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Sunday Territorian 15 May 2011



Sunday Territorian 15 May 2011


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www.sundayterritorian.com.au Sunday Territorian, Sunday, May 15, 2011 15 P U B : NTNE-WS-DA-TE:15-GE:15 CO-LO-R: C-M Y-K that wellwork What makes a strong, healthy family? Studies show that healthy families do the follow ing things: Make time for talking and listening listen carefully to children and remember that they do not think the same as adults. Listen to the feeling behind the words your child says. Allow everyone to safely and respectfully show their feelings such as joy, excitement, anger and fear. Show affection, encouragement and appreciation children and adults feel good when they are encouraged and appreciated. Let your child know what you love and like about them. Keep in touch with friends and relatives this helps your child to have friends and to know there are people outside to turn to if things get tough. Have family routines and traditions daily routines such as meal times and bedtime, and how you celebrate special days together such as birthdays, can help children feel safe and secure, build a sense of belonging, and make busy times of the day less stressful for everyone. Accept the differences in each person appreciate, encourage and value the differences in each family member. Dont put pressure on members to be the same or to hide their differences. For more information on families and parenting, visit the NT Governments Families website www.families.nt.gov.au. Adapted from Parent Tip Sheet 36: Families that work well. Proudly supported by WEEK mFa i il se The theme for this years Families Week is Sticking Together: Families in good and tough times. Families that are loving, caring and healthy can create children who feel good about themselves; who not only enjoy the good times, but successfully handle the times when things get tough. sundayterritorian.com.au WORLD R O U G H R ID E $80,000 BUS BLING SLING NEWYORK: A distracted jeweller left $80,000 of baubles behind on aNewYork bus and three menwere later arrested trying to hawk some of the goods in the Diamond District, police sources and the owner said yesterday. The Texas-based gems buyer hired a jeweller to pick up 14 pieces, including a $1300 diamond ring, a $1600 jade bracelet and $10,500 platinumdiamond earrings. But the jeweller got sidetracked onMay 3 while taking the Fifth Avenue bus to Brinks Security to have the goods shipped, the owner said. Z O O L O S S GORILLA DIES LONDON: The first gorilla to be born at London Zoo in 22 years has died, in a fight between his mother and amale silverback that keeperswere attempting to introduce to the family. Themale infant, nicknamed Tiny, suffered a broken arm during the scuffle andwas taken to the zoos hospital; hewas unable to breathe unassisted and was thought to have sustained internal injuries. C A T -A S T R O P H E WEDDINGS AND A LEOPARD MUMBAI: A leopard sparkedmatrimonial mayhem in an Indian villagewhen itmanaged to ruin four weddings and injure five people in one day. The Times of India reported Friday that the couples were preparing for their nuptials when the big cat strayed into Karanja, in the countrys west. It holed up inside a house for 14 hours. Worried officials closed themain street and banned revellers frommaking noise. By the time the leopard was coaxed out, five people had been clawed and all fourweddings had been severely disrupted. Landlord gunned down By PAUL TOOHEY The unit block where Greg McNicol was killed PLENTY of people saw it; but it happened so quickly, they couldnt believe it was real. There was one shot and Greg McNicol fell to his knees on the streets of Detroit. That was last Sunday. Witnesses said the gunman used a silver .357 Magnum and shot Mr McNicol in cold blood from only 2-3m away. Mr McNicol, 45, died less than 20 minutes later. Police have a man in custody but are not naming him, or saying whether charges have been laid. In February, Mr McNicol based in Los Angeles bought a 10-unit block in Beniteau St, in Detroits halfruined East Side, for about $30,000. It was a steal, said Karen James, who had encouraged him to buy. But the East Side is one of the most notorious breeding grounds for crime in the US. Mr McNicol was buying in the worst foreclosure zones of St Louis, Atlanta and Detroit; but the people who got to know him said he was different from the sharks. Hed lived for the last six weeks with the tenants of the East Side units, where he was transforming the rundown block. Mr McNicol had started to bring in older and more family-friendly tenants, and was getting rid of some that hed inherited. One family was proving particularly difficult, its unit occupied by a mother, her 23-year-old daughter and her boyfriend. The boyfriend had kicked in a door, and his girlfriends dad the man believed to have shot Mr McNicol once before turned up with a gun to threaten the boyfriend. Mr McNicol had become highly regarded by Florida Benton and a woman well call Clarice Adams, who he had encouraged to move in to help bring some seniority and stability to the unit block. Last Sunday afternoon, Ms Benton and Ms Adams were preparing to celebrate Mothers Day with a barbecue with Mr McNicol. The 23-year-old woman arrived with a number of her friends. Mr McNicol had served an eviction notice on her, which had expired. According to Ms Benton and Ms Adams, a black Chevrolet Avalanche had pulled up. A middle-aged black man with a goatee got out. Ms Adams said: I just heard Greg say (to the man), I just want them out. The man said something like, Watch your mouth. Then bang. Oh, my God. He shot Greg. We was screaming and hollering. A mans life for nothing.