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Alice Springs town basin, review 2003



Alice Springs town basin, review 2003


Read, R. E.


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Alice Springs


Report ; no. 42/2003

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Table 1 Hydrographic Stations Station Name East North Record Type Start Finish DE015540 Alice Springs P O 384763 7377583 Evaporation Pan DE015590 ALICE SPRINGS AIRPORT - Met Office 386820 738020 01/01/1967 Current Evaporation Pan DR015517 TEMPLE BAR 384658 7369462 31/12/1954 31/12/1970 Rain Gauge DR015540 ALICE SPRINGS P.O. 384599 7376843 30/06/1873 31/05/1987 Rain Gauge DR015590 ALICE SPRINGS AIRPORT - Met Office 386820 738020 1/10/1941 Current Rain Gauge DR015628 Alice Springs Golf Club 385879 7376116 31/07/1990 Current Rain Gauge DR015630 HEAVITREE GAP 384150 7375500 31/12/1889 30/11/1911 Rain Gauge DR015648 Alice Springs Eastside 386792 7378891 31/12/1981 Current Rain Gauge R0060047 Charles River At Big Dipper 384119 7384245 14/10/1958 28/02/1979 Rain Gauge R0060009 Todd River Yard behind Nth Stuart Hwy NRD Office. 385350 7379797 11/03/1980 Current Rain Gauge, now moved from the site shown G0060009 Todd River at Anzac Oval 386342 7379120 01/08/1959 Current Stream Gauge and automatic rain gauge G0060010 TODD RIVER AT DAMSITE 386269 7380547 15/05/1967 26/05/1972 Stream Gauge G0060126 Todd River at Heavitree Gap 384317 7375366 02/08/1959 Current Stream Gauge G0060500 Alice Springs Sewage Ponds at Flume 383575 7374794 07/06/1977 Current Stream Gauge G0060046 Todd River at Wigley Gorge 385988 7385801 21/06/1972 Current Stream Gauge and automatic rain gauge G0060047 Charles River at Big Dipper 384119 7384245 13/07/1958 08/01/1987 Stream Gauge and automatic rain gauge Table 2 Estimated Annual flows Station No Name Period of record Estimated average ML/year, from gaugings in HYDSYS Estimated average annual flow based on catchment area ML/year G0060046 Wigley 1962-2001 12 000 12000 G0060009 Anzac 1972-2002 15 000 15000 G0060126 Heavitree 1973-2001 31 000 16800 The estimates for Anzac and Wigley are reasonably consistent, considering that the discharge of the Charles River should be added. The estimate for Heavitree Gap is far too high. The estimate based on catchment area, in the far right column of Table 2 is closer. An attempt was made to compare individual flows and flows in years (Figure 6