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Electronic Data Collection and Analysis System



Electronic Data Collection and Analysis System


Yin Foo, Des; Foley, Margaret


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Technical Report WRD92039 Viewed at 15:07:17 on 29/07/2010 Page 20 of 192. and may provic,e temperature data if required. Three depth ranges are available for the sensors - 5,10 and 20 metres. 2.3 Pressure Transducers Mindata PI'essure Transmitters The pressure transmitters (see Plate 5) are a 1200 series and consist of piezoresistive strain gauges forming a wheatstone bridge whose output is proportional to the pressure applied to it. Voltage is monitored through the bridge. The element is mounted on a header and forms part of a encapsulating tube of 21rmn outer diameter. at a moulded gland at the opposite end of the stainless The cable probe. steel joins cable is supplied at the specified plug ,.hich facilitates connection length and terminated at a to the data logger. The un vented cable is specified as 2 wire polythene sheathed cable with an earth shield and PVC jacket and a Kevlar inner strain relief cable. The depths for which these transmitters are available rangE) from 1 to 500 metres. 2.4 Flow Measurement Bent Abso,_ute Pressure Transmitter 'This uni t (see Plate 6) is a Del tapi K series transmitter. ::t comprises a main body I which houses the pressure sensor, and a gauge module situated above it, which houses the solid state componentry. A diaphragm type sensor provides gauge pressure through a 21 to 126 mbar span limit. The electronics module responds to inductance produced by the sensor' and outputs a standard signal. The unit employed to moni tor oriface pressure I is attached to the oriface offtake via tubing to il diaphragm inlet on the main body. :2.5 Barom'Oltric Measurement ~!indata Barometric Transmitter 'l'his barometric transmitter (see Plate 1) is available from Mindata. It is similar in appearance and operation as the pressure transducers purchased except it is not of waterproof construction. The transmitter has a range of 0 - 30kPa.