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Wilson Walker speared through two goals a piece. Jamie Tidy, whose dad was up from the south-east to watch his lad, didn't disappoint, and Nathan McGregor recaptured some early nineties form to put one through the centre. Feds in reply did not register on the scoreboard and looked to lack cohesion on the field. The second term was almost a repeat of the first. Bradley Turner proved to be the sole inspiration for Feds with a goal, whereas the Blues had the veteran Glen Holberton lead the charge from the forward pocket. He proved he still has superb judgement and capitalised with three goals for the term. Carlson Brown and Ricky Ross opened their accounts, and the Spencers, Wheeler and Walker were again in the action. At half time 127 points separated the sides and things looked gloomy to say the least for the Red and White outfit. In the third term Rovers bounced back into the action with 11-4 to another meagre 1-1 from Feds. On this occasion it was an aging volunteer, in the shape of photographer Mark Miller, who snapped the memorable moment for Feds. In response, Sherman Spencer bagged five, Walker, three; Edric Coulthard, McGregor and Holberton who each scored singles kept Rovers on a record-breaking path. The final run home showed that Federal was battling, in fact they didn't score. Rovers on the other hand ran the game out but only to the tune of 8-4. Coulthard added two goals to his tally; Sherman Spencer did likewise and Wilson Walker finished the day with nine goals. In terms of best players one could not go past Jamie Tidy. He ran at the ball all day and delivered to the forward line with precision. Ricky Ross proved to be a recent recruit who will be prominent in the finals, and the forward line stars, the Spencers, Wheeler and Walker spoke for themselves on the scoreboard. Federal unveiled a trier in Lindsay Katarkarinja. Asmin Turner, Charlie Lynch and Troy Erlandson gave of their best all day, and in fact those who buttered up from the Reserves are be commended. The late game was never expected to be in the same ilk as the first. South have in recent weeks shown signs of improvement, with the conquering of Rovers and then the trouncing of Federal. Pioneer, in contrast, last week played at a low ebb given that they are arguably one of the great clubs in Australian Rules. Added to their woes this week was the absence of a platoon of gun players who ventured to the National Indigenous Championships. Coach Roy Arbon was left to depend on his junior brigade and the return of Norm Hagan and Simon Djana. From the first bounce South ruled the roost, and in the first term they were able to establish a five goal lead. Big Geoffrey Lowe began proceedings, followed by a major from Clinton "Jumping Jack Flash'" Pepperill. Shane Hayes burst through with a further major, and Lowe completed the term's tally. In the second quarter Pioneer came into the game by booting 6-4, but South kept things honest by responding with 5-2. Geoff Taylor got the Eagles into action with a pearler, and then Trevor Dhu took a leadership role in front of goals and nailed four, allowing Ryan Mallard to burst into the game with a beauty. The Roo response was calculated with Pepperill, Nigel Lockyer and Bradley Braun putting the score on the board. To lead the Eagles at half time by 23 points is normally a cause for celebration for any side, but South knew too well the job was still in front of them. In the third term the honours were shared, with South scoring 3-3 to the Eagles 3-2. Gilbert Fishook proved to be the dynamo for the Roos in the quarter with some inspirational play, which resulted in two goals. Bradley Braun was responsible for their third and continued to play a solid game around the field. In the Eagles' camp the fire was beginning to ignite, with Simon Djana, Dhu, and Ricky Mentha posting goals. In the run home Pioneer had a 24 deficit to account for, and they got within 12 points. Many observers would say the early yellow carding of Adam Taylor for what to many seemed to be a perfect hip and shoulder from a bygone era, may have made the difference. With Taylor out of action the pressure was taken off South to some extent, and they were able to have Shane Hayes and Jeremy Scrutton take advantage with goals. In reply Pioneer made a late charge. Dhu, Renehan and then Mallard put the Eagles within a sniff of victory. In fact, Mallard's set shot goal from beyond the true centre half forward position had the adrenaline running and thoughts of a Pioneer upset were in the mind. Alas time ran out for the reigning premiers and they had to settle for a second consecutive defeat by two goals.