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Electronic Data Collection and Analysis System


Yin Foo, Des; Foley, Margaret


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Report ; 39/1992

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Technical Report WRD92039 Viewed at 15:07:17 on 29/07/2010 Page 132 of 192. Power supply V-/ithin volt,Jge/k!ad specified lirr,its the total effect is less th5fl 0.01 o,/~N_ Load Within loaolvoltflge -specified Hmits the !otal effect from 0 to max load is less than 0.1%. Materials Process isolating dIaphragms and rings (') - Stafidard: A1SI 316 L SS. - Optional; HasteHcy C 276 v; Ivione1400 <", Tantalum: Specia! .. J.S specifled. Process flanges and adapters(*) - St.andard: carbon steel 'Nith zinc oiat1ng and chrome pa::>sivat!on. -OpUcnal: )'lSI 3-16 L ss: Hastelioy C (>; Mane! 400 :); SpE:ci.~i, as 3pecifie<i. Plug s and drain/vent valves (') ("j -Standard: AISI303 58. Optional: AISi 3~ 6 l 5S: Hastellcy C 'j; ~,;lone1400 '\ SpE!ciai, as speciri.;;;J. Gaskets ('J Sfandero; Viton {:. - Optional: Buna N; PTFE; Special, as spec;jied, Other parts of sensor 17-LwpH <} and series 3CO 5S. Solts and nuts - Standard: zinc plmed carbcm steel bo!~s per AST~.1wA193~B7 and nuts per AS TM-A-19L-2J-;. - Option31:17-4-PH(, ,AIS! 304 5S; Cadr11ium pi.3ted alloy steel bolts pet ASTM-A-193-87M .end ncls per ASTMA19.12HM in ccmpiisr.ce \-vi~n NACE MR<)175, c;e,:;s 11. Hou sing and C'Jvers Die cast low c:oppgr and magneSilJm aiLHniniurn ailoy (GO Al 3i 12: Cu ~; 2.5'%,) finished ".-lith be:ge {RAL 1001, baked epoxy resin pc.veer. Covers O-ring: E:.lnl N. Fill fluid - Standard: Silic:oi1e oiL - Optionai: FombHn YO'; . .), Adjustments; .A1S1316 ss_ Idontification tags A1S1 3i 6 55 cefmanent~y mounted - 40 cnarac:efs ma:x Y1 thr~e lines {I~gend to be spec:tied). AiSl 315 $S wiredon tor customer tagging -and (;aiibrat;cn details. M<lunting bracket ,"') Standara: carbon stee! with Zi,lC plating and chrome I=a~3&ivation, - Optional: AISi .304 ss, 3- YEAR WA.RRANTY EMliRFI Less than 0.1 % wIth up to 500 f-.l1Hz at 5 Vim ;reId strength with Instrument properly Installed. DC magnetic field effect at 0% and 1 OO~-~ ;nput up to 50 Gauss (5 mTesla) ~ On zero; less than O.1':%~ -Onspan: !ess than 0.1":ro E~fect on calibratjon af~er a long term exposure at more than 1300 Gauss (130 mTe5~a): negligible. PHYSICAL SPECIFICATIONS Calibration - Standard: at m~J.;~jmum span, ZBfO based range, 20 'C and atmospheric pressure - Optional~ at spedfled range and am bient condi-:ions; at Opet8i.\ng cO:1dihens (line pressure and temperature:! Optional extras 112 NPT flange adapters. Output meter: piug-in type, Avaiiabie scaies are 0 to 100% linear or C to i 0 square root with Indication on 90.:) f36 :1~m iong) scale or 2400 \90 mm icng) scale. Soecial scaies available. Mounting bracket w Flat :ype: eitherior vertical 60 mIT', {2in) stano pipe or surface mounting . Universal type: for vertical and horizontal 60 mm (2il1j -stand pipes, or surface mounting. Can alse support mede! KKB 3valve manifold. External damping adjustment Cleaning procedure for oxygen service Preparation for Hydrogen service Calibration at specified