MI, S) 9.45 The Chaser's War On Everything. (S) 10.15 All G In DaUSAIII. (MI, S) 10.45 Latellne. (S) 11.20 The Glass House. With Wil Anderson, Corinne Grant and Dave Hughes. (R, S) 11.50 Rage. (M) ~Imparja I . _television mparJa 6.00 Today. (S) 8.30 Yamba's Playtime. 9.00 Hi,5. (P, R, S) 9.30 Dr Phil. (PG, A) 10.30 Antiques Aoadshow. 11.00 News. (S) 11.30 The Bold And The Beautiful. 12.00 The Ellen DeGeneres Show. 1.00 The Oprah Winfrey Show. (PG, S) 2.00 Judge Judy. (PG) 2.30 Temptation. (G, S) 3.00 Entertainment Tonight. (PG, S) 3.30 Fresh. 4.00 Streetsmartz. (C, S) 4.30 The Simpsons. (G, R, S) 5.00 Neighbours. (G, S) 5.30 Bert's Family Feud. (G) 6.00 News. 6.30 A Current Affair. (S) 7.00 Australia's Biggest Loser. After years of failed diets, 12 overweight Australians take on ' th,e journey to reach their goal weight. (PG, S) 7.30 Backyard Blitz: The Impossible Garden. The team tracks down Australia's most impenetrable, out-of-control disaster zone and gives it their best shot. (PG, S) 8.30 Movie: I Spy (2002). Eddie Murphy, Owen . Wilson, Famke Janssen, Malcolm McDowell. A professional athlete helps a government agent recover a missing jet. (Includes Imparja News & Weather update). (Mv, S) 10.30 Movie: Black Hawk Down (2001). Josh Hartnett, Ewan McGregor, Jason Isaacs.' A battalion of elite US paratroopers become involved in a battle with a city of combatants while on a mission in Somalia. (Mlv, R', S) , 1.15 On Track. (G) 1.20 Close. 5.00 Christian City TV. (G) 5.30 Toasted TV. (G) SCTV Central 6.00 Sunrise. (S) 8.30 Raggs. (P, S) 9.00 Home Improvement. (G, R, S) 9.30 Wheel Of Fortune. (G, R) 10.00 News. (S) 10.30 Infomercials. (PG) 11.30 Movie: FIX (1986). Bryan Brown, Brian Dennehy, Diane Venora, Mason Adams. (Mvl, R) 2.00 Kitchen Confidential. (PG) 2.30 Moonlighting. (PG) 3.30 It's Academic. (C, S) 4.00 News At 4.30. (S) 4.30 Wheel Of Fortune. 5.00 Deal Or No Deal. 5.30 News. (S) 6.00 Today Tonight. With Naomi Robson. (S) 6.30 Home And Away. (PGv, S) 7.00 Better, Homes And, Gardens. Johanna joins Ed in his kitchen to,cook a seafood feast. Dr Harry Ihvestigates why a canary has lost his whistle~ Tara has a stylish'solution to creating more space in the kitchen. Graham builds the best vegle patch. (G, S) 8.00 Movie: The Hunted (2003). Tommy Lee Jones, Benicia Del Toro, Connie Nielsen, Leslie Stefanson, John Finn, Jose Zuniga. An , FBI deep-woods tracker captures a trained assassin who has made a sport of hunting humans. (Mlv, S) " ' 10.00 Movie: ,Snake Eyes (1998). Nicolas"Cage, GarySinise, John Heard. A shady police detective,finds himself in the middle of a murder conspiracy' at an important boxing match in an Atlantic City casino. (Mvl, R, S) 12.00 Movl!): Under Fire (1983)_ Nick Nolte, Gene Hackman, Joanna Cassidy. (Mvls, R) 2.30 Infomercials. (PG) 3.30 NBC Today. News and current affairs. (G, S) 5.30 B'Daman. (G) SATURDAY 4 March '. ,- . . . 