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Miscellaneous Correspondence and Data on Alice Springs Flooding 1986



Miscellaneous Correspondence and Data on Alice Springs Flooding 1986


Hamlyn-Harris, D.; Galton, R. P.; Charrington, Rowan; Freyling, Ron


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Northern Territory Government

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Alice Springs


Report no. 33/1986

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-. I I I I I I I I I I I " 10 Mr. Paige (cont) We need to cut it into two sections to assist in cleaning up the houses, and then I guess the people would clean their own house up first. Then I would go and clean up the businesses. The other thing to bear in mind is your all members of the sub committees, you have been working for two or three days flat out and people are still wanting community services. Hr. Wood Then we ourselves might be involved at home, while we are working in the floods, our homes might be under threat too, so efficiency tends to suffer. Hr. Black The problems exist in terms as to where most of our offices are placed. Mr. Clark At the fire station, with a 1-100 we are looking at about .26 of a metre running through the engine room. Hr. paige We could bank up with sand bags! Mr. Clarke Except when we back out into the street out exhaust pipe is under water, so our movements are curtailed completely. We need to get our trucks out and follow that proceeding flood line back in thats all we can do. If we do have any major fires in the central business district or closer to the river, we are not going to get in there. The only avenue we would have would probably be a 4x4 vehicle with a snorkel type of exhaust or high exhaust, and a portable function out of the back will not be able to get any major appliance, especially a high rescue appliance for people above ground level or first floor. We are not going to get in. Mr. Mitchell If this were real we should have some boats. Mr Paige You would not be able to take them out anyway, it would be too dangerous. Mr. Clark Any potential danger with high flooding and flooding of power services? Mr. Ogden I don't think it would be a worry. Certainly in your areas that are gming to be inundated, feeders would be cut or alternatively the protection would operate automatically.