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Guidelines for Technical and Financial Management of Projects



Guidelines for Technical and Financial Management of Projects


Smith, Ian


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Power and Water Authority

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Report ; 33/1993

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T echnical R eport W R D 93033 V iew ed at 15:07:48 on 29/07/2010 P age 12 of 36. ESTlMA~E SCHEDULE i:'I<:DCr::CT TYPE Wli.D VROJEC1' 1. Tot,) 11 y fund8d fr.O~n WRD bud:qet appropriation OTHER PAJrfA 2. "rota 11 y fund.od by Oti1lt1es Directorato ~lt.hout any other: source of funda. N~ GOVEltNHENT :3. Fundad. by nOh-cOlfllnercl.al N'fG dE:pa. rtmct)ts (J r agencIes COMMONWEAl.'!'" 4. Funded ~hollyl p'.:.rti,--d l.y by CommonWillllth D(:pc~ rtroont or d~IHncy OTHER - PRIVATE COMMERCIAL , COMMONWEALTH, N" GOVERNMENT 5. Funded othar t-han ilS in 1, 2, 3 or 4 abov-. BASIS Of E.S':::UMTE/CONTRI\CT MANpOWER lime only; fixed I;p(.lOI" l:lmit. OPERATIONS/ COmH.il"'Jl..BLES R(~:imbLlrE:db10 Qxpen&or. at cas~. Fixed LIpper Reimbur.silble Hroit fea; expenSeS at C():st. usi 09 hourly ratol$ $'J5 for 1?S~P41 SSE> for: P]/3, $46 (or 'fochnkcll (or Sohedule of Rat.e,s) Fixed uppor Rcl.\mbur6,lble limit feei expenses at cost. using hourly (a to." $75 for PS-I'4., $55 for Pl /3. $46 for Tochnical (or Schedule ot RaLes) Accor;ding to Relmbur$dbie Treasury <:tnd/or 8Xp",nSEls at Goat. Comm~')nwea 1 th requIrements. Fixed upper Ra:lmbursab~<, limi t fee; o}(penses at cost:. uSing- hourly r"d:es $'/5 for P~-P4. $55 for t>1!3., $46 for T .. cl1nical (c.r Sciwdu:Ji! Gf rilti!fi ADVA.."KR, N/A Nil c.as.h cldvunoe but client {JLovld~B proJoct number to WRD fo:c openlt;J on1\] 8xp-eJ)djtllr~. Tota I ~tgrG0d .~slimatfXl cost. to WRD 11.ecovttrable: Work:;. Accollnt.; rn.:lnpower component debited by c.redit to NT Tre-aBlJry. 1\ccou~j "9 1..0 Commonwoalth r aqlli rem&ntl$; KtRI) budget topped up to match. Total agn'Oc:d ostimated cost to wrm .H.covorab18 Works l\cCQUnt. f:XPI';ND t TORF. AGr;.rr THAll, MANPOWER tostod diH';cLi y tD WPJ) budge l Chit ,q/J' to project and crc.d.1.t manpowlH C()ritra charge lo project ilnd cr(~dit mtlnpower contra. Cos ted directJy to WRD budget.: and th80 to pro')IKt through Ai!:>. Chargf, to Pro-}oct. <lnd crocii t mdnpOWe_! contra. OPEHATlO'SSI CONSDMABIS CC'Bt<='U dl.tc:cTly Lo cost cGntr-e~ . WRD COil:ts all oplraUonal and c-.onsUffiablo ~)(pa-nd:lture <lgains.t clh1nt pl:O'lcct. numbt~r. proj~ct I:~U,,; GeneJ;al J..cdqftr; InhmJse. suppOrt sYStt:!ID. yet to bo daterm~nC!d. Project File) G(Jno La 1 Ledgi:r; AlS. WHU purchases ll?rOjoct Yl J e; all opora:. tonal Genaril.l Ledger; and consutl\ilbl-e AIS. :xpend:!t\l[e f.r.om W.l.P <lccount 16~!1. l\ll Dpura1:.ional I Project File; I Ill1d con~'\lnl<)bl.. Genl2!r~ll f .... '1(l,<}(J-r; expenditure ATS. from Wf<.D (;O~t centre budg ... ts. WRD p\jrch.:,sc!> I Project FUe; ..11 op(n\1.tional Genenl Ledg-o aDd consumahle. AIS. expendi tUtC to W.Lf'. aCGo\mL 1611 .ttMJ~ SfltETS YO$ ~ f.:,r ? rojiOct Manager:~ LQ monit(;.r. Yes. fer S~~ct lOn Hellcts to monitor. Yes~ for Section H(!flds to monitor. Yes - for. 1I.1S. Yes - for: SecLloIJ Hea.ds 1:0 monitor. U)

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