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Electronic Data Collection and Analysis System


Yin Foo, Des; Foley, Margaret


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Report ; 39/1992

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Technical Report WRD92039 Viewed at 15:07:17 on 29/07/2010 Page 131 of 192. input spans: from 21 mbar to 72 bar. Span adjustment lr:temal coarse step (switch selector). - Externa! fine continuous. Zero adjustment Externa! ;ine continuous. Suppression-elevation adjustments ~ Ir;~ernal coarse steD (switch selector). ~ ~x:ernaJ fine cominuous. Maximum zero suppression 8L% of URL (Upper Range Limtt) or 50G%, of min span. :Zero supp. + span:$ URL). Maximum zero elevation 100% of URL or 600% of min span. Damping Standard: 0.5 sec time constant (63'}~). - Optional: externally adjustable frol1 0.2 to 2.5 sec time constant (63%). Operating conditions FUNCTIONAL SPECIFICATIONS Normal operatIng pressure limits operates within specifications between 15 mbar aDs (a:mospheric pressure with Fomblln Y04 0 oil fill) and 160 bar (0) (140 bar with AISI304 ss fiange bolting). OVerrange limits Equa! to max operating pressure 0;- a bar absolute on el:her side without damage to the transmitter. Volume of process chamber 10 em3 approx. Volumetric displacement < 0.1 cm';' br max span. < O.2cm 30verra;:ged. Power supply Transmitter operates on 12 to 42 Vdc with no bad. Load limitation: see figure on right. Output signal: 4 to 20 rnA, 2-wire. Internal resistance of the optional output meter: - 3.6 Q for 90' type - 5.7 Q for 240' type R Total loop resistance (Q) soc f--------, (reLI Va Supply voltage {Vdc) 1nstrument is prc~ected agains\ reverse polarity connection. {'"'} Equal to maximum state pressure, =.xtended operating pressure: 207 bar (max temperature: 38 ~C) iift;om~~~wf,k~[~~ u~t:;:~~7!:c< r~c@J'i1i!litj' ~!~,~~~. r';,.{t!L~a!a~H ~i ~~~;~~i=:~ ~J ,., 860 fo-l 060 :~>.z:-:.'::~:>:-_~ f~~f~~ - ~~/ >" pressure~. . -.;.,'" ~~.-7< ~~~c~_~ !\~~~::;;~R?~;IO~. ~*<i:.!f~;~L"*-'-;-;t~;~G~'~~:3_:~' ,:~ 2S~:L_:' ':~r~ PERFORMANCE SPECIFICATIONS _________ _ Unless otherwise stated performance specifications are given at reference operating conditions, static pressure equal to atmospheric pressure and zero ba:sed range for transmitter with isolating diaphragm in A1SI 316 L S5 or Haste!1oy C 276 0 and Silicone oil fJlt Test procedL:res and cperating influences are in ac ....... rdance with relevant IEC and SAMA standards. Unless otherwise stated, all errors are quoted as percentages of output signal span_ Total effect is the maximum effect (zero shift and span change) at any point in the calibrated range. Operating influences Ambient temperature Zero shift and span change for a 10K cn"nlecver the - 25 (a + 85 c: Repeatability: less than 0_05% Hysteresis: less than 0.1 % (per sensor E - 6 - 7:;;; 0.15%) Dead band: negligible On span, max effect in % of reading of calibrated span for 80 bar change: W~",~~enso!CC"~ t:~_Se~n chanR9_;_ ___ Z"3~r:-O~- ,. . + ([2$%';"'-:: i t j ':: E,J.6:'G-: ~.: .... ~.ii::lO~~ _.~ Vibration Total effect at 1 to 500 Hz and acceleralion up to 20 m!s2 (2g) in any axis: 1&2L: s1.n-Sor:':-: EJ.Qil!Li>ffe~t"':_ , b T~:D-: i;.:.E:7--:- t...: O"QY~ __ .~ C:,;;3:;:' , .. <. b- E1,M'L.--_ i1:t~2,_:".a.:.~--: -_;;: Efr-~~_~-_~~~~~~~ Mounting position Rotations in plane of diaphragm have no effect. A lift to 90' from vertical causes the rol!owing Zero shifts which can be corrected with the zero adjustment:

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