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Miscellaneous Correspondence and Data on Alice Springs Flooding 1986



Miscellaneous Correspondence and Data on Alice Springs Flooding 1986


Hamlyn-Harris, D.; Galton, R. P.; Charrington, Rowan; Freyling, Ron


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Northern Territory Government

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Alice Springs


Report no. 33/1986

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I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 5 Mr. Mitchell The initial reaction now would be incredable. Mr. Wood I think the point coming up now is that, in the 1983 floods, particularly with myself, I was at South court when the Todd River came down and we were not aware at that stage that there was no insurance to cover extensive flood dame. Mr. Paige One of the things I was going to raise in this period is how is Department of Community Development going to explain to people that there is no flood insurance, the first question they ask. Mr. Mitchell It's not wrong that we should not ~l"ck that is going to be coming out of it. ,".CJout it so as not to raise severe reaction. Mr. Wood tell them, it's the Make sure you go Perhaps the adverse could come about to where people are looking at a 1-100 year flood occurring and they were flooded out, they found out that people knew about it prior they could ask the question - "Why were' nt we told" That is not as strong as going and telling people initially that is what happens, but it is certainly another consideration. Mr. Mitchell It would lay a few ghosts around the place too, I think most people have a suspicion that there is a flood plain that represents a danger to them, because it is said in the newspapers in fairly oblique terms, so it would'nt come as too much of a shock to anybody including land agents, to know that somebody is prepared to come out and say - "Look, it is true, there is a problem here in the event of this kind of flood and you need to prepare for it II Mr. paige The problem is always previously been that they were supposedly been published through the Flood Plain Management Committee. Department of Mines and Energy are quite keen at the moment to take it on. Mr. Mitchell It might be a job for the council to do. The council's not afraid of getting flack but it is a political decision to be made by a local alderman on the grounds that it is a local issue, it is a suggestion well worth taking up. Mr. Paige I guess the sort of issues to be addressed are, sand mine the Todd River and the recreation lake.