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Alice Springs town basin, review 2003



Alice Springs town basin, review 2003


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Alice Springs


Report ; no. 42/2003

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Table 3 Reports of the former BMR Record No Title Author(s) 1957/020 Preliminary Report on Geophysical Investigations A+D of Underground Water, Alice Springs, Northern Territory, 1956. D.F.Dyson. [town basin] 1957/089 Final report on the Geophysical Investigations of Underground Water Alice Springs NT 1956 DF Dyson, WA Wiebenga 1962/075 The Occurrence of Groundwater in the Alice Springs Town Basin. T. Quinlan & D.R.Woolley. 1962/075A Test drilling at Bent Tree Well Alice Springs T Quinlan, D Woolley 1963/147 Completion report on bores 62/9 Alice Springs only Town Basin T Quinlan, D Woolley 1967/017 The Alice Springs Town Basin a Case History T. Quinlan 1967/069 Criteria for the design and evaluation of mathematical models for the Alice Springs town basin T Quinlan Bulletin 89 Geology and Hydrology, Alice Springs Town and Inner Farm Basins, Northern Territory T Quinlan, D Woolley Bulletin 89 summarises all previous geological investigations in the Town Basin, and remains the most useful account of the geology. One major problem with all the BMR publications is that bores are referred to by project numbers and local names, not the Registered Numbers. The map of the Town Basin sediments presented in this report is still the best available. Only in a few areas such as the Railway Yards where there have been recent investigations near the fringe of the basin is there additional data. Table 4 Reports of the former Water Resources Branch (including reports of the former BMR and Commonwealth Works held in the WRB system) Report No. Date Title Author Type 01/54 A MAR.54 Geological Investigations of Underground Water Resources at Alice Springs. [town basin ] >Resident Geologist Office, Darwin H.B.Owen 04/58 A DEC.58 Report on Engineering Investigations of the Water Resources of Alice Springs during 1956/57 H.Wilson. [Town Basin] 05/58 A DEC.58 Alice Springs Water Supply: Report on Water Resources (includes corrections to 05/58) [Town Basin] 01/59 A OCT.59 Alice Springs Town Water Supply 1958/59 H.Wilson. [Town Basin] 05/58 A DEC.58 Alice Springs Water Supply: Report on Water Resources (includes corrections to 05/58) [Town Basin] 01/60 A JAN.60 Alice Springs Water Supply Interim Appreciation R.N.Eden, Director of WRB 02/60 A 1960 Test Drilling at Bent Tree Well, Alice Springs. T. Quinlan, D. Woolley. >Resident Geologist Office C 9