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Miscellaneous Correspondence and Data on Alice Springs Flooding 1986



Miscellaneous Correspondence and Data on Alice Springs Flooding 1986


Hamlyn-Harris, D.; Galton, R. P.; Charrington, Rowan; Freyling, Ron


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Northern Territory Government

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Alice Springs


Report no. 33/1986

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Northern Territory Government



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1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I 1 I I : 15 Mr. Black That is roughly how it would be at what we can see at being the existing authority structures that are there so that the Headmaster or his Deputy would be the person in charge of operating the school, within the school would be provided a ranqe of ser~ices that is at the trust and integrity of the overall functioning of the school, where you have people giving out cups of tea and coffee, and screening people to their particular needs, finding horne billetts for them and so on, and handing out blankets or whatever. But they would also be operating in a reasonably separate way. Mr. Paige I think you have got to allow for that, you got to allow for this break in communications as well. Mr. Wood You got to at all times have someone in that particular police you "And place that has an overview of what is occurring and if the suddenly contact them and say - "Look how many people have got there?" "Well we got so many this" "So many that" so many with something else" Mr. Paige Any other issues that should be brought out this after noon. Just about all. Mr. Wood I will attempt to extract most of the information from the tape and try to present it in a factual form so that the point raised by ROY, that eventually we can adopt those sort of procedures for a computer. Supt. Ilett NOW, has anyone got any information on what we raised before on what costs there could be? Mr. Paige I guess I saw this meeting as a bit of workshops to the next meeting of this committee, anybody in this group got anything to say? We had hoped to have a big seminar in May, but that is only a point in time because we are waiting on information. Supt. Ilett Hhen 1S the report to be entered by the other interdepartments? Mr. Paige The Water Resources project, we got till the end of the year for the whole package to be out, covered in several stages. Mr. Black The real difficulty is that in a place like ours, there is a lot of turnover of people, there is a lot of people that were not here in 1983. Our welfare group alone is something like 60% turnover a year.