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The Northern Territory news Thu 21 Apr 2011



The Northern Territory news Thu 21 Apr 2011

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www.ntnews.com.au Thursday, April 21, 2011. NT NEWS. 15 P U B : N T N E W S D A T E : 2 1 -A P R -2 0 1 1 P A G E : 1 5 C O L O R : C M Y K Speak Up: SHOULD the government do more to encourage tourism in the Territory? YESTourism is important. But I think theTerritory also speaks for and sells itself. It is very unique. KIM HAYWARD, Jingili YESHowever the tourism industry also needs to lift its game and improve the product in termsof quality and lower costs. MELANIE RICKERMANN, Fannie Bay YESThey should make it easier for people overseas to comeandwork here with longer visas. Darwin is also such anexpensive place. RENO MARTIN, Coconut Grove YESTheyneed better accommodation andeating facilities need to open later people get hungry andonly the kebab shop is open. KENNETH BEAVER, Darwin YESTourismhas beenhit hard across the countrywith all the natural disasters. Also thehigh dollar is making it better for Aussies to gooverseas. SALLYANN LEWIS, Farrar 0428 NTNEWS (686 397)txt the editor Does anyone knowwhere I can buy a Tardis? I justwant to travel a fewweeks into the future so that I dont have to put upwith anymore of this nauseating royal wedding bulls**t. Brian ON READERS DUSTING OFF THEIR BEST CHUCK n Dorothy the dinosaur: u guest it chuck norris n Illicit drugs use Chuck Norris to get high n Insurance rates are based on how far away you live from Chuck Norris. n When Chuck Norris smiles, an Angel gets its wings. HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! n . . saw chuck norris and a monkey sharing a hand made cigarette outside a popular night spot in parap on sat night. And I got fuzzy pictures to prove it. LSDarwin. n Google wont search for Chuck Norris, because it knows you dont find Chuck Norris, he finds you. ON NEMARLUK SCHOOL n To Alawa residents complaining ...this is the only seperate, dedicated facility for spec needs kids in Darwin. Get a grip, its not public land. This school is desperately needed. Have u been to the school? Met some of the parents? At least u have the mo bility to get to an alternative green space. Many of these children do not! n MariIyn Hawthorn Stop b in seIfish! It is a goddam speciaI needs schooI b in buiIt there not some highrise thats gonna get in ur way sad sad women tryin 2 see some attention u shouId b ashamed of urseIf if anything was 2 b done it wouId b bcos of ur non stop naggin not bcos any1 actuaIIy cares! From all the parents ON RUBBISH WARRIOR n I suspect Trevor Jenkins is probably far, closer to God (and viza versa) than many of these self-righteous, scrubbed & manicured latter day pharasees! Pete 11 Mile n Doesnt the bible say 'WE are all equall in the eyes of our lord, and wemust all learn to forgive' leave the warrior be hes better than most of the tools that walk our streets! Michael, Virginia ON OTHER THINGS n To the foul mouth father in gunn. You know who u are. Sick to death of listening to your rants every morn, every night. Youre a bully. Surprised your family puts up with it. You need help. n lady nude on balcony every morinin second level frm top backin onto litchfld st in city colourful building n Of course i move for ambos,police,firies,but im not moving jst cos u r running late,im not arrogant just hate people that speed. Speed kills. Deb n Would like to send a positive txt to the editor as most have been about negative things in the past 2wks. My son has been a student at Gray Primary for 5 Years and would like to say the Teachers and Tutors are straight out compasionate, caring and dedicated to their work as educators of our beautiful children! Letters LETTER OF THE DAY Future is in the hands of youth IN response to your text comments in Saturdays paper on the proposed carbon tax: First, to Broden, Parap: Good on you mate; you have summed up the debate well. I must admit to being over 40 myself, but I agree, it is mainly our oldies and the downright ignorant who choose to believe that doing nothing is the way to go. Who cares if unstable oilrich nations control our way of life? Who cares if our weather patterns in Australia are showing the beginning of climate change? Who cares if we pollute our planet to the point of making it impossible for human habitation? If you are over 65 you will be dead before the effects take hold, so it doesnt matter. Lovely. To the angry pensioner: Be bloody thankful that you have the privilege of a free ride. The buck stops with you, literally. Anyone under the age of 50 in Australia will not get an old age pension, and trust me, I have already worked 30 years and paid tax all that time, and I have the joy of at least another 20 years to go before I become a selffunded retiree. Still, I would quite happily pay a carbon tax if it goes towards more sustainable forms of energy. Hopefully, our youth population in Australia will get up and vote in this next election. Broden, get your mates together and make a statement to all the oldies out there. Prove to all of us that you can make a change. For the sake of all our futures, we need our youth to make a stand. Maybe then we can all breathe easy again. Ilona Fraser, Yarrawonga NT Thunder versus Broadbeach Cats at Broadbeach Oval. Nyaburu Kelly. Picture: MICHAEL FRANCHI PICK OF THE PICS I am SO sick of poeple constantly having a go at criminals and think they should be treated equally horrible, regardless of their crime. Rehabilitationworks! SEE COMMENT BELOW ON CROC AT DOOR n What a cutie! Marie n lol...is this story going to increase or decrease the house prices in Karama? Kath of Karama n Got Geckos bigger than that at my house. Steve n Its a wonder the Croc news haters havent struck before now, Good story, keep em comin. love the little Crocs. DRT ON TOURISM CUT n Abusive itinerants and shit covered streets? - yes the tourism campaign ads almost write themselves dont they! I dont think government money is going to help you any if the attractions dont get any better. Mike of Wanguri n It seems the government is being realistic and the nt opposition is coming out with rhetorical statements. gwizz of darwin n Northern Territory: if the animals dont get ya the locals will ! Goodbye tourism see you when we get a local gumbyment with big enough balls to clean up this town. n another nail in the territory coffin, ive been here for 17 years and I have never felt such an atmosphere of despair. Tourists come, they see, they go, and they dont come back, because the place is a rip off. Road houses on the stuart hwy are a disgrace. what a dump n Fear not, little carbon based bipod creatures of Earth - We will be visitiing your lovely environs very soon and We will do whatever We can to entice visitors to that tiny grain of sand you quaintly refer to as The Top End. All We ask is that visit ors bring their own towels, and are willing to share their vital organs with our foraging parties. It will be a fun time for all. Mentor of the Universe of hovering above very closely and preparing. ON PRISON PLANTS n They were doing this at Beatrice Hill and Gunn Point Prison Farms 20 years ago until the clowns in charge closed them down. Bufford P Justice of Your Mums house n Ohhhh fresh ideas... idiots. Should have continued from 20 years ago... and should be as self sustaining as it practically possible ... The amount of labour force available, you should be subsidising the weekly groceries of territory families. Another Member Of The Darwin Community n Good Idea!! Hopefully it sticks and is benificial for someone in the system.... I am SO sick of poeple constantly having a go at criminals and think they should be treated equally horrible, regardless of their crime. Rehabilitation works! Lilu of H.Doo