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The Northern Territory news Wed 2 Feb 2011

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www.ntnews.com.au Wednesday, February 2, 2011. NT NEWS. 15 P U B : N T N E W S D A T E : 2 -F E B -2 0 1 1 P A G E : 1 5 C O L O R : C M Y K SpeakUp: Should itinerants be forced into alcohol rehabilitation? YES Itwould begood because alcohol is like a drug anddrugs canbe depressive, so they should stop it. NONISALAM,Millner YESProbably. I dont think theyhave any direction, so they should start there. NARELLEBAKER,Durack NO I dont think they should be forced into rehabbut they should begiven something to do to encourage them into theworkforce. VENJIEDIOLA,Tiwi DONT KNOW Its a bit of amixed issue but, coming fromWA, it was a bit of an eye opener. ASHGIUDICI,Nightcliff YES Itwould begood to get themoff the street before it gets anyworse. TREVORBILLINGHURST,Nightcliff 0428 NTNEWS (686 397)txt the editor The Kerrigans house at Bonnie Doon is for sale at $195,000. Tell em theyre dreaming. ONCOP COMMISSIONER n John McRoberts. You should be sacked. Change your job to garbage collector, thats what comes out of your mouth.Phil, Palmo n John McRoberts must be getting ready for a career in politics!Dowlo. n If we as citizens can be charged for misleading information then why is top cop not disciplined, or is he above the law? It sure looks that way!Badger gunn n To the Commissioner, this is why we have an Ombuds man, just imagine what it would be like without one. I shudder to think, just like what NSW used to be like; you wont get awaywith it ere. ONSUPERMARKETS n We need to save Aussie dairy farmers. Coles and Woolies capping milk at $1 a litre? Itll destroy cow farmers n Cunning Woolies, they have 2 different home brands but only 1 is $2, which is always sold out! Shifty buggers. Adrivr. n Cherries selling in Adelaide for $4 a kilo and in northern suburbs for $15.99. Fair go guys. Sando n Went to Coles on Sunday to get lamb chops and picked up a rack of lamb seven ribs with a bit of meat cheap at $41.60/kg. Whats going on? Looks like I will have live on dogmeat.Bill, H Springs ONSPURNEDBRIDE n To CK, the wedding prize winner: Why dont you pay it forward? Find a welldeserving engaged couple and give them the dream wedding. T, Palmy n To the chick with the broken heart, I am a 27-year-old male who just had his heart broken too. Can you forward my number? Maybe we can go for a coffee. n Handyman wants date? I reckon he just wants to wear thewedding dress . . . ONOTHERTHINGS n Re Youths warned, 29/1: What the? Excuse me. If a couple of little s**ts are ever detained after smashing my vehicles window I want more done than just a warning to them! (whens the next election, Im getting impatient). n Re Booze up, smokes up: Raising the cost of condoms wont affect Palmerston, they dont use them :) the gardens n Palmerston Markets. Are they on this year after last years fiasco? No notice for agm yet. Concernedmoil n Graham Sawyer, leave the carpark in Cavenagh St alone. I bet your have your undercover carpark at your front door at civic centre. Council have done enough damage in other streets parking. n Handle bar or Jason, stop the bullshit. Every one h/doo n To Ron of Rapid Creek: Australia Day is one day of the year that everybody celebrates. If others want to be patriotic for the rest of year and fly our flags, thats fantastic get over it. Proud Bogan. n When does Darwin get the new Channel 11 on digital TV? WHOS TAKINGNOTICE OF SERVOROBBERIES? HELLO, is that Police comms? Yeah, look I want to report a robbery in progress! Where? Well, yeah, its taking place at the servo. Ah, whats that? How many perpetrators and what kind of weapons are involved? Yes, well, theres one cashier (sometimes two) and the weapons are fully-automatic cash registers, Im not sure of the make. No, no, you got it wrong, its NOT the servo thats being robbed, its the servo that is robbing all of US! Uh, what was that: How am I sure that a robbery is actually taking place? Look, a few weeks ago they jacked up the price of diesel 1c to $1.37 a litre. Then last week they jacked it up another 1c to $1.38 and then today they jacked the price up another full 3c to $1.41! Im not sure what you like to call that, but when you consider that the yanks were already and still are paying considerably less than us per litre for some time and the fact that our dollar has crept up around parity, I call it highway robbery! What? Yes, of course Im being serious! What? Whadya mean youre gonna come around and charge me with creating a public nuisance? Hello? The moral of my tale is, that when somebody decides to walk through the door of a service station and rob it, it is taken seriously. But when the stations decide to rob everybody who walks