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spiders and the cockroaches in a room I had just been given the key for. That was soon settled by my ability to grasp things and hit, thus demonstrating evolution at work go the opposable thumb and victory for the humans! This was short lived, however. What Los Roachos lacked in thumbs they made up for in sheer numbers and Sydney roaches are SO big compared to their more southern kin. Scuttle scuttle on the floor was followed by multi-legged tap dancing on my face. I just brushed them off, rolled over and went back to sleep we had driven to Sydney from Melbourne and I was trashed. But I had four walls and a roof (of sorts) so I was OK. Back at Trephina, we found a beautiful spot that was surprisingly not occupied and walked down to the gorge, which is stunning at sunset and made even more so by the water running through. This is the bit I like, wandering about without a care in the world and enjoying the birdlife that water in the desert attracts. That done we wandered back to the campground and prepared for the night, cooking steaks and drinking cocktails that were a little stronger than one might expect from a pub. This is my preferred method of getting ready for a swag, which lets face it is a canvas bag on the ground getting drunk enough to drift off to sleep without getting so totalled that you wake up with a disgusting hangover to cap off a night sleeping in the dirt. Just as the pleasant glow of my second drink kicked in I looked around at our secluded spot and wondered why no one else had set up shop in such a sweet place. Then it became obvious even though Im not a camper by nature I did live out in the country for a while and Ive seen enough water courses to recognise one if I look a bit more carefully. Still, we would be OK if it didnt rain. It wouldnt rain, would it? Surely not. This is why, at 4am as the first drops hit my face, I was reminded of why I HATE CAMPING! Im rubbish at it, pure and simple. LETTERS: Boy stripped of medals wins them back. Sir My son recently traveled from Alice Springs to Darwin to compete in the 2010 NT Track and Field Championships. I am very proud to say that my son won gold in his age group for the 800m, 1500m and not only won the 5000m but he also set a new Northern Territory record. He raced in the Open Mens division and placed second in every race he entered. Athletics NT however stripped him of his placings, refused to award him his medals and was not recognising the new NT record that he ran, saying that he ran as an invitational runner this was not mentioned in [a pre-event] email from them. To cap it all off even though he won his age group he was not to be considered for selection to represent the Northern Territory at the Australian All Schools Championships and also, the National Junior Championships in 2011. This was obviously discrimination at its worst. On the Athletics NT website it says, Athletics NT welcomes everyone for 2010. Obviously if you live south of the Berrimah Line it does not count. Yvonne Brooke-Anderson Alice Springs ED The Alice News contacted Athletics NT, offering a right of reply, and while we did not hear back from them directly it appears that it prompted them to go some way towards resolving these issues. Ms Brooke-Anderson writes: I have heard back from Athletics NT and as per their constitution because the boys are minors they are not allowed to comment to the press about what happened. The boys are receiving medals in the mail and Nicks record will be noted but as run on an unratified track. As he is still at school we will support his travel to SA at the end of October so that he can qualify for the All Schools comp. We are negotiating on selection for the Nationals. There are a few things that I need to follow up locally so while Im not overjoyed, I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks for requesting feedback from the board as I believe this assisted in them contacting me. Alice gets hundreds of tourists?