6.00 Rage. 11.10 Out There: Dodger. (G, R, S) 11.35 Girls In Love: Life Experience. (G, R) 12.00 Stateline. (R, S) 12.30 Australian Story. (R, S) 1.00 Foreign Correspondent. (R, S) 1.40 Words: Dennis Morris. (G, R) 2.00 Movie: It Happened In Rome (1957). An English girl drives straight into adventure and romance when she takes her car to Italy. (G, R) 3.30 Walking With Cavemen. (R, S) 4.00 Wild Australasia: Desert Heart. (G, R, S) 5.00 Bradman: Reflections On The Legend. (Final, G, R, S) 6.00 Head 2 Head_ (S) 6.30 Gardening Australia. Jerry Coleby-Williams looks at great summer crops - peanuts and arrowroot. (G, S) 7.00 News. (S) 7.30 Doc Martin. Doctor Martin Ellingham makes his debut on the local radio station but he is not a natural, and causes a health scare. (PG, S) 8.20 News. (S) 8.30 The Bill. Lance and Roger are on the beat when they find Liam Bryant locked in a bin outside his school. Jonathan Fox returns to Sun Hill. Gina suspects he has returned to comfort her. (PG, S) 9.20 News. (S) 9.25 Parkinson. (MI, S) 10.10 Between The Sheets. (Msn, S) 11.00 Rage. (M) glmparja I . @television mparJa 6.00 Toasted TV. 6.30 Scooter: Secret Agent. (C, R, S) 7.00 Totally Wild. (C, R, S) 7.30 Yakkily Yak. (C, R) 8.00 Don't Blame Me. (Final, C, R, S) 8.30 Yamba's Playtime. 9.00 So Fresh. (PGls) 10.30 Smallville. (PGh, S) 12.30 Judging Amy. (PG, S) 1.30 Wonderfalls. (PGI) 2.30 Movie: Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989). Keanu Reeves, Alex Winter, George Carlin. (PGvl) 4.00 Sabrina, The Teenage Witch. (G, S) 4.30 Surface. (PG, S) 5.30 Escape With ET. (G) , 6.00 News. (S) 6.30 Australia's Funniest Home Video Show. An hour of side-splitting laughs. (G, S) 7.30 Australia's Brainiest Housemate. Your favourite hou'semates battle it out through rounds of general knowledge and mind teasers. Who will be crowned Australia's Brainiest Housemate? Contestants include Bree Amer, 'Logan' Greg, Peter Timbs, Jemma Gawned, Tim Bruneo to name a few. (PG, S) 8.30 Movie: Analyze This (1999). Robert De Niro, Billy Crystal, Lisa Kudrow. A powerful gangster seeks the help of a psychiatrist after having a minor breakdown. (Mvsla, R, S) 10.35 Movie: Carlita's Way (1993). AI Pacino, Sean Penn, Penelope Ann Miller. An ex-gangster tries to go straight, but finds himself falling back into a life of crime. (Mvsnd, R, S) 12.55 On Track. (G) 1.00 Close. 5.00 A New Way Of Life. (G) 5.30 Mass For You At Home. (G) SCTVCentral 6.00 Tractor Tom: The Wheezy FilesfThe Big Picnic. (G, R) 6.30 Saturday Disney. 8.30 Flipper And Lopaka - The Search For Neptune's Trident: Crash Course Crisis. (C, R, S) 9.00 Disney's Lilo & Stitch. (G, R) 9.30 Lloyd In Space. (G, R) 10.00 Teacher's Pet. (G, R) 11.00 That's So Raven: The Road To Audition. 11.30 Movie: Black River (2001'). Jay Mohr, Susan Bain, Paul Batten, Ron Canada, Fulvio Cecere. (PGvl, R, S) 1.30 Movie: Battle Of Britain (1969). Laurence Olivier, Michael Caine, Christopher Plummer, Trevor Howard. Details 16 weeks in 1940 when Nazi Germany launched a savage and prolonged air assault on Great Britain. (PGlv, R, S) 4.30 Creek To Coast. 