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Electronic Data Collection and Analysis System


Yin Foo, Des; Foley, Margaret


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Report ; 39/1992

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Technical Report WRD92039 Viewed at 15:07:17 on 29/07/2010 Page 45 of 192. HcMinn's borefield (RN 22172). Both systems used 5m range transducers, placed at the same d,~pth. The loggers were calibrated to read standing "'later level <SWL) and were set to log every 3 hours. The data recorded is contained in a working file and disket1:e (Reference 18). Figure 3." is a plot of the t,1TO sets of logged water levels. The calculated differences between the two sets vary between -66 tc +20mm, and even after recalibration of both sets to the manual readings, this difference still varied (-38 to +20ITI.rn). This indicates that initial calibration is not the only source of inaccuracy. The most significant occurences during the test were failures of bet.h loggers. Only twice in 8 visits were both in simultaneous operation and manual readings could be compared. Therefore, at this stage no definitive comment can be made regarding the relative accuracy and long term calibration drift of the systems. This testing also aimed to assess battery life, humidity effects and general performance. Further testing is therefore required. hard",are Test pumping Observation Bore sites Both Mindata and Wesdata systems were trial led in an observation bore which was 10m from the pumped bore during a multi-rate pum::? test. Manual readings were taken at various intervals during the test. Figure 3.10 is a plot of Drawdown against Time for the first. 9 hours of the test. The errors of the logged data compared to t.he manual readings are also shown, and are sUIlune,rised below. Note that the Mindata data had to be recalibrated because logger input. The the probe was connected procedure for this demonstrated in the example given in ll.ppendix D. to the wrong correction is