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Bore completion report. Gan-gan outstation DLH-498 (27583)



Bore completion report. Gan-gan outstation DLH-498 (27583)


Karp, Danuta


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Report No 88/91

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Technical Report WRD91088 Viewed at 15:07:08 on 29/07/2010 Page 12 of 12. RECCliliENll.!u."'IOHS FOR F!2lISEING, Ol'~-::; ~ Pll.OTZCTI:1!G G:l.OUNDTot.!u."'Ell. BORES At:=e.I::t:::iau t:o t:.b.e following ?Oi::l.1:3 .,.-;-ll e'!lSure a long and sae ,..: .l:e for !:..he bore supply and ~elp preven~ poll~~~on of the gr~und~ter =eSOU:C2. 1. Const:=-.!c:!: a. COIlC':'e'Ca a-p-:::,'01l. arcu::I.ci the bcre head to prevent: SU==~C2 lc~~ seepage ~ ~s~e fram en~er~-g tne bo~e. 2.. Seal t.b.e space oet":ieosn t!:le C!l.Si=lg and "p'tlllIp equ:i,:;:e::::'C to preve!ll:. enc=7 of 7er:::";:1: cij -~ and POllUl:;l,D.:t:3 .. 3. 4. 5. Ma:l;-::3.; .... p-omp::i.=l.g equ.:L:;lme!::I: i.:1 geod oreer to preve!J,:c. spi..llage of r..J.2l and aU on 6e g=ctJ.:ld arcund e~~er and other cbs~cals at leas~ 50 ~ a~y. pollut~~. '" . t.::.e Co~ .. Keep S1:0C~ tile Do::-e. a'Way 1:== the TIle f::'::91: ta.? 'bore b.eaci. Di.sc=u.=:lge dcmes.:=..c ac'!:~-vi.:t7 at on t'::'e pi-pe ~ ..; .... e si:.culd IlC1: ~e less t::.b.a:c. 5 ~ ~:i.::tg t'"=.e leacH.ng eo proiess::'c:la.l. bore at b.i.gil.er thaI::. rec~"!ldeci =a1:.es =ay for2=. t.e bore :in.st.a.bj 1.: t'7 of pump ma.:i.:c:t:El:laIlcS! prcble!r.S.. Seek ~ aanc9 o an h:ydrogeo1.cg::'st or 3='~7""ci"War.er en.gi.neer .. 6. ! t;~12 'bcre is uo lcn:ger requi:=9a~ "';"'e C:J.Bi.:::.g :is: to be re:a::avea. or sec~e.ly capped and ~e bore bacs"::..lJ..ed 7.i.~ c1.ayey .nat:ar::nl'. A cs:men"C ?1.ug :ay be requi.red i:l sc:&e i:J:ls~2S. TIl ADDI':IC1i" ?lease ensure +-~31: cl:e BORE IDEnTIEIc;'--r"mr TAG is =eL,:irea sec.='2l.y a1: all. t=..::J::es," !'.he re.g.:is:ared bore nu:::ilier :is Warer Resourc.es Di.V"'...:.s:::'on4 s only rei'ere!lC2 'to 6e sc~e!l.1:=.::'C: and e!lg:'::'ee~-=g dat::a on this bor~~ ~ henc.e ~o~~rt to wnDlg ~~~er ad~c2 to bcr~ crgne~s.

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