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Electronic Data Collection and Analysis System



Electronic Data Collection and Analysis System


Yin Foo, Des; Foley, Margaret


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Report ; 39/1992

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Technical Report WRD92039 Viewed at 15:07:17 on 29/07/2010 Page 164 of 192. C4 SHORT FIELD TEST C4.1 AIMS ~:he short field test is designed to provide logged readings over the transducer's range which may be later compared to t:Lmed manual readings. It can be used as a veri fication o'~ precedent or subsequent logged data or to confiJ~m the use of application. the equipment for the particular :rhe test data will appear in the same downloaded file as the logged data, and can be examined when the logged data is processed. 'Ule results of the short test should be briefly sUilU11ar.ised on the equipment history files. The test should be done at various times during a system's use, particularly, e.g., before and after a series of pump tests are done, and before and after a system is placed at a remote site, and preferably at a time when the standing water Level (Sl'IL) is steady. C4.2 PROCEDURE The transducer must have a measuring tape (with clearly identified ma,~ks at 1 metre intervals) attached to the transducer (with the tapels zero mark preferably at the bottom of the transducer). Record the time by which the transducer had reached each of ai: least 4 depths from O. 5m to its full depth, both while raising and lowering it. The transducer should be held in posii:ion by hand, so that the tape reading can be clearly seen. The point used for the measurement (e.g. "top of casing") must be accurately related to the point from which SWL is measured. Ensure that the transducer is steady at each of the times and depths recorded. 'rake manual Standing water levels both before and after the 'test.