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The Northern Territory news Tue 3 May 2011



The Northern Territory news Tue 3 May 2011

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www.ntnews.com.au Tuesday, May 3, 2011. NT NEWS. 13 P U B : N T N E W S D A T E : 3 -M A Y -2 0 1 1 P A G E : 1 3 C O L O R : C M Y K Speak Up: Do you think todays Budget announcement will help you? YES It probably will. Some things will change and some things wont. WILLIAM JONES, The Gardens DONT KNOW Im not sure. But it will be interesting. ROBYN McELHONE, Fannie Bay DONT KNOW Im sure it will somewhere down the line, but some tax will surely go up. XANA KAMITSIS, Bayview NO It could be anything. Im not sure though, but there definitely could be more tax benefits I would support that. WARREN CRUWYS, Darwin City DONT KNOW I knew there was a Federal budget, but I didnt know there was a state one. BEV JACKSON, Stuart Park 0428 NTNEWS (686 397)txt the editor Big thanks 2 the jogger and longrasserwho gave the hilux a push start 4me at vesteys sundaymorning sowe could get home doug parap ON TOILET WARS n DCC parking meter revenue should go in to private toilets for public use so the streets can be free from poo &4 ship people. Paul Tiwi. n Some toilets in alice you pay to use them n On Pee Fee. Here i sit broken hearted, paid 2 bucks and only farted:) md woodroffe ON CROSS WORDS n Ripped off! Bought Saturday paper only to find the same xword as Friday. Considering its the only decent thing in it what a waste of a $1.60. Lift your game nt news, get with the program. Bobcat, watergardens n Onya nt news, same crossword puzzles! Dejavu ON LEGENDARY LAKSA n Go yatis laksas best in darwin hands down parap markets best is the pork Kit-Kat n Marys laksa from parap is number. 1 badger ON OTHER THINGS n GOUT winces at the thought of another bout of Chuck Norris! n Greeks never learnt 2 integrate? 1000s hard working Greek folk here if we cant tolerate 2-3 nites of cultural firework a yr wot that say bout us? 5th gen Oz born Chinese n So now i have 2 buy bin liners n shopping bags. My $ go 2 manufactures n amount of plastic in envirnment stays the same. Good one hendo... U idiot. n Woolworths & Coles glad to ban bags, as now we have to pay them for purpose made ones. They now get money, the environment still gets plasticbags, but the greenies have a warm fuzzy glow! Oh dear. Sheelagh Cavanagh Howard Springs n Chuck noriss went 4 a swim in the ocean and the ocean got chucked. n So the abusive pedestrian was given first aid by the dude that should have run him over! The driver must have been 'Territorian' coz we are a compassionnate lot! n Was photo of dingo 27 April digitally enhanced - looks like it to me! Nunlena Ludmilla n Telstra at it again%#* sending emails not working yesterday and still the same today. A call to Telstra faults reveals that the outgoing mail server for adsl customers down and will take 3 to 4 business days to fix it? That is 7 days to fix a email server problem.With a major problem like that, one would think a communication company could a as a curtesyforfd to advise their customers. n Since when does darwin city council charge for parking on a sunday? As a local territorian ive never paid for parking on the weekend in my life, but last sunday copped a $40 fine for failing to display a ticket down at the water front. n cats are a major pest in Australia. Besides killing native wildlife etc ... they give you ring worm ... gross! They need to be culled! Environmentally conscious citizen n OK. Itover now. Theyre married and by now would have consummated the marriage. Now can the media give us a break from the royals? Letters LETTER OF THE DAY Howmuch is toomuch to spend a penny? MANY years ago, if you were out and about and needed to go to the toilet, you had to spend a penny. A penny in the slot gave you access to a clean, sweetsmelling toilet. And an attendant was in the building to make sure there was no hanky panky going on. Alice Springs has a 50c charge to use the toilet in a shopping centre, again with an attendant, where the toilets are clean with adequate facilities. I for one dont mind paying this fee and I have peace of mind that I am not going to be humbugged or harassed in any way or even more importantly catch anything. I have been to a lot of places overseas where a charge is required to use these facilities. I open this up for discussion as the matter has come up for a bit of flak recently is 50c too much to pay? I know on occasion I would have paid a lot more for the relief enjoyed when you do find a toilet when things are getting a bit desperate. Sylvia Wolf, Stuart Park NT Thunder versus Morningside Panthers at TIO Stadium. Picture: KATRINA BRIDGEFORD PICK OF THE PICS long grassers have a drink and sleep in the park; idiots like this are driving around, doing burnouts putting thewider community at risk ... Whos the real problem drinkers then? SEE COMMENTBELOW ON BIN LADEN DEAD n Excellent, bring the boys home. What was that? Cant? Why not? Oil, you say. Ah, I see. George of Bin Ladens Newly Vacant Cave n now we really have to be alert because of the followers of this person !! maria n Does this mean we can get out of the middle east now? Sceptic of Conspiracy n Cause of death : bad fashion sense n All the NATO planes were in London for Wedding fly pasts, poor Ol Osama thought itd be safe to poke his head out while it was quiet, but forgot the yanks dont go for that Royal Garbage. Oh Well. Pieter of Maastricht NL n We should expect REVENGE! Mathew ON CHILD DROWNING n its a tragic accident. RIP little angel my heart is hurting for the family:( sad n Kids escape even the most diligent of parents. Very sad. Condolences to the family and all involved. n My thoughts are with the family of this child at such a difficult time. Our opinions are not going to bring their son back. But a re look at how the water park is run could prevent this from happening again. Last time I went there I was shocked by the lack of life guards compared to how it used to be. Its not the quality of the life guard but the quantity. sad news ON EX-ARMY DUI PENALTY REDUCTION n 1. He isnt in the armed forces anymore 2. Post Traumatic Distress, it does things. 3. Who said the armed forces didnt discipline him You people talk like he just got off lightly because he was a defence member! people get away with alot more because of psychological reasons. KMH of Rosebery n you bloody judges are soft. i did 4 months jail 600 bux fine and 18 months no licence i was twice the limit when was it ??? 1974 i copped it sweet tho and i had 4 young kids to support also but i did the crime so i did the time!!! no fancy lawyers them days doug of bali n At the end of the day the long grassers have a drink and sleep in the park, idiots like this are driving around, doing burnouts putting the wider community at risk of death or injury. Whos the real problem drinkers then? Court should order 12 months no lic, then 12 months only allowed to drive a bright pink Barina so we all know who these idiots are. had enuff of darwin n Anyone done for DUI should be punished to the maximum extent of the law. Low life idiots want to drink and drive, how about making them accountable. The Poor bugger me attitude (Oh I was overseas) does not make for an excuse! Ian of Bakewell n Im a serving member of the defence force and have been overseas to Afghanistan he might have PTSD but it does not give any one an excuse to drink and drive we all should face the same punishment regardless of what we had done or seen TCB Darwin ON STALKING CROC n Crocs? Stalking humans? After we stopped hunting them decades ago and all those cute baby crocs are now 5m long and can snatch your head off yoru shoulders whenever they feel like it? NO WAY. This cant be true. Totally impossible, this fisho is clearly lying through his teeth. George of Crocodile Dundees Dinghy