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Northern Territory Electoral Commission annual report 2006-2007



Northern Territory Electoral Commission annual report 2006-2007


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FINANCIAL REPORT NORTHERN TERRITORY ELECTORAL COMMISSION CASH FLOW STATEMENT For the year ended 30 June 2007 NTEC ANNUAL REPORT 2006-07 PAGE 36 OF 48 NOTE 2007 $000 2006 $000 (Outflows) / Inflows (Outflows) / Inflows CASH FLOWS FROM OPERATING ACTIVITIES Operating Receipts Taxes Received Grants and Subsidies Received Current Capital Output Revenue Received 1,487 1,766 Receipts From Sales of Goods And Services 69 139 Interest Received Total Operating Receipts 1,556 1,905 Operating Payments Payments to Employees (930) (816) Payments for Goods and Services (651) (1,052) Grants and Subsidies Paid Current Capital Community Service Obligations Interest Paid Total Operating Payments (1,581) (1,867) Net Cash From/(Used In) Operating Activities 12 25 37 CASH FLOWS FROM INVESTING ACTIVITIES Investing Payments Purchases of Assets 8 27 Advances and Investing Payments Total Investing Payments 27 Net Cash From/(Used In) Investing Activities (27) CASH FLOWS FROM FINANCING ACTIVITIES Financing Receipts Proceeds of Borrowings Deposits Received 1 (11) Equity Injections 11 Capital Appropriation Other Equity Injections Total Financing Receipts 1 (11) Financing Payments Repayment of Borrowings Finance Lease Payments Equity Withdrawals 11 0 (194) Total Financing Payments 0 (194) Net Cash From/(Used In) Financing Activities 1 (205) Net Increase/(Decrease) in Cash Held (51) (167) Cash at Beginning of Financial Year 53 220 CASH AT END OF FINANCIAL YEAR 6 2 53 The Cash Flow Statement is to be read in conjunction with the notes to the financial statements.