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Vegetation survey and mapping of the Eastern and Southern Finke bioregion and the NT Stony Plains Inliers, NT & SA : March 2008 to March 2009



Vegetation survey and mapping of the Eastern and Southern Finke bioregion and the NT Stony Plains Inliers, NT & SA : March 2008 to March 2009

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Ben Sparrow and Emrys Leitch


Sparrow, Ben; Leitch, Emrys; Northern Territory. Dept. Of Natural Resources, Environment, The Arts And Sport


E-Publications; PublicationNT; E-Books; Technical Report NO. 7/2009




Finke River Region


Made available via the Publications (Legal Deposit) Act 2004 (NT).; This is a medium resolution survey dataset (1:100 000), mapping vegetation communities for the Eastern and Southern portions of the Finke Bioregion in the Northern Territory and South Australia. It describes vegetation units and their attributes as floristic and environmental data and provides a basis for identifying the extent and distribution of vegetation communities. The accompanying report describes the methods used for collection of new data, the sources of the pre-existing data, contains information on applications of the data and recommendations for future mapping and integration with related datasets.




Vegetation surveys -- Northern Territory -- Finke River Region; Vegetation mapping -- Northern Territory -- Finke River Region; Land use -- Northern Territory -- Finke River Region

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Department for Environment, Natural Resources, the Arts and Sport

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Alice Springs


Technical Report NO. 7/2009


1 v. (various pagings) : col. ills., col. maps ; 30 cm.

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Vegetation Mapping in the Eastern and Southern Finke Bioregion and Stony Plains inlier 2 Daily recorded data: Time/Date: Recorded automatically with each GPS reading. Programmed to not allow data collection if time and date are not in sync. Climate: Basic climate information recorded at the start of each day. Observer: Names of those collecting the data GPS: Configuring of GPS to set collection rate, datum etc. Site Data: Site Type: Show which type of data is being collected. Cyber tracker allow the collection of multiple data sets such as fauna, opportune and full floristic data con-currently. Homogeneity: How far from the central point of the quadrat is within the same vegetation community. As a general rule this figure would be above 40m i.e 80m2 to allow for a pixel size of 20 meters2 Landform Element: Those elements such as morphology, slope and dimensions within a 20m radius of the site. Landform Pattern: Larger scale landscape features combining several landform elements within a 300m radius of the site Bare, Litter, Stone, Outcrop, Lichen: Non floristic data collected to assist with floristic group definitions Genus: An initial field was created to separate plants to genus level Species: Then to species. (Cybertracker has since developed drop down menus which negate the need for such filtering) Voucher: If there was doubt as the taxonomy a voucher number was attached to the specimen for later identification Cover estimate: This figure was an estimate of canopy cover as defined by Brocklehurst et al (2008) Growth form: The overall morphology of a plant species including its stature, leaf type, and habit. Height: An estimate of the average height of the species at the site. GPS: At the conclusion of each species record a choice was given to either return to add another species or to complete the site. In each case a GPS record was taken.