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Warlukurlangu Artists from Yuendumu, Mbantua Gallery from Alice Springs (specializing in Utopia art) and Buku Larrnggay Mulka from Yirrkala are working on exhibition prospects to coincide with the Shanghai World Expo next year. Their representatives took part in a trade mission to Shanghai in May, sponsored by NT Chief Ministers Office and Austrade. While Aboriginal art will be part of the NT Governments presentation at the expo, there are also opportunities for satellite events, says John Oster, executive officer of the art centre advocacy body, Desart. Contacts made with Shanghai galleries will be developed over the next few months, with two real prospects for art centres at this stage, says Mr Oster. He says Warlukurlangu and Buku Larrnggay Mulka have the capacity and export readiness to engage quickly with the opportunities. Pictured are, from left, Tim Jennings (Mbantua), Gloria Morales (Warlukurlangu), Vivian Zhao (Australian Trade Commission Shanghai Business Development Manager), Wayne Fan (Department of the Chief Minister NT Senior Project Officer), Sun Yongkang (Capital Art Gallery, director), Will Stubbs (Yirrkala) and John Oster (Desart). Photo courtesy Gloria Morales. An orgy of beanies. By POP VULTURE with CAMERON BUCKLEY. Two prisoners escape from holding cells and discuss places best not to hide, but still spike and push the pop cultural syringe. They are prisoner number 345278 aka Mr Yin and prisoner number 872543 aka Dr Yang. Cuffed together, they are forced to survey and converse about entertainment whilst on the run. Mr Yin: Lets go to the cinema. The seclusion and air-conditioned comfort will offer us solace and refuge, if only for a couple of hours. Dr Yang: That all depends on what is screening. Imprisonment can often come under the guise of entertainment. Mr Yin: How about Transformers again? Dr Yang: No. Apart from the visual face molestation of epilepsy-inducing action, I was casually bored with this sequel. It seems that in this modern era, all a filmmaker needs to do is produce this veritable mortar shell of special effects and keep the films dialogue and plot line completely void of originality. The general population of cinema-goers will still exit the building resembling goldfish at feeding time, drop-jawed and crystal-eyed. I know you enjoyed it Mr Yin, but I feel that hype is the new market platform now rather than the final product release. Mr Yin: I thought it was good. Above the norm for M-rated family entertainment. The swearing was a bit out of sync with what the generation Xs grew up with, their sacred robots in disguise. But sometimes I think you just need to swim with the current. Dr Yang: Never! It is for my refusal to conform to what is the current tide of what we are and are not supposed to enjoy, that I found myself imprisoned. Mr Yin: Yeah that, and all those murders you did. Dr Yang: Alas the shackles that bind my feet and hands are but metaphors for the repression of my free thought. Mr Yin: OK, if you can justify multiple homicide as free thought. Good luck to you. Anyway this Beanie Festival sounds unique, warm, live music, ample food that is far from prison issue, and an added bonus of the police not being able to single us out if everyone is wearing criminal-associated apparel, by which I mean a beanie. Dr Yang: Definitely, before my unjustified sentencing, I had great adoration for the annual Beanie Festival. But one things for sure, I do want to be absent in body for the show-stopping announcement of the Top 10 beanies, fresh off the podium and ready for purchase. The horror! The horror! Scores and scores of people, a violent swarm, a giant teeth-clenching beast machine, clawing and lashing, kicking and scratching, and ultimately de-evolving at the chance to own one of the Top 10. Honestly its like being tied up inside a giant reptile washing machine. Mr Yin: Thats actually the part I enjoy the most. So many preachers of non-consumerism and limited possessions living, all involved in this orgy of retail ejaculation. Its hilarious, forget tight-arse Tuesday at the video shop, this is by far and away the absolute pinnacle of cheap entertainment to be had.