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Sunday Territorian 15 May 2011



Sunday Territorian 15 May 2011


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34 Sunday Territorian, Sunday, May 15, 2011 www.sundayterritorian.com.au P U B : N T N E W S D A T E : 1 5 -M A Y -2 0 1 1 P A G E : 3 4 C O L O R : C M Y K The focus this week is on shared earnings, shared possessions or shared expenses. You need to bring some order to the chaos that is your joint financial position. You could even consider a change ofmortgage. Relationships: There is a slight chill in this part of your life. Not enough to bring any real annoyance, but enough to take some of the sparkle out of your love life. Dont worry, these stars will soon disperse. Money: Improving. Health: The legs. Your stars for this week sometimes lead to some sort of public appearance. There might not be many people involved in this appearance, but there will be enough to induce nervousness. Staywith the things you know. Relationships: This is a good time to start relationships, end relationships and do things to show commitment in relationships. Many people marry under these vibes and those who do have chosen a propitious time. Money: Throughwork. Health: So-so. Because of the vibes you encounter this week you will be in a position to plan major developments in work, career or business interests. Time to go after your special goals but think things through before acting. Relationships: There is little indicated for your love life. You will try to make things happen but one thing or another will get in the way. The good news is that anything started this week will go on for a long time. Money: Some coming. Health: Some problems. There will be an emphasis on babies and youngsters. If there is not a birth in the family there will be pregnancy talk. This is also the time when relatives plus kids visit. Its also a good time for small wins. Relationships: The stars you have can sometimes deliver deliriously happy moments in your love life. These will be moments that live in your memory for a very long time. Many crabs will start a new romance. Money: Looking good. Health: Fit enough. The emphasis this week is on the home and family. This is where you feel it necessary to force issues so you can get onwith some of what you see as essential work. Take care here there could be a confrontation. Relationships: This is a good time to concentrate on private life issues. Things that have been a thorn in your side can now be sorted out without rancour. This is the time to mend fences in all areas of your life. Money:More expenses. Health: The ears. You are currently under good stars for study and activities to tweak the mind and have you nut ting out the incomprehensible. Think about doing some sort of training course, even if its only for the fun of learning. Relationships: Communication is the name of the game this week so if any of your relationships have been suffering as a result of a lack of communication, now is the time to put things right. One-on-one chats are a good idea. Money:A lack. Health: The eyes. The stars this week bring a concentration of energy into finances and sorting out material possessions. You could even have a garage sale to get rid of surplus goodies. Time to check where you stand financially. Relationships: There are friendly planets in your angle of marriage and intimate relationships. These planets will help your marriage along and bring a special togetherness. A time when things look pretty good. Money: It comes in. Health:Headaches. If you are restless and ill at ease for some of the week you can blame your stars, but be of good cheer; these stars will soon fade and you will be back to square one. Usually they bring a sort of culmination. Relationships: This is the time to expect personal relationships to bring more and more happiness and pleasure. Dont rush, take your time, and let your special someone know they are important to you and your life. Money: Shared gains. Health: Pretty fit. If you look back on this week for any reason you will think most about the delays and in conveniences you suffer. This wont be a big problem, but you wont be impressed. Time to think a lot but do little. Relationships: There are good stars for your love life. These stars might not bring unbearable pleasure indefinitely prolonged, but they will bring some delightful moments times when you are glad you are you. Money: Some coming. Health: The legs. The stars this week will help make some of your wishes come true. These stars will bring something of a culmination as things work out for you with you doing little or nothing to make the good things happen. Relationships: The stars this week also relate to friendships and, to some extent, to lovers. Some goats will have an opportunity to turn a friend into a lover always a risky thing. Otherwise, a splendid week. Money: Small wins. Health: Pretty fit. This week will bring some sort of acclaim, with a welcome increase in prestige. Peo ple go out of their way to let you know they think you are brilliant. They are right, but you dont want to say so. Relationships: The stars this week indicate improvements all around, with a special improvement in prestige. This will put you in a loving mood and make someone keen to let you know they feel the same about you. Money:More bills. Health: The arms. The stars this week bring talk of travel, and at the same time, talk of training schemes. Just as a fish needs water moving over its gills, so Pisces needs travel and movement. This doesnt mean armchair travel. Relationships: There is little happening in your relationships at the moment. Dont let this faze you Pisces; times like this bring the right stars for you to make things start working for you. So be nice to people. Money:Awindfall. Health: Pretty good. Romance is great way to startweek DOESNT it feel like time is speeding up? Oneminute its Christmas, the next its May. A lot of new-agers will tell you time is speeding up. One of the benefits of this is that we can all become a lot more enlightened a lot more quickly. Is there such a thing as speedy enlightenment? Of course not. But we can get closer to understanding the secrets of the universemore quickly, because time is indeedmoving fast. On a practical level, if youwant to better understand your connection to the divine, meditate every day. If it feels right, pray too. Today and tomorrow are excellent days for both. If youre more inclined to do something physical, yoga or tai chi are highly recommended. Amarvellous link is forming between Neptune and Venus this week, peaking on Tuesday in the small hours. This is a potentially great start to theweek because Neptune/ Venus is all about dreamy love. If youre attached, romance your partner tonight or tomorrow night. And if youre single, its a great time tomake awish list for what youwant in a partner the next time around. Tuesday also brings a full moon. If youre not gettingwhat you want in love, its a great time to move on.