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Electronic Data Collection and Analysis System



Electronic Data Collection and Analysis System


Yin Foo, Des; Foley, Margaret


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Report ; 39/1992

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Technical Report WRD92039 Viewed at 15:07:17 on 29/07/2010 Page 130 of 192. ASEA BROWN BOVERI Kent Deltapi K Series Electronic Transmitters Model K-DC Transmitter for differential pressure spans: from 21 mba, to 72 bar (8.4 in HoO -1 044 psid) Specification sheet static pressure: up to 160 bar (2320 psig) ----------------------------~------~~ High accura.cy with wide choice of measuring ranges Self-compensating for static pressure changes Compact, rugged, lightweiJht, easy to install and service Modularconstruction - hig h commonality of parts - optimum field interchang,~ability Non-interacting external z"ro & span and external damping adjustments Unique inductive sensing (patents issued or pending 0) with advanced electronics guarantees high stability and reliability Compatible with all 2-wire 'systems Complies wit:. relevant lEe:, NEMA and SAMA requirements for test proc;!dures and environmental protection Meets NACE speCification MR-01-75, 1984 revision Flameproof and Intrinsic Safety CENELEC approvals Sensor code MEASURING RANGE AND SPAN LIMITS . '!!j'.; ::Y'~--~. , " 'J~ ,_ Lower Up;::er Min. ~ .. lax. Measuring range limits (mbar) r-::._: .... m._ .. .1 Span limits (mbar) ,'fu~"",;,,,,."["l~',JC;:" Conversion factors: 1 mbar= 10.2 mm H20 = 0.1 kPa = OA015 in H20 = 0.0145 psig _____________________ FEATURES __________________________ __ fAodel KDC, tile medium ra~ge drtferential pressure variant of the Ker.t Deltapi K series of electronic transmirters, provides accumte differential pressure, !evel, low gauge pressure, vacuum and specific gravity measurements in spans of up to 72 bar (1 044psidl at line presscres of up to 160 bar';2320 psig). It irlCorporates a. unique inductive sensing .and measuring system that provides consistently reliable and stabie performance under all types oi process conditions, coupled with simple lest and calibration procedures and minimum maintenance requirements" The Oeltc!pi K transmiltercomprises two main elemems: a sensor and an electronics module. The sensor converts the differential pressure of the prccess fluid (liquid, gas or vapour) inio proportionate changes of two inductance values from which the electronics module procuces a standard output signal. Seven versions at sensors are avaiiable to suit "he measuring ranges or spans to be used. The electronics module, including all coarse and fine adjustments. process terminations, etc., comprising the top works, is contained within a waterproof housing mounted on the bottom works containing the sensor. process flanges. drainvent vaives, etc. , Protected by onf~ or more 0: the lolfowirrg Patents /tatyn 232i9--A/81 anen 21983,4:8] Europe n. 71581 U SA n 4538465 and 455:9829 Spain rl. 513994 and 534062 ,/apBn P3!ents applied for S.lS.103/E Rev.E