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Electronic Data Collection and Analysis System



Electronic Data Collection and Analysis System


Yin Foo, Des; Foley, Margaret


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Report ; 39/1992

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Technical Report WRD92039 Viewed at 15:07:17 on 29/07/2010 Page 122 of 192. ENVIRONMENTAIL DATA SYSTEMS--------SERIES 3000 SPECIFICATIONS THE SYSTEM: INPUT OPTIONS: Model 3000 IS fitted wiih - 2 X Anillogue inputs - 1 X SWitch inpui Model 3500 is fitted wim - 4 X Anillogue inputs I X SWitch mput I X enc(Jder input (H.S AD375) FiElD COMMUNICATION SORWARE: The "Dr' field communication sofiware package is c basic system suitable lor operators who recurre a flexlo.e. easy to use dato logging system. ille "DATRH" field communicaiion sofiware package is an npplicction specific terminal SYSTem With me facility to lag user specified variables arid messages imo the data file on command. It is "sually modified to meetihe specific requirements of large volume clien;s. ElECTRICAl: Processor Dperar.ng Temperature C:ock: ''IPS Accuracv MemalY !npuis Type Capacity Log Interucl 80C652 -lOoe to +600 Crystal regulated. Real Time 10 sec / month flash EPROM or EEPROM. Non~vo!ati Ie 1 0 year dare retention I 28K slcndard 2 second to 24 hours, software selectable SENSOR OPTIONS: Water Level Pressure sensor, rotary encoder, capacitance sensor Waler Quality Electrical condUCTIvity, IUrbidity, temperature, Dissolved Oxygen. Redox. pH, etc. SwiCh Inputs Rainfall, pump on/off. instrusion alanm. limit alarm Water Velocity Doppler ~ow sensor DATA RETRIEVAL OPTIONS: (i) . Removable Memory Module. ille memory module :5 exchanged with a blank one ot a field service visit cnd the used module returned to a host computer system for downloading and processing. (ii) - Field Download to Computer Disc. Octo is retrieved in the field to your portable computer's disc for retum to lt1e host computer. (iii) - Telemetry. ?ower Usrng me oplional telephone modem, data is ,etrieved over the Telecom switched network direct ~o the host computer. (Reaitime infonmolion is available using either synthesized voice or direct computer access.) Satellite or Radio links are oplional. 2 X Internal sealed lead aCid borrenes 12V 2.2A.H. each Average recharge or exchange :equi:'ement - 4 months Provision for external mains trickle or solar pane! charging MECHANICAL: Enclosure: Morenai ProtecTIon Connectors: Motenoi P~otection Tough :mpacr resisiant ASS iPS7, submersible Plated orass, gOid plated comocts SubrGersib!e, rated ~mloque Accurccy & ReSOlution 1 :20,000 to 30 metres water ('Jpprox, 14.5 bit) Mou;jTlng" Sheif Of waH mount USing screws NomlDol 12 VDC swilcn "ower tlraugh base OutSide af gaskeled area SUPplied to sensors Welget: j 250 gms . excluding battenes 1 Cigltd SWitch closure, 2890 gms Jnciuding batienes j Incremenra! encoder L: Dlme:lSIOns 230mm x i 40mm x 95 mm d ,J-alO OltS, 1 stOD bt pafiJy Ignore ~mUP_'iG_a_h,_"n ____________ R_S_2_32 __ 1_2n_JO __ !_9_60_0 __ BC_"U_d ____________________________________________ ~ Your Nearest Distributor MINDATA PTY. LTD. Unll 2. 10 12 Peninsula Boulevard Seoiord Victoria 3198 AUSTRAliA, Teleohone (03) 785 3777 Internanoncl ~61 37853777 faCSimile 61 37853774