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Electronic Data Collection and Analysis System


Yin Foo, Des; Foley, Margaret


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Report ; 39/1992

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Technical Report WRD92039 Viewed at 15:07:17 on 29/07/2010 Page 109 of 192. Water guallty and Temperature The cheapest alternative here is to pJace a Westdata temperature and conductiVity sensor in the drum or some othtT containment into which the water discharges poor to flowing away through a channel or lrIigation fluming. As the electrical output of the Westdata temperature sensor is frequency. the logger to which it is connected would need to be closeby; also. the water container should be well removed from the pump and its power cables. For the condllctIvity sensor. a Westdata fonT electrode or toroidal sensor (if In productlon] should be conSidered: if these are not optimiZed to groundwater conductiVities. I am sure that Westdala would be happy to make the necessary adjustments. In a Situation where g,ceater temperature accuracy Is desired. or where it may be desirable to mopltor flow from different aquifers into a pumped bore (requiring perhaps multiple temperature probes) then a Mindata downhole temperature sensor is suggested, this bemg the only unit available that will transmit curreni. Loggers It is su,;gested that a 4 c..>,annel Mlndala logger be employed to receive Signals from pres..,ure transducers in the pumped bore and the closest observation bore. The other two channels could be use,1 for different purposes at dilferent times. For example one channel could be used for monitoring water level in another close observation bore. One may be used for monitoring temperature through a Mindata downhole probe. or it may be used for monltor,ng flow rate by receiVing the !lO\vrneter signal. The Mindata logger is well priced, can supply power to 4-20 rnA transducers from its O\Vn power supply (which can be supplemented by an e,,-terTIa! supply). its logging status and the current transducer readings can be inspected using a laptop at any time. and the logger can be downloaded 'Nithout affecting logging operations so that results up until a certain tinle can be plotted and inspected whenever desired. For a simple pump test setup involving the monitoring and recoccUng of water .levels in up to three bores. together with the recordmg of flowrate. only this one logger v,iOuld be required, as long as barometric correction was not required or was done under software control through manual reading of a barometer Alternatively. a Mindata barometer could be purchased and plugged into one logger channel: see below. As mentioned. the Mlndala logger can pro\ide power to downhole pressure (and temperature] transducers. \\'here a 4-20 rnA devlce is supplylng its own power {as will probably be the case with the flovttneterl. there will need to be correct lnterfacmg between the two. This rP.atter will have to be discussed with r>lindata if this option is chosen: it 46 , ,