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The Northern Territory news Sat 23 Apr 2011

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www.ntnews.com.au Saturday, April 23, 2011. NT NEWS. 35 P U B : N T N E W S D A T E : 2 3 -A P R -2 0 1 1 P A G E : 3 5 C O L O R : C M Y K Speak Up: Should more businesses be open on Good Friday? NO I dont think they should beopen because those people deserve to have a day off. RICHARD SMITH, Palmerston NO Its tradition. ANITA FELLOWES, Palmerston YES Imnot religious and there is nothing for people to dowhen everything is shut. PENNY WHILEY, Alice Springs NO Its not necessary and I think they deserve to have a holiday just asmuch as anyoneelse. NIGEL LAMBERT, Darwin City NO I dont think they should openbecause its a public holiday so they should have time off aswell. FIONA LAMBERT, Darwin City 0428 NTNEWS (686 397)txt the editor Keep your dogs inside your fence, its not hard people! The laws are in place, get a clue! Had enough, of the Doo. ON CATS n Dogs can be dumb and vicious..like people here.Cats cool and spiritual. Most ridiculous and dumb is myth that cats responsible for death of most native birds. Give me cats any day over redneck moggymurderers. ALEX n I bet Losers who say they hate cats because 'they kill native wild life' eat meat, wear fur n live in a house on land where native wild life USE 2 live. Bloody hypocrites! Stop ur whingin. Uknoimrite h/doo. n To all those Dark Ages cats haters people. I wish u to reincarnate in ur second life as CATS! Nick KRMA ON EUTHANASIA n Cm scared of god botherers vote! No guts no gonads! Try talking to the terminal cancer sufferers. You may change your mind! Ken stuart park n Along with right to die, Also 85% of territorians voted for brothels to be legalised also. That wont happen with hendo in power also. Listen up! Exlabor voter n Majority 4 euthanasia hendo says no majority against statehood hendo says yes n Half of the 85% for euthanasia are sheep and will say whateva it takes to have the debate go away. Big Balls n First we had C Martin no idea and now P Henderson coward. They ruined the Territory andwe have to take it? ON CHEERS BIG EARS n Thanx to the 2 blokes who stopped and pushed my useless car off cav st. U were as helpful as u were hot. :) n Sam Radke i was so relieved to read your letter after reading some others I started to worry that the territory that I fell in love with was no longer so thanks for restoring my faith that there still r non-judmental and kind spirited people living here lets just give thanks that we dont live in places like libiya as u wouldnt need a euthanasia debate there! Saltie n Left a carton in the back of a taxi a while ago. driver and call center staff couldnt do enough and called me twice to let me know they had it! picked it up the next day! tickety boo! great service by good people. geoff. r/creek n Good samaritans do still exist in Mitchell St. After losing my new iPhone recently, I was amazed and overwhelmed to have it not only returned, but a reward refused too. Thanks mate, you saved me a bundle and an earful from theMrs! n Re. The car crash near the city overpass- my hat goes off to the coppers and emergency staff for being at the scene so quickly, you guys did a fantastic job and I dont think you get told enough! Cudos ON RIOTS n Dear rejected asylum seekers.. Rejection is something all us Australian people that appreciate our lifestyle put up with. We do not riot! We do not burn! We do give women rights!! That may well be the reason for your rejection! Enjoy your f@c$ed up home life, we have a choice heremate! dazz dwm n Refugees come hear seeking help and when they get here they destroy everything- i dont understand their thinking. JT n Rioters MAY face action over damage. i.e. Chris Bowen saying 'Tut tut.Naughty boys. Now I have to take money from Education and Health to rebuild it for you to destroy it again.' Jim Bwell. n put them in holsworthy c if they burn it down bob Letters LETTER OF THE DAY Yesminister, we do support euthanasia SO, Chief Minister Paul Henderson has ruled out introducing euthanasia legislation laws. With the Commonwealth reportedly giving consideration to the Bill presented by Bob Brown, it is likely that it will be passed, given the stranglehold effect that the Greens and independents have upon Gillard and Co. When will Mr Henderson realise that in his position as Chief Minister he has a responsibility to reflect the wishes of the majority of the NT population? With a majority of 85 per cent for, and a measly 13 per cent against the proposal, it should be clear, even to him, that the majority of Territorians would support the introduction of such legislation. With an estimated population of about 240,000, and if the 85 per cent is accurate, that means that about 204,000 people support the proposal. Thats a lot of votes, Hendo. Colin Mellon, Anula Rugby union action at Rugby Park in Darwin between the Darwin Dragons and Casuarina Cougars. Casuarinas No. 8 dives for the line but takes out the corner post Picture: JUSTIN SANSON PICK OF THE PICS Is this to reduce the backlash of the boat rego, sea land rights, dredging/blasting of harbour decisions et al.? Oh but I dont fish & I vote SEE COMMENT BELOW ON THE PLAGUE n How is it that Grasshoppers can be sucked up by a vacuum cleaner and killed but Crocodiles and Fruitbats are fully protected along with some other odious denisons of the top end that cant be touched? Where are all the greenies spouting fire and brimstone about Grasshoppers rights and their imminent extinction? I know, they are all ratting through closets looking for their vacuum cleaners! Jo Blow n Jo Blow.......Its a bit hard to suck up a crocodile in a vacuum cleaner! Rick of Dustbowl n They have invaded my home and have been snacking on anything they can find. I have to bend down and physically pick them up as they are too bloated to fly now. My family and I eat meals underneath lengths of net curtaining to stop them stealing our food. Willy Nailor of Darwin n Hey Willy, we did wonder where your net curtains had gone and thought you may of fallen on hard times. How is your wife gonna spy on the neighbourhood now she has no net curtains to hide behind? I really dont know how she will fill her day?? Willie Turner of Noonamah ON NUCLEAR FISH n Would these culverts not be better used under roads, I seem to recall that we had a tiny bit of rain recently which sort of hi-lighted the need for some extra drainage in one or two spots. Is this to reduce the backlash of the boat rego, sea land rights, dredging/ blasting of harbour decisions et al.? Oh but I dont fish & I vote. WOFTAM of the land n just how much more junk are they gunna put at the bottom of the harbor .. I guess they might be satisfied when the whole harbor floor is filled with this junk. Not against artificial reefs but at the rate they sinking stuff they may aswell be using the floor as a tip topendtrucker n is this to represent ERAs share price which is at the bottom of the harbour!!!! they are not culverts they are the aborted evaporations pond theywanted to build but after building the concrete structures them they found the project didnt work. Great way to spend 150 million dollars. intheknow of mt brockman ON ROYAL NT GIFT n Didnt the royal couple only request donations to their nominated charities? Manoli n Wonder if someone could make unique gift ball point pens from dried kangaroo penises ? Grilled Bear n Im so excited about this wedding!! I only hope that when Prince William becomes King, he may possibly have it in him to give us our country back... (get rid of the union jack) Oh and ask his grandmother to apologise to the Aboriginal people of Australia lol Concerned n Not this Territorian.Couldnt give a fat rats clacker about any of the Royals.All parasites the lot of them. Rob Bradley of Darwin ON BOOZE LICENCE BAN n Dont rest on your laurels yet Jenny. This is just a small drop in the ocean so far, but least its a start. Dicko of Numbulwar n More expenditure on non income producing liabilities.... Im actually dumbfounded about this... This is as equally stupid as placing the biscuits on the top shelf of he cupboard and hoping you havent got the effort or brains to get the step ladder..... maybe now theyll hail a Taxi ? Another Member Of The Darwin Community

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