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Annual report 2003 - 2004



Annual report 2003 - 2004

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15ANNUAL REPORT 2003 - 2004 A B O U T O U R D EPA R TM EN T NOTES: 100% of Management Services and Financial Management expenses are distributed across all Output Groups. Community Engagement Business Support costs are distributed across Community Engagement outputs. Output Group / Outputs Responsible Business Unit 2003-04 Actual What They Do Resources Policy Advice and Output Group Total: 48 Staff $9.40M Advise the Chief Minister on activities and directions of Government Public Sector Coordination Executive 41 Staff $8.06M Provide advice on inter-government relations issues Policy Advice and Coordination Executive Support Southern Region Provide policy advice on Indigenous, economic and social issues Policy and Coordination Provide policy advice on whole of government Community Engagement Risk Management Services Provide cross-agency coordination Communications and Marketing Provide agencies with strategic and risk assessment advice Economic Development Indigenous Policy Indigenous Policy 7 Staff $1.34M Territory Development Territory Development Office of Territory Development 20 Staff $7.17M Attract investment Executive Support Southern Region Provide strategic advice and directions on Territory economic development (Regional Developments and Facilitate major projects Desert Knowledge) Develop and facilitate knowledge and innovation initiatives Provide financial support to Desert Knowledge Australia and the Desert Knowledge Cooperative Research Centre NT Railway NT Railway NT Railway $1.70M Implement land agreements Grant monies to the AustralAsia Railway Corporation Provide promotion and policy advice Government Business Support Output Group Total: 132 Staff $22.81M Provide support to Executive Council and Cabinet (includes Ministerial Offices) Ministerial Offices 110 Staff $18.64M Provide support to Ministers, Leader of the Opposition and staff Support to Executive, Ministers Protocol Provide ceremonial, protocol and hospitality services and Leader of the Opposition Cabinet Office Legislation Production Office of Parliamentary Counsel 7 Staff $1.22M Provide legislative drafting services Support to Administrator Government House 15 Staff $2.95M Provide support to the Administrator and Government House Maintain and present Government House and the Administrators Office Community Engagement Output Group Total: 27 Staff $8.43M Womens Advancement Office of Womens Policy 8 Staff $0.80M Initiate, coordinate, implement and report on programs for women in the Territory Youth Advancement Office of Youth Affairs 5 Staff $0.93M Initiate, coordinate, implement and report on programs and sponsorships for youth in the Territory Multicultural Advancement Office of Ethnic Affairs 6 Staff $1.86M Initiate, coordinate, implement and report on programs and sponsorships for the ethnic community Seniors Advancement Office of Senior Territorians 3 Staff $0.78M Initiate, coordinate, implement and report on programs and sponsorships for senior Territorians Policy Advancement Policy Development (Included in 4 Staff $1.26M Provide agencies with advice on implementing Community Engagement activities Policy Advice and Coordination Output in 2003-04 BP3) Community Engagement Inputs Community Engagement 1 Staff (Distributed) Provide business support to Community Engagement Units Business Support Support to Community Support to Community $2.80M Provide financial support to community organisations and events Organisations and Events Organisations and Events Major Events Company Australia Day Council Community Support Grants INPUTS Management Services 24 Staff (Distributed) Provide corporate services to all Business Units Financial Management 9 Staff (Distributed) Provide financial and budgetary advice and support to all Business Units OUTPUT GROUPS AT A GLANCE