through the door, it seems no one could give a rats. PMMcVean, Berrimah ANDREWS COMMENTS WERESPOTON THANK YOU Andrew Bolt (NT News, January 31), again you hit the centre of the bullseye. Listening to the doomsday experts has cost Australia an unknown amount of money with no results to show for it. Now that the decade-long drought has broken and dams are full, the desalination plants will probably not go any further. It is correct that dams could have been built for a fraction of the cost of these desalination plants. Unfortunately these same people will continue to lead Australia down the same path with the same mistakes made until common sense prevails and the necessary infrastructure is implemented. I feel sorry for the people who knock Andrew Bolt. You should think about whats been written. If what hes written was incorrect Im sure thered be legal proceedings against him. Nameandand address withheld Letters LETTER OF THE DAY Government failed in duty IM writing in response to Butch Melzners letter Uni provides a chilling lesson, January 22. The cruelty endured by animals on Mataranka Station was not only distressing but inexcusable. The apparent mishandling of the case when it finally came to light on the part of both the university and the NT Government is indefensible. Its important to understand however that unlike in other states, the RSPCA doesnt have jurisdiction in the Northern Territory. Enforcing animal welfare legislation is solely the responsibility of the Northern Territory Government. Were incredibly disappointed that they clearly did not do their job in this case. While CDU was quick to respond to our concerns, we are yet to receive a satisfactory response from the Government itself. Any organisation, including any Government, charged with protecting the welfare of animals must take that obligation to those animals seriously. The livestock on Mataranka Station were not afforded any such protection and sadly no one will be held accountable for their suffering. As an animal advocacy group that deals with these cases every day, we feel as let down as anyone else. HeatherNeil CEO, RSPCAAustralia A storm over Cox Peninsula. One writer fears unrepresentative groups bearing the name Larrakia will develop the Cox Peninsula while those who maintain their Larrakia identity remain marginalised. Picture: BRAD FLEET SOAPBOX Storm clouds still over Cox development IN the year 2000, Mr Justice Gray of the Federal Court found the Larrakia people, more particularly the claimants known as the Tommy Lyons group, were the traditional owners of the Cox Peninsula under the Northern Territory Land Rights Act of 1976. A decade later, the Federal Government still is considering the historic Kenbi decision, made after more than 30 years of litigation. More recently, Nigel Browne, in his role as chairman of the Larrakia Development Corporation, justifiably has expressed concern that many Larrakia have died without seeing their land returned to them (Let ter of the Day, NT News January 7). In his letter, Nigel Browne suggests the Larrakia Development Corporation is anxious to begin the enormous commercial and economic boost that development of the land would provide once the approvals are given. The Land Rights Act requires traditional owners and others with an interest in the land be consulted. That may not be easy with more than 1600 people now identifying as Larrakia and several organisations purporting to represent them. Despite the resurgence of Larrakia identity, in Darwin and surrounds I know Larrakia descendants living in poverty in town camps who are not members of and have received no benefits from any of the corporations and associations bearing the word Larrakia on their letterhead.. Raylene Singh and others of the Tommy Lyons group who successfully argued they were the only descent group with spiritual ties to the land meanwhile now have reverted to proclaiming in the media and on letterheads to be members of the Danggalaba Clan and Larrakia traditional owners of Darwin. It is true that in 1979 the Kenbi Claim Book suggested the Danggalaba Clan were the traditional owners of the Cox Peninsula. Later, in 1997, for strategic reasons the Northern Land Council chose to put forward a subgroup of the clan, the Tommy Lyons group, as claimants. The decision left the Danggalaba Clan fractured, although continuing to exist as several separate family branches which, in my understanding of a clan, is a contradiction of terms. My concern is that unrepresentative groups bearing the name Larrakia will legitimatise plans to develop the Cox Peninsula in conjunction with a small number of traditional owners while those who have always maintained their Larrakia identity remain marginalised. Dr Bill Day (Consulting Anthropologist), Darwin