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Data Storage, Processing and Retrieval



Data Storage, Processing and Retrieval


Reinhard, R.


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Dept. of Transport and Works

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Report ; 10/1978

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Technical Report WRD78010 Viewed at 00:02:16 on 18/02/2010 Page 11 of 124. " " 3 All original field records should be archived ~, .. ) ... 8.8 soon as the technical data has been d:u.,Plica ted onto 3. B<?condary data stOl'2..e;e systeITI. ~?sed on inter-state GAperience if fu~ure problems are to be minimized it is fJ.:-Gc5sary to verify all data before it is duplicated onto ::>_ secondary d2.ta storage system and the originals a.rchived. If raw data is Eot veri.fied and duplic2.ted soon after it is cell ec ted it is possible for poor tecrti'1iques to become ~t~~dards. In addition the lack of data verification soon .::::.ft.er collection may produce Yolu,'nes of un:Q::'0cessable field ,:1a-ta .. Tile Assessment Group should allocate more resources 35.4 to the acquisi tion of flstandard IDS.; trs.ns:p&.rencies!' that , ,~ . ....1..' D'" . .. , ' 3f'lJi,J -::n.e ...!.ccatlO1'! 01 vne 'lVlSlons ZLonlL;orlng ST..ruc~ures. ~4.!".:ps stored in this form Ca.!"1. be easily re:;;ro3.uced, q,uickly 1.i.~'1at8d and more secure than previoJ.s location Ill8.?S. Tne Drafting Ssction has al~ady commenced a prograz to produce sush a series of maps. ;'.5.:. Coupled. with the production of st2..'"1dard loc:3.tion l!l6pS the Division should exp~,d its current field loea tion iJ2:ograill. 11uch .of the current Ioca tioD inforL1ation was poorer .i."han the plotting accu~acy and in need of upgrading. 3~ 5.6 As budgetary cons tra ~:n ts all 0:"" , the Ili visio'~l should ~..)roduce photo-.reduced nega ti ves 0.1 E.ll drawings. These negatives would provide an efficient mea.Y1S of storage and distribl.Jtion "'::Je"t\-;eeD. offices whilst addi::'1g to the level .'" s.2-'<::'':~ ty affo['~i..ed to the drafted r<2cords. : ... ; ... 7 'rhe use 0:'" ciigi l:a1 st,y~.:'o::..~e by -:.he Ass2sE-:;en.1. :;..co...1.9 \.; A',ld free officers froQ data !'-9""'I..>Tlv21 e.!1d allow' more O.s::.a. Al-'8iysis to be ~.erfCnjjled. : . :. .8 '-:ig'i -:-.pl ..... -.-1'- ;..~e or r:'(::'"r'"O::""roc;. ,'Ill''''' 'i. :::::-'::'T" C!"al"': -Y ;'1"- -=O~O lJ.,.::::. ... ~ _c.;:' ___ ~,-v_a:;. .... "~V~_ .::: __ ~,,_ '-".,. " __ '._ "' ...... .I. .... ___ .l..o' _'- ..... v_ r~c.u.rd.s 2.8 S.,)Ol: "::'.8 uuc.get.al'Y CO_1strain-cs perr::i tted. iiigi tal !2;:oT.~ge of "lhese records was reco!'illJ'~no.ed bec2..1..i.s- i"t best ;.~,)lfil18d. -.. he req..:ire:-_:,:::nts of st)ragG 2.r..d u-;-"l.iz3.tio::1 at - '. "c.--::. '_v __ ~ .~ :'~l 0.f t.; -::-:-e s,.,v-"-'c::-e 8>"61,,2;]";8 re;:;:uir9 t.he Lt.~::. 01. &. (:.omoJ.t..er ~0r G~ta ~~~ly3is ..