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Guidelines for Technical and Financial Management of Projects



Guidelines for Technical and Financial Management of Projects


Smith, Ian


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Report ; 33/1993

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Technical Report WRD93033 Viewed at 15:07:48 on 29/07/2010 Page 15 of 36. GUIDELINES FOR FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT OF PROJECTS 11 MANPOWER/TIME SUMMARIES Manpower charge rates : Professional P4/5 Professional PIJ3 Technical/other $75.00 per hour $55.00 per hour $46.00 per hour Nil recovery but Time Summa r ies are still requi red by Project Managers for monitoring purposes PAWA Full recovery. Manpo .".er charges are our estimate of required time billed at the above rates. This will then be billed at the commencement of the job as a single item. ALL OTHER CLIE~yS Full recovery, as for PAvlA. Time summaries are Administxation require projects only (Landcare) OPERATIONAL EXPENDITURE Purcha~Q RQquis~ticns required for a11 of the Time Sttmmaries for Commonwealth Project Managers get the rest. above. funded These can be entered in the MIMS system either by Depot staff or Admin staff, but if the purchas~ is project related/ copies of the requisition MUST go to the project manager for cost tracking purposes. Credit Cards Credit Card Holders MUS~ send the Project Manager copies of their credit card purchase slips with the relevant project nurr~er written on it ONCE A WEEK for both ~ecoverable and non-recoverable projects/ before being sent to Accounts Payable for payment through MIMS. Petty Cash Copies of petty cash vouchers MUST be given to the project manager before being claimed from the cashier t s office. These payments are also made through MINS and then passed to the project through the system. Freight/Barge/Charter As above Stores Issues (Bu~k store) As Above. Stores issue purchases are obtained from the cost ing sheets provided by field staff to the supervisor. It is important that every effort is made to ensure nothing is missed as the account 48103D1000\16957 where stores issues are initially costed to has to be cleared at the end of each month. These costs are cleared to the projects leaving a nil balance in 48103D100006957. Operationa~ Fuel (Bu~k) This is purchased against cost centre 48105D100006223 and then charged to the project from the costing sheet provided from field staff to the supervisor. . .. /12