range and operating conditions Environmental protection Wei and dUst laden atmospheres The transmitter is dust and sana t:qht and protected against Immt3rsion effects as defined by lEe -:.14 (1963) to !P S7 (certificate of conformity CESI o. AD5478/86) or by NEMA 6. Sui:acie for tropical cll.1i-3te operation as cefined In D1N 50_015. Hazardous atmospheres (with or without :r:tegral meter). INTRINSIC SAFETY: - 8ASEEFA BS 5501: Part 7 (CENELEC EN 50020) to EExia 11C T6, cen:fica:e n. Ex 3582245, ~ Subr;;itted to Standards Associa!l::::n ct Australia (SAAl for certif:caiio!i, TYPE N PROTECTION: - BASEEFA BS "683: 3: 1972 lor use :n Za;:e 2 Areas, certiiicate r:. Ex 85243. FLAME PROOF: - LCiE NFC 23518 :.CEtJELEC EN 50018) to EE:x d lie T6iT5, cerVticate n. 87-8 6084_ Humidity and barometric pressure No influence. Output meter Indication accuracy: 1.5% fsd, 2400 sca;e 2% tsd, 90" -scale Stability factor :: O.15~~ ot URL for six months. Start-up driit at 10'% and 90;;' input after 5 min" i hand 4 h; no intlu-B("ICe, Process connections On process flanges: 1/t NPT. On adapters: 1/2 14 NPT. Centre distance: 54 mm.. 0.2 ;nm, Electrical connections Two cable entries: on electrcnics hous:rg 1:2 NPT: M20: 112 GK: PG 13.5. Terminal block - Standard: t\vo terminals :cr s;gnai wiring up to 2.5 ;:1m2 (14 A'vVG) a:;d two jacks :ermina!s for (emote or builtin ind!c.J.7or or rnA signa! testirlg. Connection for field cable screens is provided. - Opticnai: two terminals for remote ;ndica-tcr wiring up to 2.5 mm2 04 AWG) -and ~wc test jacks (40 . 200 mV! for cai:braton checks compatibie with 2 rr,m dia miniature plugs. internal and External earth connections suitabie for wiring up to 6 mr.12 ;10A"vVG) Mounting position Any. with sensing diaphragm ver<:tcaJ. E!ec:ronics housing may be rotated to any ::Josit;cn. A positive stop prevents over travei. Net weight 0.8 kg acprox I( 12.81bsJ witho:..:t options. Packing E;"panced polythene box. Instrument code list See pGbiication C.1S.103 :, Has\el!cy is aCabol CJ';::,:o"'!l:o'" Ira<:Bmar;.;. 'Monel is 3r:lnternaticnal NICK<l1 Ce. Ilc'.der:1J.f;) .;:"<:;11'0::11 is a. rr.OfliB'j;son ~rademctlk ) "'fOll _S Ol. :JU"onl de l'i<!rT1Ollr !r"jernctrl< ,) 74-P<--' t$ 3.:; A!~r:;c 3too! ccrp. tlar:arr.arK , :"'l ~:5 s\<tr.d,l:d :r.a Jt.3.irulfBr;t '1011'16$ Me t,;Ie-j .:n siCa t.:;~, oi or::ce.;,,; :!<l.r.t,;jt'l:l J:r,d pl!.l~S -::n pm'::-~'1$$ CC:-,:1e-:::.:;n ;;'~jS. PIlJgs cJre ~j sa[':'l~ malenal 25 '~;'1;';<lS~P.'J 'Jr3,j(./ '<lnl 'i_ll~es. "'j ~';<)il j-:1.d!el~al: AIS, 4CO .,$; SC!8W5 material' i11\l~' The Comp~f1Y warratHS rhe Da/tapi.i< Setll1s oftrJnsmWers of Its ")wn rn.](7uracfure 10 be free from defects In materials and worf<manship under normal conditions ot use and senicc). f<em RepreSentatives Nodd ..... iae WliJ >Jither rep/ace or (coal( /ree of chargG any instrument found (0 be defective Or1 ,'is r-s'Wrn wir.lrin 3 (fhMe) ye.ars from dare of deiJ';.,eq, trar;spcrtalion cna,.ges orf;pald by the Pwrchaser. Responsibility for appiicaUon. rTJ,"Ite-nal seiad/on ,1nd JJoequate funer/orial use of the instr(..'ment /s sole.ly [nat of Purchaser. rQ{ fur !fJ-':1r oeta!is refer to "General C'Jndition of SOlie".