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Alice Springs town basin, review 2003



Alice Springs town basin, review 2003


Read, R. E.


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Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Environment

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Alice Springs


Report ; no. 42/2003

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4 ), but no consistent relationship could be obtained. The degree of scatter shows that there are serious problems with the data. The data for G0060126 needs to be analysed by a surface water professional. It would be useful if old data on ticker tape was digitised. 0 40000 80000 120000 160000 Gauged annual flow at Anzac, ML/y 0 40000 80000 120000 160000 G au ge d A nn ua l F lo w s at W ig le y an d H ea vi tre e, M L/ y Heavitree Gap Wigley Gorge Figure 4 Comparison of annual flows at Heavitree and Wigley with Anzac, using data in HYDSYS from 1972 to 2001 All the stations have some periods of poor record due to malfunctioning recorders. The data needs to be analysed and in-filled by a surface water hydrologist. In particular the rating curve for Heavitree Gap needs to be revised. It was recognised by Quinlan and Woolley (1969) and others that the critical parameter for estimating the safe yield is the probable maximum time between flows. Figure 5 shows estimated probability of times between flows. This is similar to Figure 6 of Quinlan and Woolley (1969), and shows the same upward inflection at about 200 days. The inflection appears to be a reflection of the strong seasonality of flows, that is flows are unlikely from May to October. The graph suggests that the 630 day period of no flow that ended 1/12/1980 was exceptional, and this could be taken as an effective upper limit. A reasonable estimate is that the Todds average annual flow is 15000 ML/year. Details of salt and chloride flux at the gauging stations are shown in Appendix A. 7