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Miscellaneous Correspondence and Data on Alice Springs Flooding 1986



Miscellaneous Correspondence and Data on Alice Springs Flooding 1986


Hamlyn-Harris, D.; Galton, R. P.; Charrington, Rowan; Freyling, Ron


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Northern Territory Government

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Alice Springs


Report no. 33/1986

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I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 14 Mr. Wood Supermarkets have food for five days at normal rates. Mr. paige First few days the supermarkets could be out of action due to access. and water damage, freezers not functioning. How have you addressed the welfare group? Mr. Black We have put in front of members the flood plain map and in relation to the draft plan, how does the roles match the realty? Mr. Paige Have you got enough resources to organise things like food and accommodation? and at the same time provide councilling? Mr. Black The welfare group is complicated. It consist of five different sub groups within the Department of Community Development. (1) Aboriginal self service groups that are particularly concerned with the needs of aboriginal people. (2) Welfare branch which is concerned with the Regional Directors of services to people. (3) The Housing Commission has got responsibilities for housing and accommodation as it stands. (4) Correctional Services have got responsibilities for feeding. (5) Education has the responsibility for evacuation centres. These would be the locats at which people would be registered, I gather that is primarily a police operation although just exactly where the personnel come from to do that, just how that is organised is another matter. That is where the registering of victims occurs. It is the place where you provide first stage care unit, where people are in deep shock, wanting material needs. It is also where your handing out clothing and things like that. One of the problems that I think I mentioned before is the worry about Saddadeen itself on the east side. The west side is not too bad, there are a number of locations that are O.K., but it is the east side that is more of a concern. So it is a bit more complicated than perhaps some of the other activities, where you got people who do not normally work together and they form a totally different hierarchy. They are in corporate only for this particular purpose. Mr. Paige I am just wondering, is there any advantage instead of structuring it down the line where a person is responsible for welfare or something like that, you are given a group that is responsible for safety management at Saddadeen High School and has some welfare assistance.?