5.00 Out Of The Blue. 5.30 News. (S) 6.00 'rhe World Around Us. (PGv, S) 7.00 Heartbeat: Fakers And Frauds. (PG, S) 8.00 Movie: Phone Booth (2003). Colin Farrell, Kiefer Sutherland, Forest Whitaker. A businessman is held hostage inside a phone booth on a busy New York City street by a sniper. (M, S) 9.40 Movie: The Siege (1998). Denzel Washington, Annette Bening, Bruce Willis, Tony Shalhoub. An FBI agent and a CIA operative must work together to stop terrorists from bombing New York City. (Mvln, R, S) 11.55 Movie: Crash Dive (1997). Michael Dudikoff, Catherine Bell, Frederic Forrest, Reiner Schone, Jay Acovone. (AV15+vs) 1.30 Infomercials. (PG) 4.30 Dateline NBC. (PG) 5.30 One. Religious program. (G) .SBS 5.30 Cantonese News. 5.50 Mandarin News. 6.20 WeatherWatch & Music. 6.55 Italian News. 7.30 Das Journal. 8.00 Spanish News. 8.50 Le Journal. 9.25 Russian News. 10.00 G reek News. 11.00 Arabic News. 11.35 Indonesian News. 12.00 Business Report. 12.30 Insight. (R, S)1.30 Interesting Times: Xiao's Long March (China). (Ms, A) 2.30 A Fork In The Road: Italy. (R, S) 3.00 The Movie Show. (A, ,S) 3.30 World Sport. (R, S) 4.00 The Journal. 4.30 Newshour. 5.30 Global Village (France). (G, S) 6.00 World News Australia. (S) 6.30 World Sport. Presented by Les Murray. (S) 7.00 China Girl (UK). Explores China's "one child" policy, introduced as a measure to stabilise China's burgeoning population, which has resulted in over 500,000 abortions and many more girls being killed once they have been born. (S) " , 8.00 Unit One (Denmark). A couple a~rive at a friend's house to find him dead in' a cage in his own private spanking room. Unit One finds the deceased's girlfriend at her father's house and she is brought in for questioning. (M, S) 9.00 World News Australia. (S) 9.30 The Spermlnator (UK). (PG, S) 10.25 Movie: Shopglrls - Elisa's Birthday (2002) (Italy). Caterina Deregibus. (Mia, R, S) 12.00 Movie: Stereo Future (2001) (Japan). Masatoshi Nagase, Akiko Monou. (Mas, R) 1.55 Temporary Close. 4.30 WeatherWatch & Music. 4.55 Japanese News. News from Tokyo, .SBS 5.30 Cantonese News. 5.50 Mandann News. 6.20 WeatherWatch & Music. 6.55 Italian News. 7.30 Das Journal. 8.00 Spanish News. 8.50 Le Journal. 9.25 Russian News. 10.00 Greek News. 11.00 Arabic News. 11.35 Indonesian News. 12.00 Business Report. 12.30 Ring Of The Nibelung: The Valkyrie (Germany). (PG, R) 1.50 Leni Riefenstahl: Her Dream Of Africa (Germany). (PG, R) 2.55 J.S. Bach: The 48 Preludes And Fugues (UK). 3.05 Rhythms From Africa: Our Language, Our Music, Our Country? (South Africa). 4.00 The Journal. 4.30 Newshour With Jim Lehrer. 