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Electronic Data Collection and Analysis System



Electronic Data Collection and Analysis System


Yin Foo, Des; Foley, Margaret


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Report ; 39/1992

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Technical Report WRD92039 Viewed at 15:07:17 on 29/07/2010 Page 124 of 192. Signal Conditoning Unit Description The MDL 12DO sensing element consists of piezoresistive strain gauges elt~ctronfcally dtffuSEld onto a single homogenous si!1ccn wafer. The piezQ-reslstors form a full WhE!atstone bridge '.vnose -output is proportional to the pressure applied to the ciapnram. The se:1slng eiement is mounted onto a header in which glass is,:)iated feed throU~lh wires monitor the changes in volta;;;E), Gold leads connect the piezoresistors to the teed through wires. Specifications ______ , ____ .M __ Supply Voltage Output Currem PW;5sure Ranges (Metres ot Waten A mimmum of 121.1 DC must be present at the transmitter. 420mA independent of $uppl~' voltage vanations (If cab,'e lengths. D-epth ! 0 me!res 2.0 m~;res 5.0 metres 10 metres 20 metres 50 metres 100 metres 200 metres 500 metres Over pressure without affecting calibration 25 :netres 25 merres 25 metres :30 metres 40 metres 70 metres i 50 metres 300 metres 750 metres Higner ranges avai!at:!e ;0 10.000 KPa Linea!it-y !: 0.1% FS P!ease nominate :::O.2~'; fS Repeatabljity Less than::: 0.1 % FS tor all ranges Resolution infinite over fl:iJ range Resonant Frequency <- 30KHz S10ck ResIstance t-6'ITi'6Tnecf 'fii'r~riiiir Shit: and coefflGt"mt of s:ensjti'lity Wetght Dl:nenSlOIlS Cable Options 1000g Range Error (C , .0 meter w,ater tess than 0.06"/Q 2.0 meter W-3.tr iess than 0,030/", 5.0 meter W_3:tf (ess than 0.15% '0 meter w-l!er less than 0,01 % 20 meier W3Ier less than 0.008% =0 meter'll 3ter less than 0.006'% 100 meter w3ter less than O,OO5'~~ 150 gms 170mrn )< '21mm 00 2 Wlr-e poiyethylene sheathw WIth earth Shield and FVC jacket 4 wwe avail,,:bfe for uSe with temperature prooe Optional ;.;,evlar stram relief Integral ven:ea cable Options Semlcond~C!Gr t<;;f'l1peratuf sensor Your nearest Distributor: Model 1220 option Single Channel Data Logger The MOL 1220 IS an integrated pressure transmitter and program mabie data logger, The combination is ready to use and contains aU resident software. Any laptop computer or PC can be used to set the Joggmg rate and read the data. The non-volatile memory co!lects 20,000 values and aU data is stored in engineenng units 6.g. "mm" or "KPa", The logger and transmitter can be sllPplied as a singJe {submersible) package or as separate units. lnterrogation is via a waterproof RS232 cable with lengths up to 100m. Batteries can be either internal, with a life of 3 months or externai A network option allows multipie units to be connected via Inexpensive 4 wire cable. Logger Specs - Model 1220 Specifications Programmmg Commands Set Time Set Loggmg Rate Read Cunent Value Clear Memorl Dump Dara Hardwa.re inouts Dare Hr Min Sec Days Hr Min D,splays reading In mrn'. De,letes stores values Trar,siers memory contents to RS232 port. Strain gauge from pressure transducer. Of;;tcnal 2 channel S 4- channel fogger. ~~~~-.. -........ Output 1 channel for SWitch contacts at programmed setting. Resolution Microprocessor ROM RAM RS232 Network Cmnmunlcatlo:-os Data Storage Rea! Time C:oc:<. Power Supply ExtemaJ !nternai Mindata pty. Ltd. HO 6301 CMOS. 3.2k CMOS standara ul1Jt deli'/ered 'Nit;' dara }cqUlsi;:ion software stored In ROM. 321< CMOS non volatile 3aur.! Rates 300 1200 4800 9600 Xcr.. Xoff protoc;:J supported, X 3.28 Protocol Supported. RS2:;2 . RSJ.85 Supported. 20.000 values stored ,,...-ith date and time stamp, Ye.~j Month D.av Hr r"tiJ1 Sec. Also leap years ~re taken Into acccunt. Accuracy' 1 sec, month. 12-24 Volt Power Module 9-: 2 Volt ltnm Nicad or Alkaline. Ut~ apprOXlil1ately 6 months. unit 2. 1012 peninsula Blvd. seaford 3198, Victoria Australia. Telep!10ne 735 3777 International + 61 3 iSS 3777 Facsimlie .61 37853774 ielex M3033l CCMCOM MINDAiA LX