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Miscellaneous Correspondence and Data on Alice Springs Flooding 1986



Miscellaneous Correspondence and Data on Alice Springs Flooding 1986


Hamlyn-Harris, D.; Galton, R. P.; Charrington, Rowan; Freyling, Ron


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Northern Territory Government

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Alice Springs


Report no. 33/1986

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I' 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I 1 1 1 4 WOOD: Mr. Chairman, I think the emphasis is now on the Flood Plain Management through this committee, because we have raised the issue and can now be taken up by our organisation. JORDAN: I am thinking of the advice to people before that of evacuation advice. WOOD: I think that it really extends from the fact that Tracy brought about the cyclone warnin9 literature thats available and our Service was the body that took on that function. Now that this matter is being addressed at this level I think perhaps it may be able to go further with our organisation on flooding, PAIGE: I think the other issue of course is just a political point of raising these sort of issues to the public that is going to be some sort of embarrasement that the Flood Plain Management should take other factors into account, like the fact that they have allowed the development to go ahead in the first place. MITCHELL: Once you have disposed of that, I wouldn't mind moving an exploratory motion that we invite Trevor Gargan to attend our next meeting, to talk to the committee about the role of the Lands Department in flood plain mana<Jement, particularly the Flood Plain Management Committee, Trevor has seen it from both ends, he has seen it at the top en~ and down here now. \\lOOD: Can I perhaps make the resolution regarding the letter, perhaps use that letter and invite Mr. Gargan here to address this committee and perhaps this committee can then find out the information required. Perhaps we don't need to follow up with a letter requesting what the outcome is because I am sure there is an outcome which was meant to be communicated to this meetingobefore now and perhaps it could be left as you say to him, representing the Lands Department. MITCHELL: I will be in favour of that, I think that we shouldn't put too much in writing at this stage. It might be worthwhile getting some advise from Trevor as to how we could approach this situation of getting input to the Management Committee. \\lOOD: So now we have the resolution that instead of writing a letter requesting further followup to those particular issues, we request Mr. T. Gargan to address the next meeting of the RegioCounter Disaster Plan - Region 5. ILETT: \\lhile we are at it, we are now thinking of how far away for th,: next meeting, considering we might not meet for a few months. \\lould that put a different light on it? or do people think we should meet sooner?