5.30 Here Comes The Neighbourhood. Ten parts. (Final, G, S) 6.00 World News Australia. With Lee Lin Chin. (S) 6.30 World Sport. Presented by Les Murray. (S) 7.00 As It Happened (UK). Docu-drama examining the world's worst industrial disaster. Tells how a deadly'chemical gas escaped from the Union Carbide chemical plant in India, killing more than 7000 and injuring 200,000. (PG, S) 8.00 The Iron Chef (Japan). A feverish competition between worldclass chefs. (G, S) 8.45 RocKwlz. (S) 9.15 Movie: Nltschewo (2001) (Germany). Ken Duken, Axel Neumann. (MA1S+sa) 10.45 SOS: Sissy Boy Slap Party/Hitch Cock/Last Full Show/How Many?/Hollywood By Accident (Canada, Australia, US, France). Short films. (MA15+) 11.45 Noise TV. (G) 1.20 Temporary Close. SU~DAY 5 March . .'. . . . ' . . " . 6.00 Rage. 6.30 The Fimbles. (G, R) 6.50 Funky Valley. (G, R) 6.55 Global Grover. (G, R) 7.00 Football. NT AFL 2006. 9.00 Insiders. (S) 10.00 Inside Business. (S) 10.30 Offsiders. A show for anyone who is serious about sport. Provides challenging, insightful, humorous debate about the topic that dominates weekends sport. Hosted by Barrie Cassidy. (S) 11.00 Asia Pacific Focus. (S) 11.30 Songs Of Praise: St David's Day. (G, S) 12.00 Landline. (S) 1.00 Gardening Australia. (G, R, S) 1.30 Message Stick: Pay It Forward. (G, R, S) 2.00 The Private Life Of A Masterpiece: Little Dancer Aged Fourteen. (S) 2.50 Proud Possessors: Madox Brown. (G, R) 3.00 Los Romeros: The Royal Family Of The Guitar. 3.55 The Silence. 4.00 In Search Of Shakespeare: For All Time. (Final, G, R) 5.00 The Mystery Of Easter Island. (G, R, S) 6.00 At The Movies. (R, S) 6.30 The Einstein Factor. (S) 7.00 News. (S) 7.30 Life In The Undergrowth. (S) 8.25 News. (S) 8.30 Agatha Christie's Pol rot. (Ma, S) 10.00 Compass. (G, S) , 10.35 Strange Fruit. (PG, R, S) 11.35 'Order In The House. (S) 12.35 Movie: The Boy With Green Hair (1949). Stars Dean Stockwell, Pat O'Brien, Robert Ryan. (G, R) , 1,55 Movie: The Long Duel (1967). Stars Trevor Howard, Yul Brynner, Harry Andrews. (PG, R) 3.55 Championship Sheepdog Trials. (Final, G, R, S) 4.30 Movie: Carry On England (1976). (PG, R) glmparja I . ~television mparJa 6.00 Barney And Friends. (G, R) 6.30 Totally Wild. (C, S) 7.00 The Murri Minute. 7.01 Business Success. 7.30 Business Sunday. (S) 8.30 Sunday. (S) 10.30 Movie: Gulliver'S Travels (1995). Ted Danson, Mary Steenburgen, James Fox, Ned Beatty, Edward Fox, Peter O'Toole. Based on the book by Jonathan Swift. (PGva, R, S) 2.00 Movie: Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (1971). Gene Wilder, Jack Albertson, Peter Ostrum, Michael Bollner. Based on the book by Roald Dahl. (G, R, S) 4.00 The Living Graveyard. (G, S) 5.00 The Dog Whlsperer. (PG) 5.30 Celebrity Golf ShootOut. (Final, G) 6.00 News. (S) 6.30 Clever. Hosted by Georgie Parker. (PG, S) 7.30 60 Minutes. Current affairs program. Featuring reports from Richard Carleton, Liz Hayes, Tara Brown, Peter Overton. (S) 8.30 Movie: Analyze That (2002). Billy Crystal, Robert De Niro, Lisa Kudrow. A mentally unbalanced mobster escapes from hospital and hides out at his psychotherapist's house. (Mlsv, S) 10.30 Movie: Space Cowboys (2000). Clint Eastwood, Tommy Lee Jones, Donald Sutherland, James Garner. An ageing, retired air force pilot recruits a team of his contemporaries to go into space to repair a communications satellite. (PGla, A, S) 12.55 On Track. (G) 1.00 Close. 