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Alice Springs town basin, review 2003



Alice Springs town basin, review 2003


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Alice Springs


Report ; no. 42/2003

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C- 2 Golder Associates (2001) conducted an audit and suggested additional monitoring bores and some remediation work. The monitoring bores have been constructed, but the remediation work has not been done. Continued monitoring (IT Environmental 2004) suggests that the plume is continuing to expand. Wills Terrace stormwater outfall Three monitoring bores were drilled in the Todd River near the Wills Terrace stormwater outfall on behalf of Shell Australia to check for hydrocarbons carried down the drain from the Shell depot. It should be noted that the Shell depot is not the only possible source of this contamination. Summarised results are shown in Table C-1 . Hydrocarbons have been detected erratically. Table C-1 Selected data from the Wills Terrace outfall area, after Golder Associates (2001) Date MW31 MW32 MW33 SWL m (1) TRH g/L (2) SWL m (1) TRH g/L (2) SWL m (1) TRH g/L (2) 9/5/98 0.28 ND 0.284 ND 0.340 610 14/5/99 1.945 412 2.168 19/6/00 0.594 ND 0.405 ND 15/12/00 0.537 200 0.381 ND 20/10/01 1.499 370 1.099 250 28/5/02 0.935 ND 1.055 530 11/11/02 1.270 650 1.562 1240 12/5/03 Bore destroyed 1.128 410 1.195 # 2/12/03 1.425 # Dry (3) (1) SWL, standing water level (2) TRH, total recoverable hydrocarbons, the sum of the C6-C9, C10-C14, C15-C28, C29-36 results. (3) The bore is described as dry, but the SWL in MW32 clearly shows that water level is above the bottom of the screen. Presumably the bore has sanded up.