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Sunday Territorian 15 May 2011



Sunday Territorian 15 May 2011


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www.sundayterritorian.com.au Sunday Territorian, Sunday, May 15, 2011 3 SUNDAY SESH 3PM - GLEN + STEVE @ PARAP TAVERN! P U B : NTNE-WS-DA-TE:15-GE:3 CO-LO-R: C-M Y-K 44ER0705 www.sundayterritorian.com.au Check out more Stunners at Felicity shows local pride THISweeks stunner has spent theminimum 10 years in theNTand can nowcall herself a local. Seventeenyears a Territorian, Felicity Paynehas studied as a chef andnowstudies BeautyTherapy at CharlesDarwin University Palmerston. MsPayne said yes to theSundayTerritorian shoot as shewanted to give a shout out to thegirls competing in theMissHahnSuperDry contest at the DeckBar this afternoon. I want everyone to comedownand cheermeand theother girls on, she said. She recently dyedher hair strawberry after being a proper blonde. But she said it hadnt stopped theblondemoments. My worst iswhen Im talking on thephone as I get out of the car and Im thinking: Where thehell ismyphone, and I look for it for 5-10minutes, she said. I knowhow to laughatmyself. While shes happywithher job at theDeckBar in promotions, personal training is a direction shewould like to take. Itwould givemeanexcuse to have to be fit, she said. Bushwhacked AIMING high? A sticker seen on an old, beaten-up yellow ute in Darwin reads: I am the Stig. sundayterritorian.com.au Bushranger NEWS Ph: 8944 9767 Email: sunday@ntnews.com.au WHATS INANAME KOJO Saffu haswritten to ntnews.com.au about his love of Palmerston. Just like the Beckhams, I namedmy first kid after the suburb hewas conceived in go little Woodroffe Saffu! SLEEPWALKERHEROFIRED ALBERT Cuppa Ferreira, theman who jumped into a burning house to save his neighbour in the Darwin suburb of Moil, has lost his job. The 46-year-old plumber was laid off with several other workers last Friday. But a tradie doesnt stay out of work for long he starts a new job tomorrow. The humble single father-of-three smashed awindow to rescue Rick Baynes onMay 6. I didnt do anything special, Cuppa says. I was just sleepwalking. SNOWDONAFASHION ICON SINCE his appearance at Anzac Day ceremonies wearing his RMWilliams town hat, federal pollieWarren Snowdon has been inundatedwith inquiries fromwomenwanting to get one for their partners. REALITYREALLYBITES JOHNNY of South Carolina has some advice for Territorians: cull crocodiles andmake a reality series while doing it. Hewrote to ntnews.com.au: Its a way to keep the gator numbers down, gives swamp-people a job and its great television. LOVE IN SOUTHAMPTON CHIEFMinister Paul Henderson has a new best buddy in Channel 9 sports reporter Charlie Croucher. They have discovered each others love for obscure English football team Southampton. SATELLITE-SHYSHARON ARTIST Sharon Crook yes, the one going toe-to-toewith PalmoMayor RobMacleod doesnt likemobile phones. Then, people will know where you are, she said. WHITTAKERS ABOUT-FACE STRIFE continues in the Labor Party; after telling everyone hewanted to quit, Territory secretary Mark Whittaker has changed his mind. But the executive committee isnt sure it wants him to stay. CLPOFF TO COUNSELLING FOUR CLP pollies deputy leader Kezia Purick, Dave Tollner, Adam Giles and Peter Styles want to get rid of Terry Mills. But the Opposition Leader is refusing to gowithout a fight and hes employed a relationship consultant in a desperate bid to persuade the warring factions to kiss andmake up. The consultant is like a marriage guidance counsellor, a CLP source said. APERFECTMOTHERS DAY SIR Bob of Fannie Bay says he had a lovely Mothers Day: A nice, quick morning glory at 5am before the wife jumped out of bed tomake tea and toast. Then, after she had completed thewashing and vacuuming, dressed the kids etc, it wasmy turn to leap out of bed to get the paper. After she hadmade morning tea, we headed down to East Point for a barbecue. I was a bit miffed she burnt the snags but she promised another 30-second bout in the bedroom that night. What a day! His cups runneth over BILL Neeveswas delightedwhen he received this well-endowed cake for his 63rd birthday. The buxom cakewas the creation of Hidden Valley Tavern chef GeorgieWalton. NT ladies enjoying best sex NEW research reveals Territory women are the most sexually satisfied in the country, while Tasmanians are among the most depressed and South Australians the happiest. West Australian women get the most sleep, bagging at least seven hours of shut-eye a night, according to Womens Health magazines Biggest Health Check survey. But it is in South Australia where the nations healthiest and happiest women reside, according to the research. The states residents are an unstressed bunch and are 27 per cent less likely to have high blood pressure than other Aussies. The Adelaide suburb of Woodville West is also said to be the best place for a woman to find a male partner, with a ratio of three single men for every single woman. The survey also shows Queenslanders suffer lower rates of heart disease while Townsville residents are said to enjoy the best moods, in part because of the sunlight. Conversely, the relatively low level of sunlight is blamed for causing higher than average rates of depression in Tasmania. Tasmanian women are 40 per cent more likely to experience depression than other Australians, with seasonal mood disorder said to play a major part. Womens Health, which publishes the full results of its research tomorrow, surveyed 25,000 Australians to examine trends in lifestyle and physical and mental health.