5.00 Crello A. Dollar, Jr. (G) 5.30 Today. (S) '. SCTV Central 6.00 Tractor Tom. (G, R) 6.30 Stanley: Mockingbird! Horsepower. (C, R, S) 7.00 Tabaluga: Ready, Set Gol (C, R) 7.30 Weekend Sunrise. (S) 9.30 Blinky Bill's Around The World Adventures. (C, R) 10.00 Jetix: Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force GollWlTCH/Sonic X. 11.30 Killer Instincts: Killer Packs. 12.30 Movie:The Long Shot (2004). Julie Benz, Paul Le Mat, Marsha Mason. 2.35 Movie: Splash (1984). Tom Hanks, Daryl Hannah, John Candy. (PGls, R) 5.00 , Great South East. 5.30 News. (S) 6.00 Where Are They Now. 7.00 Ghost Whlsperer: Shadow Boxer. Melinda is approached by the dead mother of a boxer who wants Melinda's help in reuniting her hUSband and son after her death caused them to be estranged. (PG, S) 8.00 Movie: Bruce Almighty (2003). Jim Carrey, Jennifer Aniston, Morgan Freeman, Phillip Baker Hall, Steve Carrell, Catherine Bell. A lUCkless TV reporter receives supernatural powers after God overhears him complaining about the world. (MI, S) 10.10 Movie: The Wog Boy (2000). Nick Giannopoulos, Vince Colosimo, Lucy Bell, Abi Tucker, John BarreSi. (Mis, R, S) 11.50 Movie: Two Girls And A Guy (1997). Robert Downey Jnr, Heather Graham. (MA15+) 1.30 Infomercials. (PG) 2.30 NBC Today. News and current affairs. (G, S) 3.30 NBC Meet The Press. (G, S) 4.30 Dateline NBC. 5.30 Sunrise. (S) MON'DAY 6 March. .' . 6.00 Ace Lightning. (R, S) 6.25 Flatmania. (R, S) 6.35 Astro Boy. (R) 7.00 Kenny The Shark. (R) 7.20 Corneil And Bernie. (R) 7.35 Planet Cook. (R) 8.00 Charlie And Lola. (R) 8.10 Pinky,Dinky Doo. 8.25 Pocoyo. (R) 8.30 Sesame Street. 8;55 Bbb. (R) 9.10 The Koala Brothers. (R) 9.20 Maisy. (R) 9.25 Bananas In Pyjamas. (R) 9.30 Play School. 10.00 For The Juniors. (R) 10.15 We Are From. (S) 10.30. Extra German. (R) 10.55 Tate Modern. (R) 11.00 Landliile. (R, S)' 12.00 Midday Report: (st 12.30 The PlioLHour. (1'3, S) 1.30 Head 2 Head:"(A, S) 2.00 The Bill. (R, S) 3.00 Bananas In Pyjamas. (R) 3.05 Boohbah. (R) 3.25 Peppa'Plg. (A) 3.30 Play School. (R) 3.55 Postman Pat. 4.15 Roobarb. 4.20, The, Gnoufs. 4.35 Tracey McBean. 4.50 BehindThe News. (S) 4.55 Roller Coaster. 5,00 Atomic Betty. '5.25 Lizzie McGuire. (R) 5.45 Girl Stuff, Boy Stuff. 6.00 From The Heart. (Final, G, R, S) 6.30 Talking Heads. (S) 7.00 News. (S) , 7,30 The 7.30 Report. (S) 8.00 Australian Story. (S) 8.30 Four Corners. (S) 9.20 Media Watch. (S) 9.35 Israel And The Arabs: Elusive Peace Pt 2. (Mvl, S) 10.35 Lateline. (S) 11.15 Seven Wonders OfThe Highways. (Mdl, R, S) 12.10 Movie: ThO Woma'n On The Beach (1947). (B&W, PG, R) 1.20 Movie: The Deml~Paradlse (1943). (B&W, G, R) , 3.10 Movie: The Fire Raisers (1933). (PG, R) 4.30 Movie: Life For Ruth (1962). (B&W, PG, R) !:~?v?s~l~ Imparja .. SCTV,.'Central 6.00 TOday.' (S) 8,30 Yamba's Playtime. 9.00 Hi-5. (p, R, 6.00 Sunrise. (S) 8.30 Raggs: Machines. (P, S) 9.00 S) 9.30 Dr Phil. (PG) 10 .. 30 Antiques RoadshoW. 11.00 Home Improvement: What You See Is What You, Get. News. (S) 11,30The Bold And The Beautiful. 12.00The (G, R, S) 9.30 Wheel Of Fortune. (G, R) 10.00 News. Ellen DeGeneres Show. 1.00 The Oprah Winfrey Show. (S) 10.30 Infomercials. (PG) 11.30 Mo:-,ie: Fifteen And (PG, S) 2.00..Judge JlIdy. (P~) 2.30 Temptation .. (S) Pregnant (1998): Kirsten'Dunst, Park Overall, David 3.00 Entertainment,Tonight: (PG, S) 3.30 Fresh. 4.00 Andrews. Based ,on a' true story,',,:(Msll , R) "1.30 Streetsmartz. {C, S).4.30 The Simpsons. (G, R, S) 5.00 : Commander I n Chief: Pilot.; , (M, R; S) 2.30 NeighbQurs. (G, S) 5.30 Bert's Family Feud.(G5 Moonlighting: SymphoqyJn KnOCKed Flat. (PG) 3.30 It's :., 6.00' News. ,,' ,:,', ,.". ~', ' . ,/ Academic., (C,.S) 4.00' News At 4'.30. (S).4.30 YVheel Of .' 6.30 A Current Affalr.'(S) , ' Fortune. 5.00 Deal OrNo Deal, 5.30 News. (S) . .. 7.00 Australia's B!ggest.Loser. After years of .," '.!i.00 Today Tonight. With Naomi Robs'on_(S) :.,' .raile~ diet~ and unsucc~~sful exercising, 12 '_,,:' _ 6.30 Harpe Anp Away. (G, $). " " overweight'~ustralians take. on' the journey to,__ .- .'" 7.00,Th,q Great Outdoors .. (G; S) reach theirweibht-Ioss-goal, (P~,,$)' ;:' ~~' ,,>8.10 Desp'erate Housewives: They As~ed Me 8.00 78tl1 Annual Academy AWardii. Presented: . Why I Believe In You. Susan's book agent by Jon Stewart. FrolT].the Kodilk!Theatre, !. '.~. ~.~, gets"into financial trouble. Lynette.is ,forced to , HollyWoo,d. Tbis'yea,r'(nom!pe~l;; incluce, ,'. ;I . 99 alit to bars'nighiaftei,Qightwitli:her ' Heath Ledger,"George C[o,oney; Reese. ,: ,,/ man-hungry boss 'Nina. Bree buries Rex again .: .With~rsp60n, Charlize' Therc?n and Slev!!n ,., / amid. police suspic,ior;Js. Gaby hires, a ,hotshot ppielberg. (Includes.lmparj!i-N.ews &'~eather:' I" r~wyer'to' defend CarlosdM, S) , . ' update). (PG,.8) ,.. L . 9.10 Commander In Chief: F'lrst Choice:' '12.00.. Nlghtllne. (S) '... - . ,,':. /" ., As Mackenzie ,AI!en makes..:the challenging 12.30 'The 4400: Weight Of The World. Tom and '~.' transition. into.the office of the preside'nt, Diana investigate a' 4400 whose ability to .,' among her' first prders of business 'is choosing increase.the Iiumanbddy:s metabolism just a vlce-presidenl':(M, S) , may be this weight-coQscious world's answer 10.05 Bosto'". Legal: The B,lack Widow. to the ultimate fat~burner. (M, S) Series return. (M, S) 1.25 On Track. (G) 11.00 Scrubs: My Cake. JD's brother, returns with a 1.30 Close. cake and bad news. (PG) . 5.00 Crello A. Dollar, Jr. (G) .' .- 1:1.30 .Infomerclals. (PG) 5.30 Today. Jessica Rowe and Karl'Stefanovic 3.30 NBC Today. News and current affairs. (G, S) present news and current affairs. (S) 5.30 Sunrise. (S) SBS 5.30 WeatherWatch & Music. 6.00 Filipino News. 6.30 Hungarian News. 7.00 Italian News Weekly. 7.30 Korean News. 8.00 Latin American News. 8.30 Maltese News. 9.00 Polish News. 9.30 Ukrainian News'. 10.00 Duncan Gifford: The Russian Experience. (G, R) 10.30 Athletics. A-Series. From Brisbane. 11.30 Speedweek. 1.30 Soccer. UEFA Champions League. 3.00 Soccer. UEFA Champions League 2005/06 Magazine. Highlights. 3.30 The World Game. 5.00 Cycling Central. 5.30 Classical Destinations (Australia). (S) 6.00 World News Australia. (S) 6.30 World Sport. Presented by Les Murray. (S) 7.00 Lost Worlds (The Netherlands). Tales of giants have always fascinated people, none more so than the biblical story of David and Goliath. (G, A, S) 8.00 Science: Prescription For Survival (US). Six-part documentary. The plague killed millions of Europeans in the Middle Ages and since then vector-borne diseases - those that rely on insects and animals to spread infectious agents - have posed a serious threat to public health. Today, the most dangerous vector on earth is the mosquito. (G, S) 9.00 Movie: Janis And John (2003) (France). Sergi Lopez, Franc;:ois Cluzet. (Maid) 10.45 Movie: Me Boss, You Sneakersl (1998) (Germany). Hussi Kutlucan. (Mias, R) 12.20 The Storm Rages Twice (Lebanon). (PG) 1.15 Temporary Close. 4.30 WeatherWatch & Music. 4.55 Japanese News. News from Tokyo. .SBS 5.30 WeatherWatch, 5.50 Mandarin News. 6.20 WeatherWatch. 6.55 Italian News. 7.30 Das Journal. 8.00 Spanish News. 8.50 Le Journal. 9.25 Russian News. 10.00 Greek News. 11.00 Arabic News. 11.35 Indonesian News. 12.00 Polish News. 12.30 Dateline. (R, S) 1.30 InSight. (R, S) 2.30 Wine Lovers' Gyide To Australia. (R, S) 3.00 MO\lIe Show. (R, S) 3.30 World Sport. (R, S) 4.00 :rhe Journal. 4.30 The Map Makers Pt 3: D-Day Invasion' Maps (Wales). (Final, G, R, S) . 5.30 Global Village (Germany, France). (G, R, SI. 6.00 World News Australia. (S) ., 6.30 World Sport. Presented by Les Murray. (S) 7.00 Mythbusters (US). (S), 8.00 South Park: Christian 'Rock Hard (US). When the other boys kick Cartman out of their band, Cartman forms his own group to make music for Jesus. (Mal; 'R, 'S) .. ' 8.30 Garth Marenghl's Darkplace: The Creeping Moss From The Shores Of Shuggoth (UK). Six parts. Dr Sanchez falls in love with a patient infected with cosmic broccoli. When it threatens to spread Dr Rick Dagless is forced to intervene. (Final, Ms, S) 9.00 World Ne'ws Australia. (S) 9.30 Shameless (UK). Ten parts. (MA15+sla, S) 10.25 Movie: Inspector Rex - Moser's Death, (1997) (Germany). Tobias Moretti. (S) 12.05 The Nanny: l've,Got A Secret (Turkey). (R) 12.35 Movie: Sisters (2001) (Russia). (Mva, R) 2.00 Temporary Close. 4.30 WeatherWatch & Music. 4.55 Japanese News. News from Tokyo. Central ian Advocate, Friday, March 3, 2006 - 37

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